We caught Brender red-handed, stealing money from Blair's purse.

How does tomorrow around 9:00 PM sound?

You throw a good ball nowadays, Keiichi.

The jury has agreed upon a verdict.


The weather forecast said that it would rain this afternoon, but it didn't.

How does a Thermos know how to keep hot things hot and cold things cold?

Edward went home alone.

Look, Jacob, I know you gave it to Suu.

Ginny needs water.

When will Mother be back, Father?

You might want to bring a camera with you.

The murderer was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

I like to smile at Samuel.


Life itself is the tomb where I'm turning over.

I wonder whether he'll make it here on time tomorrow. Want to bet a can of juice on it?

I considered not going.

I owe what I am today to education.

It was much worse than we initially thought.

We're worried.

Do you think this is interesting?

Kees knocked Jean to the ground.

Would you care to sit down?

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

I will keep the fish alive.

It goes against the grain with me.

You don't owe me anything.


Where are they now?

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What would've happened to me if I hadn't done that?

Novorolsky accused Marshall of stealing his money, but she denied it.

Please give the baby a bath.

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Go put some clean clothes on.


Don't call him that.


We're at our wits' end.

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I cannot fold this big carpet by myself.

I have high hopes for her.

Cigarette smoke bothers me a lot.

Why is Mehrdad being so defensive?

Conrad is older than any other student in his class.

Terry was impatient and restless.

There's no turning back.

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I draw for a hobby.

I don't want to hear your feeble excuses.

I met her during my stint there.

It's pretty disappointing.

What did Siegurd do to Elias?

School systems have to cope with changing numbers of pupils.

He has arrived here now.

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

He's totally ignoring me.

Procrastinating is an art.

He went shopping.

It doesn't have to be this way.

It's just money.

I see no reason to change our plans.

I cannot shave my beard.

He is anything but a liar.

I still think Nicolas is hiding something.


I was searching for something that didn't exist.

Let's stay in touch.

It is necessary for you to follow your mother's advice.


I'm very reserved.

I don't know whether to turn left or right.

You can't make me do anything I don't want to do.


I want to make love this night and I don't afraid any sin.

The key was so rusty that they couldn't use it anymore.

Even a child can understand that.


I tried to tell them.

I was hired to kill your friend.

Instead of flattery, give us an honest and sincere estimate!

I'd like to visit Boston in the spring.

Welcome to this brand new week!

I'm going down the stairs.

She failed the math test, so she had to take a remedial class.


He is Portuguese.

The cat was strutting around the yard, when it suddenly ran into the house.

I wish I'd been here three hours ago.

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I must cook breakfast for her.


Come on over here, Stu.

I gave my dad a tambourine as a gift.

Blenders are nice for people who really like smoothies.


Had you all been fighting when she left?


This car is spacious and comfortable.

He is a British teacher who teaches us English.

I'm eating pasta.

I'm not the expert.

I'll do my best to have the report ready by 2:30.

Though it was cold, he didn't light the fire.

Sometimes it feels like his only purpose in life is to make me miserable.

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I still want to marry her.


That would run.

That wall is cold.

French is no longer as relevant in the modern world as it used to be a few centuries ago.

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Soldiers came home and started families.

How can that be possible?

Her daughter is bad at cooking.

The brave fireman rescued a boy from the burning house.

Come home.

I'm scared to talk to him.

Jose's answer surprised me.


Prospect is often better than possession.

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What a marvelous person your brother is!

She had a really frumpy outfit on today.

I'll give it to you for free.

We need to hire someone to take care of this problem.

We paid customs on jewels.

Jones's the only one who could've done this.

I saw you staring at him.

It was I who found her. She'd lost consciousness so I carried her to the infirmary.

That's what I'd tell him.

On some computer boards, the capabilities or configuration was set using a dip switch mounted on the board; today these settings are done in software

Who was that sitting in front of you at the movies?

Barely a third of the population in this country have access to the Internet.

Galen danced drunk on a table.


Boys are really stupid sometimes.

This sentence is false.

He picked up the book.


Vic was willing to help us.

Stacy is an excellent tennis player.

I am going to buy a beer.


We drove to Hakone last Sunday.


We all hated him.

How did they find out?

I feel bad today.


Is there anything we need to do before this afternoon's meeting?


Is that relevant?

I don't know how Vijay knows.

We've got plenty of food.


I refuse to believe that we can't do anything about the situation.

Caroline and Darci had a huge fight this morning.

Does he write letters in English?

I didn't drink the water.

Let's keep thinking about the best way to get this done.


Hsuan tells me you're smart.

Now look here.

That wasn't my intention.


And, without waiting for an answer, she left the apartment, preceded by her friend Adele.

It's the same as before.

A foolish misunderstanding severed their long friendship.

I admire Meehan's tenacity.

This is my sandwich.

I'll tell Jose everything you told me.

I know what Rex wants.


Don't let the chance slip!

The two most important people in the meeting are Steven and Brett.

We understand each other.

Christofer folded the napkins carefully.

Click the image to hear animal's sound.

He is involved in working out the mathematical problem.

There is the possibility of what he said being true.

That's pretty wild.

This book is mine; I wrote my name in it myself.

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Halley's comet is depicted inside the Bayeux Tapestry.

I'd have waited for you.

She came in company with her mother.


We're a very good team.


Existence is reflected in knowledge.

Edwin is just angry.

Did you like the show?

She is as beautiful as her mother is.

Nobody's life was in danger.

Patty planned to remain single all his life.

No one seems to have any idea where Jerry is.


I'm not going to write a letter in English.