I want to have a word with you.

I know that you still want to be with me.

I'm looking for a present for Linder.

I played checkers with Sanford all afternoon.

I like to correct sentences.

They're beautiful.


Olivier has always been a gentleman.

We waited for the bus, but it was over 30 minutes late, so we caught a cab.

I don't like this store.

Mysore wasn't scared of the police.

I always liked her.

I couldn't do that to you.

We needn't have hurried.


That's what you get!

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He went far in business.

We have a lot to learn from each other.

Compared with the old model, this is far easier to handle.


Seymour couldn't conceal his disappointment.

The home team always have an advantage over their opponents.

Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting.

I'd rather not go to Boston.

Enslavement is a crime against humanity.


I wish we didn't have to do this anymore.

Are you sleeping in here?

You can let it slide with a "oh?" or you can take it seriously.

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I can't stay home today.

Metin can't bring himself to look at Dirk.

Celia is looking really good.

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It's unusual for Claudio to be so quiet.

Herman would be hurt if you said that.

Her actions disturb me.

I have ulcers in my mouth, so it's very painful when I eat.

George is reluctant to take on that difficult job.

They won the lottery.

Tal had his piano tuned.

We were all a little hungry.

He was at the front for three months.

This is the year 1990.

I just want to help them.


It's a group effort.


I don't know what to do now.

Gunnar is quite cynical, isn't he?

Dan, a seasoned flight instructor, wanted Linda to make a perfect landing.

They treat me like a child.

What the hell does he know about that?


I thought it was a dream.


The criminal begged the judge for mercy.

It's the little things in life that mean the most.

I didn't know how to speak French at that time.

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Could you please tell me how much this is worth?

Stephe stepped on a hornet nest.

Take away this box.

Maarten is the one least likely to come to your party.

We know you didn't kill Jurevis.

Ramsey couldn't talk very well.

Takeuchi told his son the story about a monster that ate children.

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Now, why didn't I think of that?

Tao moved out last night.

Taurus talked for a long time, but didn't really say much.

With this price, your product would not be competitive in the Japanese market.

I thought Guy had left with Russ.

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She's insatiable.

Can we save the planet?

Kris is still a member of our club.

Mr Smith drilled them in English pronunciation.

In Portuguese, every word stressed on the antepenultimate syllable has a diacritical mark.

You'd better take your umbrella, just in case it rains.

The wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood. The hunter shot the wolf.


Danielle was given a raise by her employer.


My prayers have been answered.

The children told me they loved strawberry ice cream.

Fathers in cities spend eight hours in the office and another two hours traveling to and from their work on trains full of people every morning and evening.


Basically, I agree with your opinion.

Have you ever felled a tree?

There is no telling what time he will come.

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I need all the help I can get.

I'm going to close the door now.

You don't have to say that.

There must be another way.

It may be that my father arrives on the next train.

I think that you are correct.

That's Donnie.


She turned to the left at the corner.

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She's not going.


I don't know why we're bothering to do this.

It happened that I was in New York then.

Naomi knew that he should study French every day if he really wanted to learn it.


I liked to make people laugh and that got me all the way to where I am now.

What makes you think I am God?

I am dying to see her again.

Both of you are wrong.

The child pretended that it was asleep.

Niall shifted gears.

I talked to him again.


Playing someone else's harmonica is like using someone else's toothbrush.

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I am not studying now.

I've been friends with Brandon for many years.

Milk is a food for babies.

I beg to differ.

We have a big game tomorrow.


I want you to comment.


She has the wonderful capability to overcome any obstacle.

I've been thinking about it, too.

We're going to help you do that.

I didn't finish it.

Donna simply wasn't interested.


This is something completely different.


He was more or less drunk.

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I have three daughters.


She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.

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The United States has long been known as a "melting pot" because most of its people are descended from immigrants.


Would you like to come?


Rolfe was messing around with the dishes.

Do I look like I'm kidding?

I'll go get that.

Naoki is as old as Kaori.

The speaker tried to incite the people to rebellion.


We're not going anywhere with this, are we.


They were afraid of you.


Brooke's apartment is located within walking distance of the city center.

I'm always bored with films that have little action.

Why is it my turn?

I broke a glass - try not to step on the shards before I clean them up.

How do we know this isn't a trap?

There is little hope that he will succeed.

It's good to have all this stuff translated into as many languages as possible.

My favorite pianist is Frederic Chopin.

We accomplished some good things.

Ahmet did a lot of good things.

Do you know the people who live here?

You should always listen to the other side, too.

Why haven't you told us?


They heard him.

He controls himself admirably.

It's obvious Brent can't do it without some help.

She stopped studying. She left the university without a degree.

Benson helped Merat escape from the kidnappers.

I know who killed the police inspector.

She can both ski and skate.

Lou tried to persuade Colin to go to John's party.

It makes sense.

He is feeling very kind today.

The church is just across the street.

Michiel isn't fooling me.

The ship sailed down the river.

His wife is Japanese.

He won by a small number of popular votes.

I don't really know why he wrote the book.

Who's gonna be there?

I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.

What did Mason expect?

There are buttons on the coat.

What a strange woman!

If you get to my house before I do, help yourself to a drink.

I've got a partner.


If Bin Laden comes, tell him I'm in the store.

I bought a Picasso.

The place was empty. She was alone in the darkness, except for a cat hiding behind a box.


I just need him for a minute.

Sofoklis and I aren't enemies, but we're not friends, either.

There's no life on the moon.