Per has been trying to lower his expenses.

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Hey, there's somebody coming out of the cave.

I didn't know I was going to be giving a speech.

What did the other guy look like?

I wish I could help you.

The press ban on the case was removed yesterday.

I have to get up early.

Let's see how good a job we do.

Why can't you answer any of my questions?

Ramiro tidied up his room.

He is better off than he was ten years ago.

Call me if anything interesting happens.

I just picked it up.

I just thought you were happy.

The two boys are much the same in English.

She ate a doughnut.

It's hard to keep up with Nigel.

They were cracking up.

Who do you remember?

Stagger put his sweater on.

She is capable of teaching English.

I know you might think I'm too young.

I want a martini with three olives.

I barely make any profit now.


I see much of Takaoka.


Naoto spent three years in prison for what he did.


Rajendra saw Sorrel at the party.

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He will be ready.


Jared isn't coming back on Monday.

Maria snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

They harbor thoughts of taking revenge on you.

That was a great party.

Astronomers claim they have discovered the ninth planet of the Solar System.

Somebody's inside the house.

Did you ever talk to Cristi about that?

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This operation is simple.

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The more time I spend doing this, the less time I have to do things I enjoy doing.


There is a great market for rice in Japan.


I think you need some rest.

You're my neighbor.

You have a really nice voice.

I'm not getting up.

There's always something that needs to be done.

I think that's a good sign.

Spy is wearing John's shoes.

In 2012, Belarus was moved back to the Reporters Without Borders list of Internet Enemies.

Kaj seems somewhat unsure of himself.

Debbie is regaining consciousness.

He had left his country one year before.


He said he would give a helping hand to them.

Had I arrived earlier, I could have seen Kelly.

Not all real things are logical.

I only live a few blocks away.

Are you going back to the office?


Except for Jim, everyone in the family can speak French.

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Have you seen my coffer?

Was that my phone ringing?

I wonder if they realize what they're up against.

The newspaper reported the death of the statesman.

Would you excuse me for one second?

He is never in the office in the morning.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

Typhoons bring about damage every year.

Dennis died when I was thirteen.

Rajarshi likes her.

Are you absolutely certain about this?


New laws are being introduced to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence on the streets.

From that moment on, the town was recognized as Esteban's town.

I don't like being shot at.

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The policeman saved the child from drowning.

Mr Smith had three sons who became engineers.

Dion broke off his engagement to Fletcher.

I have not drunk.

We'll survive.


He was attracted to the woman.

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Penny is the one who needs to do this.

How do you rank that?

How do you think people get famous anymore?

Son said he had nowhere to go.

This lake is deepest at this point.

Things can't get much worse than this.

I'll see to that.

Hunter bought Hsuan a diamond ring.

Do you get paid for this?

We are breathing pure air.

You owe her the truth.

We're doing everything we can to find Wendell.

In other words, the field of the magnet is near the pigeon's head.

I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.

Newspaper stands are scattered here and there throughout the city.

I saw somebody.

He didn't stop talking.

He has given up trying to put the papers in order.

He speaks with a lisp.

At the beginning you had disliked the idea, but now you seem to be content.

The view is beautiful beyond words.


Promise me you won't tell anybody.

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The issue is in the balance.

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He decided to be operated on.

Do you think Brett is making a mistake?

That's ridiculous.

Trade leads to national progress.

Lord really improved this week.

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There is a spoon.

They have done it.

If your books have not come, take ours.

It's nice to have someone to talk to about my problems.

What book do you plan on reading?


Malloy asked Richard to lend him three hundred dollars.


I'm feeling really confident now.

He doesn't have the strength to say anything.

Let me tell it!

Emma wanted to leave, but Kazuhiro wanted to stay a little longer.

Are you ready for dinner?

You smell good.

No one knows when such a custom first came into existence.

Emil made a good putt.

Pia struck the wall with his fist.

What are my grandparents doing?

He won't listen. It's like talking to the wall.

I'll be right there.

Barbara has violated his parole three times.

The two of them got back together.

The teacher can show an example on the blackboard to clarify the type of answer expected.

I've downloaded a cool fitness app!

We haven't eaten yet.

Does Sid plan to help us?

What sort of things do you do on weekends?


My heart skipped a beat when my wife told me she was pregnant.


Daniel doesn't have the will power to quit smoking.

He traveled in a special train.

The scar on his forehead is conspicuous.

We need to get help.

He is one of the greatest scientists in the world.


Graham took another bite.


You asked all the right questions.

I don't think you understand how important this is to me.

I need finality to my affairs.


Sonny only got one thing wrong.

He applied for the position.

Our gardener Eduardo and the charwoman Phill will get married in May.

In fact, we don't have any witnesses to the accident.

Numbers speak clearly.

I'm very busy these days.

I'm entirely to blame.


She aspires to becoming a great actress.

According to Saint Thomas, reason can help faith in three ways.

I like your dogs.

Show us your bruise.

Have you ever changed your clothes?

These computers are different types.

She is out on an errand.

He opened the door, though I told him not to.

Where is Hein sleeping?

I really like my teammates.

I'm not happy with it.

Jerald was shot twice in the chest.

I am leaving next week.

Dana takes care of Srikanth.

Seen from a distance, it looks like a man.

Uganda is an African country.

Which road did you choose?

There are many mysteries in life.

I'm here to vote. My name is Emma Andrews.

Did anybody follow you?

Please convey my apologies to Heidi.


I don't want to look at him.

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If you know where Warren lives, tell me.