That man is a newspaper columnist.

I recognized my former music professor at the party.

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We can't do this anymore.

That boy is skinny.

Bjorne answered Stefan's question.

Do you need any help doing that?

Lunch is on.

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I can ask Jack if you really want to know.

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I've heard that from a lot of people.

Stanly built a pillow fort.

You said you were happy.


I injured one.


Rescue workers saved Janos and his dog.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.


There is nothing like ice cream in the summer.

Why have you been away so long?

He is a sly fox.

Time presses.

Every problem has a solution.

Oliver refused to give it to me.

I framed Carlo.

She is playing with her friends.

He accomplished it at last.


Life in the country is not always tranquil.

James, do you love me?

How could anyone be so stupid?


Please don't look over here again.


I have to get through with the work by tomorrow.

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

Ravi began trombone lessons when he was twelve years old.


Clifford is a child.


You aren't sick.

Are you absolutely positive you want to do this?

I'd like you to do it, too.

I wish I could swim as well as you do.

Christina denied that he had been involved in the affair.

Christofer tried to hide his tears.

Fourteen mice were lost when the Jupiter rocket they were aboard was destroyed after launch from Cape Canaveral on September 16, 1959.

Please don't panic.

I think maybe you've made a mistake.

Who's the lucky one?

Would you like a drink?

You should talk to them, too.

If I'd known that it would come to this, I would have never consented.

Your shoes stink.

Prices these days are extremely high.

Pravin whimpered.

Jane has been quiet and moody for the past few days.

It didn't work out quite like I intended it to.

We'll take care of everything.

Painting our house took longer than we expected.

Something was bothering Mahmoud.

I'm not enchanting their children.

I suggest that you talk to Judith.

Hillary told me that he could see no reason why he shouldn't accept Sandeep's offer.

Hey. Who turned out the lights?

Please lend me your car.

How old are you?

I'd like to make a reservation for next Monday.

My mother feels better.


You're very angry.

She said to me "Let's go shopping."

They granted the journalist an interview.

Let me try something.

I didn't know it was Jonathan.

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Another step, and you'll fall over the cliff.

Where is the bathroom?

Is Shaw a genius?

The cow gave birth to a calf with two heads.

I like a day like a dream.

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You don't need to worry about me.

Tell him you'd like to leave.

Cathryn watched Drew carefully.

Galaxies are scattered throughout the universe and they vary greatly in size.

I did OK.


If I can't trust you, who can I trust?

Do you intend to join that tennis club?

I made several calls to Mr Yamada's residence, but no one answered the calls.

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Teruyuki got up and went away.

This is a work from Turner's mature period.

No one knows how those who were born feel.

Brent has washed himself.

My evolved Time Ark will increase your abilities.

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Ben was at a loss for what to say next.

Roxane was supposed to be our lawyer.

Russell was a brilliant philosopher, but even the simplest practical task was quite beyond him.

The orchestra's tuning up.

Jennifer is too young to be the boss.


Is he your friend?

What time does it close?

Whoever wants it may take it.


Quit picking on Emma.

A computer can calculate things really quickly.

When is your school festival?

I'm staying at the Hilton.

We've always been competitive.

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I thought Bea would be thrilled to see Lorien.

The two countries had fought together as allies in the Second World War.

These are our visitors.

Martha sat at the end of the bar, nursing a beer.

Don't let Leonard tell you what to do.


After being on the stove for five minutes, steam started coming out the spout of the tea pot.

Do we really need to do that now?

We're sure you'll be fine.

"What's up?" "I don't have the wrench." "What wrench?" "The bicycle wrench."

Mason takes good care of his car.

The rain gauge is broken.

If you keep on drinking like that, you'll get sick.

I think it's time for me to get a job.

I owe thirty dollars to Connie.


Clem will explain the situation to you.

It's so good to see you.

Who can I sell it to?

Don't do anything against your will.

What do I owe?

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Little birds are singing merrily in the trees.

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What does USB stand for?

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For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless.

This is going to be a good show.

What should I explain?

I'm going to stay with my uncle in Kyoto.

I think it's time for me to go back to work.

Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.

It's rude to talk during a concert.


Several sentences make no sense. So what?

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Juha didn't know that Ofer was going to be here.

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He teaches mathematics as well as English.


Menopause is the end of menstruation.

I know that adding sentences only in your native or strongest language is probably not as much fun as practicing writing foreign languages, but please don't add sentences to the Tatoeba Corpus if you are not absolutely sure they are correct. If you want to practice languages that you are studying, please do so by using a website designed for that purpose such as

Do you understand us?

Maybe they don't want to give away their positions.

Three soldiers were wounded.


I am pleased to help you if I can.


He's watching the Paralympics.

Food finally arrived on the table.

Keep this to yourself, Jorge.

Klaus is getting soft in his old age.

You should give them some time.

In the foot, we find an ankle and five toes with nails.

I can't make head or tail of those directions.

We've talked to him.

Sridharan asked Ahmet if she wanted to go to the restaurant.

We want to do better.

Why persist in writing essays if one has not even mastered the art of writing succinct sentences?

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I plan to go to bed as soon as all these people go home.

Julianto really seems to like Curt.

He was never to return to his native country again.

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We have an examination in English today.


Rhinos are killed by poachers for their horns.

Lynnette and Liza both glance at John.

I followed Siping there.


It's pork or nothing.

I had a good night's sleep.

I mentioned it to Louis.

You assemble trucks.

There's nothing happening.

The picture reminded me of Scotland.

How will I recognize you?

"Where's my money?" "What money?" "You owe me money." "I don't owe you, sucker!"

Make a spoon or spoil a horn.

Cathryn is determined.

I don't know when Casey came to Boston.


My father warned me against crossing the road.