Don't miss out on this opportunity.


You should deal with matters according to the situation.

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I need a keyboard to be funny.


What have you done to your ear?


The young sorceress was ordered to turn Pieter back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.

I think this isn't enough.

Are you going to buy that dress you were looking at yesterday?

Can you say that with a straight face?

I'm flying to Hanoi tomorrow.

Americans like football in the same way that Japanese like baseball.

Sometimes it just happens.


It happened that I was in her room.


He wouldn't be caught dead playing pachinko.


They're towing your car.

I'm not going to tell you.

Even a small amount of human blood in the water can attract sharks from miles away.


We chopped down the branch with axes.

I don't see Earnie as often as I'd like.

I knew this wasn't going to work.


This jacket has the virtue of being easy to wash.

There was something about that house that made her stop and look again.

What became of her?


The garbage dump is over there.

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It probably doesn't really matter.

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If that guitar were not so expensive, I could buy it.

This girl looks boyish.

Rajiv lives here alone.

Whenever I get a large sum of money, I donate some of it to charity.

It was painless.


Kinch was accused of theft.

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The weather is cold now.

Take the bus.

I suggest you should do away with this shop.


I didn't get one either.


Someone called them.


Wash blood with blood.

It's a shame the way old people are treated.

Besides teaching English, he writes novels.

Where is the dining hall?

I don't like your sense of humor.

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A true scientist would not distort facts.

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Why can't we tell them?

This book isn't as interesting as that book.

I'm taking Eddie home.

He is earnest for success.

This bed is too hard to sleep on.

Did you hear Paola is in town?

It's not always wise to follow what others tell you.


Yesterday I ran across him at the station.


The sisters lived to be 100 years old.

Millie is drinking water.

The Cuban Missile Crisis brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

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Franklin's ideas formed the basis of the University of Pennsylvania.


He could not perceive any difference between the twins.

Last night I had a weird dream.

Lois looked at Terrence and smiled.

May I pay with a credit card?

I have climbed Mt. Fuji before.

Omar hid the book behind his back.

Even though the alarm clock went off, I didn't wake up.

Randal was asleep when he was shot.

Express yourself as clearly as possible.

Bradley jumped over the big ditch.

The students didn't remember what they read in that book.


Did you honestly think Aimee would come?

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You shouldn't give in to temptation.


We're doing everything we can.


I'm the leader here.

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Boyd is the person I've been looking for.


Pratapwant tried to contact Heinz.


Mummy is buying me a toy.

The results were astounding.

I think French is difficult.

Who's your favorite Disney cartoon character?

We go to school together.


Nobody wants to translate his sentences because they are stupid.

I find him irresistible.

As a matter of course, you must go there yourself.

We have lots of bread, and as for butter, we have more than enough.

I have to stretch.

Knowledge is used only if it's engraved in our mind.

You're beginning to try my patience.


I'm looking for a French penpal.


You are busy now, aren't you?

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He didn't want to be sent to Japan.

These trousers are made of durable cloth.

Let me know if anything strange happens.


Have you already told Rebecca about what happened to Roberta?


It will be entertaining, if nothing else.

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Just give me the gun.

Are you really leaving work early today?

Whether or not it's art is anyone's guess.

Sanand has a problem with drug abuse.

Did you have a band?

We accomplished some good things.

You're very important to us.


There doesn't seem to be anyone around.

I've been invited on a trip abroad, but I don't want to go.

Aaron has a picture of his family on his desk.

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She worked side by side with men.

I want you to like Gunter.

Lawrence doesn't like it when this kind of stuff happens.

Don't contradict me.

He distanced himself from politics.

The soldiers set fire to the barn.

I was called out to the scene of the accident.

Connie comes here every now and then.

He looked me over from head to foot.


Turns out that the house is infested with Garter snakes. They're everywhere!


There's something rotten in the state of Denmark.

No one told me.

The salmonella bacteria are directly associated with the turtles.

We expect that he will pass the examination.

We'll be waiting for Dirk.

I think Elliott's an idiot.

Jeffery should do it right now.


I can't do this anymore.

When goods are scarce, sellers have the advantage.

Are the preparations for tomorrow complete?

Those hasn't been very well recently.

He wasn't only fined, he also had to pay for damages.

Where is the bicycle?

He pulled with all his strength but the rock would not move.

You should notify the police at once.

Kurt never showed.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

He passed away quite suddenly.

You should've left when you had the chance.

What should we do during our next vacation?

I can't believe you did that!

Let me introduce my mother to you.

I'm in love, but I don't know if it's mutual.

Tickets are available for $30 in advance and $33 at the door on the night of the concert.


You should pay for it.

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Johnny knew that he'd been tricked.

Australians don't need motivation to drink beer, it comes natural.

I just want to be perfect.


Brendan thought this was funny.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day and Columbus Day in the USA coincide, so Esperanto speakers from both countries take this opportunity to have an international meeting.

I haven't met friends.


You can always count on him.

I spotted you in the crowd as soon as I saw your hat.

Did you sleep well?


That sounds like him.

Water bleeds through paper towel is if it were a sieve.

We can't just ignore this problem.

Part is finding his new job very demanding, and he often finds it difficult to find time for his family.

I didn't think you needed one.

You were asleep.

Naomi arrived at the party with Prakash.


Who'd want to hurt me?