You may disagree with and venture to question me, but remember, the feeling's mutual.

Gunter told me he was really happy there.

Don't be too hard on Sidney.

Mr Green, you are wanted on the phone.

Mara plans to drive from Boston to Chicago.

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It would be even better if you were here with us.

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Rob left at four in the morning.

It hasn't been won yet.

If he carries on like this, he's going to wind up in prison.

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The news has just come on the radio.

If I'm late again, I'm going to be fired.

I know something's wrong.

Academic fraud is probably more common than most people think.

Carsten made the right choice.


Are there any more donuts?

His words gave her hope for the future.

In order to grow well, these plants need soil that does not contain too much moisture.

Go meet Claire.

No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.

He ran to his mother in the library.

Joy was manifest on the child's face.


He forced me to go.

Kurt asked why you had spent time in prison.

Plastic is a tax consultant.

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I'll be there on the fourth.

The spinning top skidded across the floor.

Don't forget to tell Courtney.


The sun shone like gold.


I'm returning your call.

The idea isn't bad.

I'm running as fast as I can to run him down.

I'm looking for Brodie Jackson's office.

Keep the dictionary ready at hand.

That, however, tells you just about as much as you would know about water if you were told that it was wet.

I will be busy until four o'clock.

I'm still concerned.

I'm here to help.


Pat shouldn't have eaten so much.


It's hard to know that we won't see each other again.


It is of no use to try to find him in the crowd.

Jaime made good use of his time.

In many cultures, men and women dress differently.


She is shy, which is why she chose not to say "I love you".

I'm just tying up some loose ends.

What can we offer to the guests?

Will I see them later?

Penguins live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

Chemistry is an old science.

Sanche should leave before it rains.


Please plow the snow to the left of the maple tree so you don't block the trailer.

I want to figure this out.

The fork is bent.

Sjaak tried to explain everything to Klaudia.

"How many times a week do you play tennis?" "I play tennis three times a week."

Mars is covered by a dirt which has a lot of iron. The iron makes the planet look red.

Yesterday I was caught in a shower.


I'm grateful for your help.

I'm not going to tell Lowell anything that he doesn't already know.

This is kind of nice, don't you think?

I want a dog.

I like steak rare, but not this rare.

She was similar to me in many ways.

They were married.


On May 30, we will know the results of the election.

Legal services will be provided by lawyers and other experts to be appointed by the government.

That was very lucky.

This rug is handmade.

Ranjit has a second job.


It was very cold, but we went out.

I am not alone in thinking so.

Taking care of the excretory needs of a patient you've just met is a very demanding job.

Tommy asked me to speak to Manny about that.

Bill started to feel more confident than before.

Why do I have to work with you?

Do you wear shoes inside your house?

Rusty has everything a boy could want.

I heard about your problems with Jane.

We need more sugar.

The cherry trees are planted on either side of the road.

I am quite clear that it is a fact.

I am 30 years old now.

Ira helped himself to a cup of coffee.

As the budget ran out, the robot guards could not chase the runner beyond the city limits.

Piotr and Edmond sat on a bench in the park talking to each other.

Celeste is twice as old as Starbuck is.


Narendra doesn't understand the risks.


They must not go up the stairs.


He endeavored to make his wife happy, but in vain.


This discovery has the potential to transform the field.

It's doubtful whether Ranjit can speak French well enough to do the job.

Emil's peculiar attitude on the matter doesn't spring from any one cause.


From whose hand should I take something?

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If you're going to the beach, count me in.


I wanted to buy the book.

Moses usually wears her long hair in pigtails.

Saumya took a year off to write a book.

I'm too drunk to do that.

It was spectacular.

I knew I should've married him.

He has transmitted all his knowledge to his son.


During the recent trip to America, I made friends with Jack.

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That problem is too simple.

That baby does nothing but cry.

I'm very pleased to meet you too.

He was not anxious for fame.

How do we stop her?

He asked her where she lived.

Clark wouldn't give up.

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How can I get a hold of them?

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I didn't know Hsi lived in Boston.


Do not put any objects on the console.

Dan wasn't so convinced that Linda was innocent.

I found a good place to buy fruit a couple of days ago.

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The waves swallowed up the boat.

None of the candidates got a majority of the votes.

Shouldn't you be studying?

The thieves made off with a sculpture with an estimated worth of half a million euros.

Chip looked confused.

This place is quite nice.

That's an interesting story.

I want to go back to Boston.

Ken looked confused.

You're looking good.

Whomever is not with us is against us.

We have to clean the whole beach.

I used to have one, but it was stolen.

They want to make it bigger.

The soldiers guarded the bridge.


He's one of her many lovers.

We cannot dispense with the rainforests.

I want you to tell me that's not true.


Apple is a tasty fruit

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Show your photograph.

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I have to weed the garden.

I'll miss everyone.

No one encouraged her.

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I don't want to go back to Boston.

Don't worry; it won't bite.

I don't feel very good.


Give it your best shot.

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My daughter held on to my coat sleeve and would not let me go.

Ken is waiting for the arrival of the train.

Gypsy wants us to enjoy ourselves.

You have my permission to leave.

You'll love her.

Where have you been living?

Next, we will talk to Ms. Pam Roland.


That was totally rad.


I thought I wouldn't know the answers.

Is that to eat here or take out?

Bryce acknowledged that he was hoping to become the new class president.


You are envious.

Someone has gone off with important papers.

Gunnar is a distant relative of William's.


One swallow does not a summer make.

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Hold on one second.


Clarissa will arrive in Boston tomorrow morning.