I like to wear my skirts knee length.

That'll take a couple of hours.

He goes abroad every year.

It's a bit too complicated for me.


This is the first time I've ever felt dizzy in a car.

Why did he break off his speech?

I am getting slim!

It's a beautiful story.

Am I the only one that doesn't agree with you?

He can't control himself.

She got so angry that she belted him in the face with the back of her hand.

Because it was very cold yesterday, I stayed home.

Sanjib didn't have a weapon.

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You miss them a lot, don't you?

I'm all shook up!

I find that suspicious.

You should feel flattered.

If I were you, I wouldn't live with him.

Pierce walked back into the building.

I'm going to meet Mr Yamada at the Sakura Hotel tomorrow at 6 p.m.

This teacher was well liked by his students.

I could run quite a bit faster when I was young.

Po said that yesterday.

Where did you get these delicious apples?

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava.

My ex-boyfriend is obsessed with me.

Minors are drinking alcohol inside this bar.

Don't tense up.

I learn in a classical school.

Torsten's face was as white as a sheet.

The ticket is valid for a week.

George is a hedge fund manager.

I noticed that she sat in the front row.

My enthusiasm and dedication are at an all time high.

My opinion is the opposite.

Did you hear that what's-his-face crashed his motorcycle?

Tell me what this is all about.

I'm sure you two would like some time alone.

Will you listen to me for a few minutes?

Linder is going to buy me out.

I don't need anyone anymore.

That was very generous of you.

I'm ready now.

For how many days?

It's not how I want us to be.

Jack and I made a pact.

I don't know if there's time.

Kevan did a nice job.


Is Mr. Fujiwara at home now?

We fully appreciate his excellence as a skier.

There are highs and lows in life, said the elevator operator.


Can you drive me to the airport?


Scientists regard the discovery as important.

That moving moment was captured in video.

I'm going to college.

You'll need sleep.

Stevan had no idea how busy Shatter was.


Long live the Belarus!

I bought this book for myself.

He's fading away.

Look what a long reach Evelyn has.

Who authorized this?


I had trouble convincing Dawn to help.

From now on, you must be responsible for what you do.

Give this ticket to whoever comes first.

He immediately called the White House.

Also you go, please, we can not go without you.

I'm in danger.

The president's detractors conveniently omit from their criticism all the positive things he's done.

Laurent told me where you were.

This is a very important meeting.


She gambled the money.

His speech inspired all the boys.

Even a blind chicken can find a grain of corn.

Don't accept drinks from strangers.

Jurevis was devastated, but didn't lose hope.

Blood stains don't usually disappear.

She told her mother how he had attacked her.

Get Gabriel.

The American government has always regarded England as America's house pet.

A whistle involves blowing out of your mouth in a certain way.

Bob will be home at six.

You can't just ignore it.

Myrick claimed Margie owed him money.

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Which one will be our final resting place?

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Gravity is the only thing keeping me here.


Barry and I go a long way back.

The first seven games were drawn.

Do you have a gift shop here?

If you concentrate all your energies on the study of English, you will master the language.

One of the teenagers screamed.

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Harry and Syed have three daughters.

He was court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

It kept raining all day long.

Is this your red pencil?

I'll find him sooner or later.

We look back on days gone by, if not always with affections, at any rate with a kind of wistfulness.

What man fears most is what suits him.

I need help carrying Teri.

It's difficult to get out of bed on cold mornings.


This is what I can do for you.


I'm feeling like a penguin in bondage.

Awards can help you get into college.

I enjoyed the concert except that the hall was cold.

Unless you have really tiny veins, you shouldn't have any trouble.

I've got places to go.

Are you interested in me?

I can't imagine ever getting a divorce.

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Bruno wasn't disappointed.

A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Why are people scared of him?


Sawako wants to go to France.


She must have forgotten the promise.

How many students have been admitted to the school this year?

Stay on the train until the end of the line.

How can we meet new people?

I never did anything like that to Jelske.

You're really out of line, you know that.

I can't do anything for them.


Graham gave Susanne a little encouragement.

I think Michel is the right woman for me.

I was going to call Hubert.


My only friends are love and courage.

Could you direct me to the station?

You can only take out 60 euros.

Phill is supposed to help Juan do the laundry.

The exhibition is now open.

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King has done good work so far.


The bridge couldn't sustain the force of the strong current and collapsed.

I knew you wouldn't let me down.

They can't escape.

Why don't you invite a friend over?

This article is more interesting as compared to the previous one.


You know that you're right, don't you?

Tharen is up to something.

I have a separate notebook for each class.

I am extremely tired.

Nicolo didn't leave me any choice.

How fast does this thing go?

You should have this.


You should go about your business.

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I heard they caught her.


Unfortunately, I'm too busy right now.


Byron has three sons. One's almost your age.

He kept talking to people.

Don't cry. Crying doesn't solve anything.

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Gill is probably jealous.


Joubert is in danger of repeating his grade.

We are sweating in the heat.

The barn is full of farm equipment and tools.

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The butter smells good.

Is eating fish as healthy now as it used to be?

I'll have dinner.


We've played a lot of matches this season.

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Many of these disadvantaged children had never seen a book before.

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They will begin distributing free syringes and needles to drug users.


Del is a dangerous man.

The witness stated his name.

Do you know the reason Shuvra was sent to the Boston office?

Does anyone know Japanese?

Kevin is a big shot in Hollywood.

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I'll be careful next time.

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He'll have to forget about you.

You brought nothing.

I took the liberty of using the dictionary while you were out of the room.