Anyway, we'll talk it over tomorrow.

I wish I hadn't kissed you.

Did you talk to Frederic?

France is called "France" in French.

He wasn't conscious of the president's decision to drop the line.

Manny never signed up for swimming lessons.


My computer suddenly stopped working.


Kim can't leave work today until six o'clock.

Say that's not true.

God is everywhere but He is most manifest in man. So serve man as God. That is as good as worshipping God.

I know him by name.

What time will you arrive in Boston,Nelken?

Skef is a student.

Sometimes I take a bus to visit my girlfriend.


He deserves more.

I admire them both.

We returned to Honolulu on April 2.

Who do you think will come first?

You know where I work.

We ended up not getting there on time.

Many people in these parts have fallen on hard times.

There are many rooms.

Are you scared of Tal?

Mr. Tanaka, do you have any stock?

Should we get a table?

There were three of them.

I must be getting tired. I feel sleepy as soon as I finish eating supper.


Millions of trees have been cut down for fuel.

Will you tell me how to play the guitar?

Can I check my baggage here?


What's the minimum salary in the Czech Republic?

Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?

Do you want to get some dinner?

Kate can hardly speak Chinese.

The car wasn't washed by Lorenzo.

The amount of carbon dioxide has increased by 10 percent.

I regret what happened to him.

Due to total russification in Belarus, the Belarusian language is at the brink of extinction.

I know all the details.

They shot at the British from behind trees.

Pantelis tucked in his shirt.

I'll go and tell them.

I thought it was fine.

If I were you, I'd put the money in a bank.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

You must do your homework at once.

Why didn't you help me escape?

He replied with promptness and courtesy.

Suzan is crazy.


In truth, a man who renders everyone their due because he fears the gallows, acts under the sway and compulsion of others, and cannot be called just. But a man who does the same from a knowledge of the true reason for laws and their necessity, acts from a firm purpose and of his own accord, and is therefore properly called just.

Who lives in the house next door?

Look out for Jesse.

It is human to make mistakes.

I was tired with the work.

They resumed walking.

This has all happened before.

How many days are there until Christmas?

Where there is asphalt, there is nothing interesting, but where it's interesting, there is no asphalt.

I saw him a few minutes ago.

I don't want to deal with it.


The second portion contains meat.

I was disappointed at the result.

I don't have time to spend studying English.

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We thought out a new way.


I think we'd better not say anything to Noemi about this.

He is tired.

His theory deserves consideration.

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"You didn't say the magic word." "What magic word?"

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We will confirm your order as follows.


A noun can be singular or plural.

Valentin just can't afford to buy a house at this time.

I have five times as many stamps as he does.


Procrastinating was a terrible idea, as Son found out that he had completely omitted an important essay.


Islam arrived to Suriname in the late nineteenth century.

The meaning of average man's life consists in three things: eating, drinking, and fucking.

Serdar is the most handsome actor in the world.

Bud doesn't appear to be carrying a weapon.

Do you sometimes study in the library?

They have a subway in Rio now.

My father and sister are carpenters.

She had a really frumpy outfit on today.

You should take this a little more seriously.


We're quite safe here.


Where am I going to hide?


What advances have there been in preventing and treating anthrax infection?

Where are you going on your vacation?

You must return him the book.

Tomas examined the contents of the box.

We wish Metin the best.


My father will possibly come on the next train.

An oratorical contest will be held next Sunday.

The news that the president was killed surprised them.

My uncle gave me some good advice when I was in trouble.

If you don't want me to stay here, I'll leave.

Twelve are present at the meeting.

She brooded over the bullying done to her.

Give him the $300.

Don't get that. It's not the best quality.

There's so much I want to tell you.

It would be a difficult job.

Who said you could sleep?

Did you ask him why?

Do you know that hotel?

As far as I'm concerned, she's a complete stranger.

We just found out about it.

Please don't be so sad. Cheer up!

Can someone get that call?

Herbert is often late for school.

He's talking on the telephone.

Do you recognize this?

She wrote example sentences all day.

Health is worth more than wealth.

I fucked lots of friends.

I didn't know you had a week off last month.

It appears that he was in a hurry.

He got angry at being insulted.


I am the best friend, the best support, the best partner you will ever have.

I want to live with my wife.

The soldiers were animated by the song.

I'm not a soldier.

We have work for Lila.

Rajeev has already drunk all the milk.

I saw Presley kiss you.

She wrote this novel after a long research.

Through the Internet, we can make many friends.

I did not realize what I was doing.

Well, you have only to ask for his help.

What do you have to complain about?

Charley says he did nothing wrong.

I think it might be raining.

You put me in a strange situation.


I was born and raised in the country.


In our class, there is no child more diligent than Jack.

Let's wait awhile!

Let me get you a drink.

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Don't forget to go shopping.


The dogs started barking at Hal.


I heard the news about Dustin.


She sliced a tomato up.

Tomorrow I'll go to his house to pick him up.

I don't need Ranjit.

Can I go out and play?

They are talking over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria.


The streets of New York are very wide.

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I've always felt more like a tiger than a person.

He is the more able of the two boys.

He pushed his hat back on his head.

Nicolette hadn't planned on kissing Pitawas, but he did.

Do you know his mum?


The entire town was under water.


If you carelessly ask, "got a boyfriend?" she'll be put on her guard and say, "why do you ask?"

Am I supposed to be doing something else now?

He was absent from school today, as is often the case with him.


Jeanne would like a word with you.


To say that technology changes rapidly is to utter a truism.

The wedding ceremony was performed in the morning.

Let him bark like a dog.

Stacey went bonkers.

I can't go on pretending like nothing happened.

She proved to be a great musician.

We won today.


The body had burned beyond recognition.

I want you to tell me the truth.

Youtube is the source of fame of brand new stupid singers like Justin Bieber

I have a dentist appointment.

I am giving her a bracelet for her birthday.

My eyes are sore.

Here's your schedule for the day.