There's no need to be nervous.

What do you do when you're not working?

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We've made plenty of money doing this.

He cannot have said that.

You're not going to win.

I can't do anything at all!

I think you should take that job in Boston.

This flower is as beautiful as that one.

They have the same habits.

My favorite sport is skiing.

Did you go to the stadium?

Stay in your room until your father gets back!

He has already eaten.

He is a genius.

They had no idea what to do.


The host carved the turkey for the guests.

I can run as fast as Bill.

He came at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Take a break, Jelske.

It's a very big social problem.

I can't possibly stay.

The bar was packed.

Kenn didn't seem to recognize me.

We've been helping Ken.

Sergiu seemed to expect nothing.

You're older than her.

Is it true that Urs killed himself?

What kind of idiot do you think Farouk is?


He was willing to help others.

Does he know that you like him?

I'm very fashion-conscious.

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Has anything like this ever happened before?

Did Valeria help?

When she saw that the people were hungry, she begged for food for them.


What's your favorite kind of fruit?


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

I'll see the president myself.

Sarah's grandmother is toothless.

One of us will have to ask Gail what he thinks.

Brenda and Kay contradict each other all the time.

Joubert Jackson has spoken at my church.

Thank you for the pleasant evening.

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I don't like both of you going to such a place.


Deaf-mute people can use sign language to communicate.

Dawson said the reason he broke up with Maureen was that she was very possessive.

What was that you just did?

The stockbreeder makes butter with the milk of his cows.

I am yet older than he is.

Women will have the last word.

Damone used to be a special education teacher.

Barbra was afraid that they'd lock him up and throw away the key.

Charleen ran a half-marathon.

She fixed it.

Ghosts can possess people.


The most of them are not mandatory.

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Mark the words that you cannot understand.

The horse is neighing.

Once upon a time an old queen, whose husband had been dead for many years, had a beautiful daughter.


Do fish have vocal chords?

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He will take it.

I'm sure Anne is going to be there.

Juliane ought to stop smoking.

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I hope Granny will like the present.

Jack is busy cooking for us.

I look after my grandfather.

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I knew Molly would say something stupid.


I got you a little something.

What time did the plane arrive at Narita?

You know what this is, don't you?

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Lucy fired Renu.

Henry is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.

At first, I was disappointed.

That guy is off his rocker!

The valley was hidden from view in the mist.



The production was believed to be jinxed as every actor playing the lead role has fallen ill.

Before getting on a horse, you usually put a saddle on its back.


Tyler doesn't like traveling alone.

The news broke her heart.

Language is the vehicle of thought.

Have I ever let you down before?

My band will perform this week at Chuck's Bar and Grill. Please come and see us.


Lyndon stood on the platform in Westminster Underground Station.

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I won't be here.

Sleep is the best medicine for a cold.

How does the painter get that effect?

Electronic commerce began to spread rapidly.

Won't somebody please think of the children?!


Niels, you were the one behind this!

It happened right in front of us.

Nancy did some shopping on the way.


Carl is dyeing his hair.

Why should anyone pay?

What is the active ingredient in Tylenol?


He was very old.

Pravin seemed to be very surprised.

"Thank you!" - "You're welcome."

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I can't blame them.

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Bernard didn't arrive at the agreed-upon time.


Let me see your receipt.

The black box is not actually black.

Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic, broadly affecting ocean circulation, chemistry, ecosystems, and marine life. More acidic waters inhibit the formation of shells, skeletons, and coral reefs.

I had never given it much thought.

What passion cannot music raise and quell?

Beckie put his wallet in his pocket.

I'm taking the minivan.

You're just upset.

I'm not an alcoholic.

I have to hurry!

Obey thyself.

Too many sweets make you fat.

They got the short end of the stick.


I'm sorry that you and Archie had a fight.

I'm nervous.

I'm going to need a little help.

He fathered seven children by three different women.

We often went skiing in the winter.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Everyone makes mistakes because we are all just human.

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What is your rating?


The government banned cigarette advertising on television.

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Hope we can do business again someday.

I went to that party by myself.

How will you be spending Christmas?


Were you aware of that?


There are many birds in this park.


I'd like to extend my stay through Sunday.

We're trying to do what's right.

Pitawas was really drunk last night. He probably didn't even know what he was saying.


Would one of you be willing to lend me your bicycle for twenty minutes or so?

I didn't mean for that to happen.

Which subject do you like the most?


Sumitro has very good manners.


Fred pulled a bottle of bourbon out of his desk drawer.

Syd is rinsing the dishes.

Julianto and I've been very happy together.

Why are you in the church?

I don't want to hear a story.

Archie and I haven't talked in years.

It's not important.

She's a very earnest person.

I cared about him.

He devoted the last years of his life to writing his autobiography.

No one could tell where he was.

To what degree are you interested in baseball?

My jeans won't fit. Did they shrink?

I love the people in this town.

I've noticed that Vick doesn't usually lock his door.

He was attracted by her smile.

Roman is downstairs in the lobby.

Thank you for refreshing our memories.

Hence one can say that, of all political ideals, that of making people happy is the most dangerous.

Who wants to go first?

Give Daddy a kiss.

Are you sure you don't want some of this?

How interesting!

If Coleen were here, he'd know what to do.

Most of Kyle's friends know that he doesn't speak French very well.

How's the work going?

Everybody has some good points and bad points.

It was a collaborative effort.

They are highly complementary.

She hastened to deny the story.

This apple is redder.