I haven't seen Ernie for years.

I left my baby in her care and went shopping.


That is to say, a language is something that we learn and are taught, not something that we know by instinct.


Don't do anything silly.

He came tumbling after.

I totally agree with his definition of friendship.

You weren't serious, were you?

Please leave the light on.

The boy was taken away from school by his parents.

Do you know how to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

That's the rule.

I cry almost every day.

This sort of music is not my cup of tea.

You couldn't be contacted.

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She was glad to have Jim say her name.

When he first heard her lovely voice over the phone, he fell head over heels for her.

Soohong said he had to talk to me.

Nothing can stop us now.

I am, by no means, allowed to become ill now, tomorrow is my holiday.

Thad wondered if Angus really loved her.

These pictures were taken by Raghu.

They'll announce the winner tomorrow.

She is as beautiful as her mother.

I wanted to kill him.

When did you graduate from Oxford?

The end justifies the means.

It was a pleasure.

Those chairs are in the way.

Kyoto is worth visiting.


I'm telling the truth, Geoffrey.

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We need some tools.

Jeannie took his children to the park.

I looked in the cupboard.


My father is very tired.

Ask him to come tomorrow.

During my childhood, I often came here to observe the surroundings and meditate.


What if we all are brains in vats and every sensory perception is illusionary?


Whales can remain submerged for a long time.


He came downstairs.

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I can manage it.

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I'll see what I can do, but I don't promise you anything.


Let's begin practicing voice projection.


I saw Nichael before he saw me.


Do we have a deal here?

Thank you for agreeing to help me.

It happens.

Welcome back!

I don't want to see him get hurt.

Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

She was quite unaffected by the death of her husband.

I will shit on you.

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

I don't know Lucifer's phone number.

He had nothing to do with the scandal.


I never thought Seenu would hit Kayvan.


There's nothing like a dish of homemade ice cream.

Alessia's homework are very difficult.

It was quite fascinating to see how these men were surviving.

I played soccer and my sister played tennis.

I've started teaching my kids to surf.

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We're the only ones here who know French.

Benson said he was going to kiss Ray.

Don't store wood or paper near oxidizers.

I could not make myself heard above the noise.

Much stronger measures will be taken.


Let's get to know each other.

I didn't tell her. She found out by herself.

What is it like to be innocent?

Does Gene like it there?

She remarked that I should quit smoking.

That effort bore no fruit.

I like to eat fish.


His life has completely changed when he married her.


Members of Hillary's society can't go five minutes without mentioning stoats at least once.


Lincoln won the election.


Do you have a shovel I can borrow?

Life is the only road that can't be traveled twice.

There was a moon that night.


Sally always asks for Jesper's opinion.


I'm not allowed to drive my father's car.


Floyd has lost his hearing.


Relationship through marriage is indicated by the prefix "bo".


Kenton picked some berries and ate them.

Jinchao doesn't know you were helping me.

He started to run very fast, so that people began to jump out of his way.

"Achoo." "Bless you." "Thanks."

Would you like to come?


The weather is terrible today.

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Are you seriously thinking about pursuing a career as a race car driver?

I have a feeling you'll be going very soon.

Right after I graduated from college, I went into the army.

I could hear birds singing outside my window.

He is a man of profound knowledge.

You need me more than I need you.

The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth.

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We're going to get in trouble for that.


Watch where you put your feet.

I know what Billie was trying to do.

Today's a school day. I'd better make sure not to be late ...

Kennedy spoke about the issue.

I'm not satisfied with the way you handled that.

I didn't know that Marguerite swam.

How many caps do you own?


She gets a high salary.


The room gradually got hotter.

He did come at last.

Lech is interested in history.

No, I'll pay for it.

We've had a lot of problems with this machine.

Ima would tell me if there were a problem, wouldn't he?

Ramsey made a reservation at a good restaurant for her boyfriend's birthday.


I might be drunk, but I'm not crazy.

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I don't have a car anymore.


Come out now.

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Delbert went to meet some girl named Shai.


Another fierce battle was ready to begin.

I think it's time we gave Vick some time off.

Shai didn't seem to understand what you were saying.

I'm still shopping around.

The fool runs after the pleasures of life and sees himself cheated; the sage avoids evils.

The curtain rises at 7 p.m.

Dimitry face lights up whenever he sees Angela.


Has Merril ever written a letter in French?

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We sat around the fire in a circle.

Clayton wants desperately to do the right thing.

He signaled that I should follow him.

We're doing the best we can.

School keeps me pretty busy.

He learned Chinese so fast, everyone says he's very smart, that he really has a gift with languages.

Farouk wrote a short story about a young girl and her dog.


He wrote her a long letter, which he didn't mail.

Oh, but don't worry. I don't put the moves on straight guys.

I can't remember things before they happen.


Manjeri didn't tell anyone what he was about to do.

He fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Don't open before the train stops.


Dennis told me that I should've said yes.

This is so weird, isn't it?

Let's take it easy.

Are you trying your best?

I see how dangerous it is.

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Alison folded the letter and put it into the envelope.

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I'd like breakfast in my room at 8 sharp.

We had known the painter before he became famous.

No one knew what was going on.

It's not worth waiting for.

Sanity will be here in a few minutes.

Your mother loves me.

What's in the basket?

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Partisan politics is getting in the way of necessary finance reform.


It's been quite a day, hasn't it?


Cats usually hate dogs.