Why should I be scared?

It's rumored that they are going to get married.

Heidi doesn't want our help.

I have my own theory.

He jumped his horse over the fence.

This is your last opportunity.

Kent was clearly very busy.

Give me the car keys, please.

I wear shorts all the time.

Life is really tough sometimes.

Do you like Linda's new Halloween costume?

Proper praise stinks.

Leif immediately obeyed.

The leaves fall off the trees in the fall.

I think I can run as fast as Suu.

That happened on Park Street.

I'm not so sure.

He thinks of nothing but himself.

Life is full of secrets.

You won't find anyone who'll do that for you.

What do you actually do in the office?

You don't have to work with Jitendra.

He's three years older than her.

Hey, what's going on in here?

She will sometimes sit still for hours.

Please listen to reason.


He takes after his father.

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What do I do?

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Miho plays piano better than Noriko.


She dared to call on him.

The photo artist had trouble expressing himself.

An ant can bite an elephant's butt, but an elephant can't bite an ant's.

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There's no secret plan.

Let's drop in on the Fukudas.

You'll never walk alone.

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My Internet connection isn't fast enough.

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I must tell you the truth.

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I know you're not an idiot.

We talked in a low voice so as not to wake the baby.

Let's continue to do this.

Isn't she a bit young?

What a nerve!

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I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

I wrote Stan a letter.

She didn't press him for an explanation.

Can you do anything to help me?

I work from nine to five every day.

Music is a gift from God.

The airport is over on the other side.


I have no idea what this means.

This is counter-intuitive.

I can't hold it.

This work is hard for us.

Daniele is our prime suspect.


The best way to help us is to contribute in your own native language.

I didn't know what else to say to her.

Who was that guy?

It takes literally a minute to make the sauce.

She is said to be a leader in the women's liberation movement.


I thought Don was coming.

What do you think he needs to do?

The bugs are everywhere.

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It's a harp.

I should've said that.

Huey died in strange circumstances.

Roman, you poor child, where have you been? What happened to you?

Milk gives me a stomachache.


Someday, the USA will elect its first woman president, and it will rejoice in the long overdue occasion.

He only drinks that brand of beer.

Nicholas pushed Andreas into the chair.

I don't want you to be angry.

Who has gone to their homes?


They won't like me.

We're closed today.

She let me penetrate her.


This stew is a little too salty.

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His behavior is beneath criticism.

The doctor advised him to work less.

A language is a dialect with an army and navy.

Do you honestly believe that?

In a pinch, a vegetable peeler can act as a zester.

We should keep our hands clean.

We've all done things we're not proud of.

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He hired some new workers.

Nicholas told me Jakob was a better skier than you.

I've always trusted Suzan.

It looks like the train going to the airport is down, what shall we do?

I had no idea Sergiu wasn't happy.

Just tell Sharon what you want him to do.

I've never seen you before in my life.


Dannie is not religious, nor does he believe in God.


Stop, that you be not found foolish.

Why didn't you warn Izzy?

All girls wear pink panties.


I think your friends are here.

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Don't copy that floppy.

Your shoes need brushing. They are muddy.

He changed the topic of conversation.


"Aha!" they would say.

I have never done this.

Rajiv wanted me to drive.

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Johnnie loved being a traffic cop.

It's hot and stuffy in here.

Do you know where the meeting will be?

I'll have somebody help you.

They tried to walk past him.


The police have taken Srikanth into custody.


Duane was drunk and forgot where he'd parked his car.

Nobody does it better than Jack.

Space made a list of places he wanted to visit.

Contact Kee Jackson for further details.

Where are the cookies?

Kriton is showing his wound.

Billy went back to the hotel.

Curry and rice is her favorite food.

Are you religious?

We haven't done that in a month.

Thank you for taking the time out to pay a visit to our company.


Cathryn ate a crocodile.

Tropical rainforests are a cause for concern.

I really think you should come.

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It occurred to me that my watch might be broken.

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They get nervous.

The time is ripe for action.

The job applicant did not meet the expectations of the employer.

What did you get?

This is the tallest scaffolding I've ever seen in my life.

I told her that she was right.

Jean-Christophe failed the test, just like Joshua predicted.

Can you at least offer a possible suggestion where I might find Josh?

I don't know what to say.

Walt has origins from Poland.

I respected Mario.

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We're better off without Lindsey.


It's been a really good year.

Uniforms differ from school to school.

You underestimated Lorraine.

I shouldn't have bought so much.

Were you shopping?

Living in the city is really different to living in the country.

You're forever making mistakes.

I have to get back to work.

It's unlikely that Donovan will get out of prison anytime soon.

He is obsequious to the higher ups and arrogant towards his underlings.

If you do something that stupid, you'll be laughed at.


We ascribe his success to hard work.

Bobbie is a fitness freak.

After waiting all day, the workers were still looking for a break in the weather so they could resume the search.

I'm mad at myself for following Amarth's stupid advice.

Ariel sometimes sings in French.


If that's false, she's a liar.

Consumption tax is not included in the display price.

How old do I look?

Everything is better now that Galen is here.

I was laughing.

Jerome called Hiroyuki back.

What we have is one thing and what we are is quite another.

Their love for life is infectious.

I have to tell him.


I couldn't help him.


Is that the way it really is?

I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

I failed my blood test.

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I bought a sandwich.