Have you all decided where to go?

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Did you work out the math problem?

Does anyone have some liquid paper?

You lied to me.

These adjectives are all positive.

John likes chess.

How do you expect me to do that?

Sri wears a tinfoil hat to protect his brain from harmful radiation.

Let's try to get this done.

"Do you suspect me?" "Should I?"

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I've already told you all I know about that.


Spy uses that word a lot.

My father would often read the poem aloud.

You've got to learn to be careful.

Hey, will you grab me a cookie?

That child wants some friends to play with.

Hey, buddy, can you spare some change?

I'll ask Woody the next time I see him.

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Time is on my side.

These shoes are too tight.

Stop blaming yourself.


We both saw him.


Ah, when will they meet again?

I wonder why Louis is so busy.

I assume you found them.

I've read hundreds of books.

I'm finding that Glynn expects too much from us.


I admonished him of the danger.


I need you to stay right there.

Tigger sat down on the step.

This is an extremely well run company.

In Papua New Guinea, there are 850 different languages spoken by Papuans.

We are agreed that we start early.

A pelican can fit a lot of fish in its beak.

This tank can shoot on the move.

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We're the last.

Observations of Eris have led scientists to believe that it has frozen methane on its surface.

It took my eyes a long time to adjust to the dark.


If jumps too high the rat - it's captured by the cat.

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The airport is quite far from the city centre.


Don't stop now.

This film was praised as a completely engaging thriller that works on almost every level.

They easily fall back on his company.

Who's your favorite child actor?

I am afraid it's not so easy.

My brother is small but he has grown a lot recently.

I don't want to be negative.


Tell me when to begin.

Jef knows better than to do that kind of thing.

Ning poisoned Amir's dog.


Competition is a healthy thing.

It's not going to be cheap.

Please put this in a safe place.

I don't know whether Tareq believes in God or not.

It took us two hours to get to Athens.

Renu doesn't like to go out after dark.

Football is an exciting sport.

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His debts amount to two million dollars.

She dyed her hair bright red.

Stay out of it, Leon.


Don't let him intimidate you.

Because he's sick, he can't come.

I want to have my own room.


He went to the hardware store to get a shovel.

She closed her diary slowly.

Happy to see you.


I think it's time for me to ask for her help.


New York apartments are expensive.


If your tooth hurts, you should see a dentist.

I'll be all right in a minute or two.

We're motivated.

Lois phoned while you were out.

It's a hostile environment.

Lean it against the wall.

I'll expect you at 2:30.

I'm not forcing you.

Major really likes swimming, doesn't he?


It's hard to keep up with his dirty deeds.


Don't believe him. He's just talking to hear himself talk.

Hughes hasn't done that.

You had better take an umbrella with you in case it rains.


Celia agrees with a lot of what Miles said.


I wash my car almost every day.

My teacher is too bookish.

My keys are gone.

Elizabeth had a few more things to say.

We'll talk about it.

She lowered her standards.

It is an orange.


It is her that I want to meet.

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You probably need a drink.

These logs are heavy.

Latin is a dead language.

Hey, I can't help you.

I gave the bag back to Ken.

Vistlik doesn't know when to quit.

Saiid is as incompetent as Ritchey.

The other day I saw an old friend of mine.

Where is law college?

Repeating a mistake without recognizing it as one, is the biggest mistake of all.

Does it matter what I think?


I want to have a word with them.


It's unlikely she's that stupid.

Please give me back my money.

I don't want to hurt my son's feelings.

I'll go check on Kevan.

What do you mean, you can't help me?


Thai Air celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

I'm glad we're best friends.

Everybody agrees with you.

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.

I don't want to lose you, Shirley.


Oh, don't be so modest.

And then what happens?

The student shot five of his classmates and then turned the gun on himself.

Rayan always seems to be very busy and doesn't seem to have much free time.

Have you been invited to their wedding?

My heart beat when I heard my name called.

Let me catch my breath.

Do you want me to leave?

She really keeps her youthfulness.

An old pond. A frog jumps in. The sound of water.

I need to know everything there is to know about Piercarlo.

The distance from the sun to the earth is about 93 million miles.

I can't let Boyd go alone.

Will you go to the party tonight?

I wasn't honest with Phillip.


It has been raining since yesterday.


Are you sure, Kristian?

I have no idea how much they are paying for that.

There are not many people who speak German in my country.

I have nowhere else to go. Can I sleep at your place?

I had no idea what I should write.

All entries are subject to review once added.

Mara wondered why Werner wasn't able to play outside with the other kids.

I wish I was kidding.

Hey, you! Come here.

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Did you see who did it?

We're not breaking any laws.

They're sunbathing around the pool.

He's coming back from the United States a week from today.

The Germans are in favor of austerity.

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Frederic asked Jean to pass him the gravy.

Timo doesn't know if he will come or not.

We'll settle this when I get back.

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Carol spent years traveling the globe looking for new species of birds.

What is your interpretation of that?

It's pretty wild.

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I want you to stand guard.

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Margot gave Franklin a ride back to town.

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Brandy didn't manage to answer all the questions.

Fred is feeling nauseous.

Aluminium is a metal.

He is British.

I don't want to be reminded.

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There's no getting over that.

Where is the American embassy?

You're a powerful woman!

Cathryn said he didn't want anything from me.

I don't want that kind of responsibility.