Bracket, one platform to build everthing.

Bracket helps you building any app, web, mobile or even desktop without coding skills.

Bracket is already integrated with everything, it helps you also integrate other things together.

Bracket change the way apps are created, with few clicks, few screens to configure and you are ready to go.

Businesses are pleased with the way we're working together, but also the speed at which we realize value. I could say it's 20x faster.

We realize things that were not even possible in the past.

Mobile Apps Made Easy

Bracket is enhanced with advanced mobile modules that brings you a large variety of UI components, screens, styles and ready to use features that you can easily integrate with any system.

We can ensure that your app will be secure, fast and powerfull.

Whether you’re building an enterprise-grade, business-to-consumer app or a complex field service solution, you can do it all incredibly fast.

Enterprise-Grade Apps Amazingly Fast

Bracket is the only zero code developement platform with advanced enterprise features that give the power to build the most complex applications easily.

Whether you’re building operational systems for departments, core digital systems for enterprises, or digital and mobile experiences that serve millions of users, we’ve got your back.



Build your web/mobile application through a rich and friendly user interface without any coding skills, from a simple static website to the most complex workflows.


Design your app and make it unique, shape it to match your identity, forget about the standard UI that all your concurrents have, your app will be different.


Integrate your new web/mobile app with your current environment, allows data to quickly flow where and when it's needed, accelerating adoption and streamlining business processes.


Analyse app performance and track user activities to help building your future strategies and improve user experience.

High Availability

Keep your critical systems online all the time, load balancing, failover, byte-level replication, everything is in place to keep you focused on your business.

High Performance Caching

Built 100% in memory, replicated on multiple servers, capable to handle millions of concurrent requests, you will be amazed by how fast Bracket is.


Customize your app entirely, not only the user interface, but also every component, page, business process and all your app logic, Bracket is built to be easily and quickly adapted to your needs.

Real Time

Event based messages between the client and the server keep your app continuously updated and provide to your users a high interactivity level.


Be sure that your data is stored in a secure zone, in highly protected servers with content encryption, intrusion and attack detection and a team monitoring and ready to act.

Own Your Data

The data hosted in our infrastructure in 100% yours, based on you request it can be exported at any time.