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used cooking oil and other inedible material into innovative products
DAR PRO has 120-plus service locations nationwide, covering all 50 states for used cooking oil removal, trap maintenance and fat and bone pickup. Call 1-855-DARPRO1 or find a location near you.
We manufacture quality fats and proteins ingredients for the animal feed and pet food industries under our DAR PRO Solutions brand of products and services. To learn more, call 1-855-DARPRO1 today.
Our customer service representatives are here 24/7 to answer your calls at 1-855-DARPRO1 for used cooking oil removal, trap maintenance, fat and bone pickup, or theft notification.
As one of the world's largest developers of sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredients for a growing global population, our company constructed the first biodiesel plants utilizing animal fats and restaurant greases in both the USA and in Canada. Today, we have expanded that vision through a joint partnership with Valero Energy Corporation to create the nation's largest refinery to repurpose animal fats and used cooking oils into renewable diesel. As our customer, you play a vital role as we work to develop new solutions to improve our nation's energy future.
Our DAR PRO Solutions brand of products and services is founded on a long, rich leadership heritage. As an industry leader, long before sustainability became a household term or corporate directive, we were on the cutting edge of finding new, innovative ways to transform inedible meat by-products into sustainable products. But we believe sustainability is more than what we make - it's the foundation of how we conduct our business and serve as good stewards of our environment. Our valued customers help us promote this environmental stewardship today and create new solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.
At DAR PRO, we create sustainable solutions, transforming the materials we collect from our valued customers into valued feed and fuel ingredients. We offer our customers over a century of experience, a network of nationwide locations and our continuous commitment to research and develop tomorrow's recycling solutions. Whether we provide services to your restaurant, products to your feed manufacturing operation, or renewable fuel for your fleet, you can be assured we will provide quality, integrity and professionalism. Together, we and our valued customers, using the DAR PRO Solutions brand of products and services, are making a difference.