Please be quiet and don't hamper my work.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I would have gone to the mountains had I had the money.

I can't understand why Israel won't let us go.

We can't get them on the phone.

He sowed his field with barley.

Whose glass is that?

I said there's no one here.

Excuse me for a second.

Just keep on walking.


Tell me you're not afraid.

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Ahmed's not at all sure what he should do.

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Puyehue Volcano keeps on spewing lava.


We don't want anyone to find us here.

Klaudia wants to dance.

How about inviting Collin and Christina over for dinner this evening?

You shouldn't have killed him.

They set up a tent on the mountaintop.


Do you have a girlfriend back home?

My tongue is very sharp. Don't make any noise. Don't close the window, please.

It must be hard.

It's a small burg.

Who broke the window yesterday?

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John burst into laughter when he was watching TV.


A sea of words, but only a drop of sense.


How do you operate this machine?

That country broke off diplomatic relations with the neighboring countries.

This is for keeps.

Lisa cried when I left.

I described one.


Alan didn't want me to tell you this, but he just lost his job.

I want Uri here.

Sanche returned to the campsite.

Do you know where Johan put the keys?

Someone has to do it.

Do you work at all?

Sergeant lost his house.

You are not really prepared to go on a pilgrimage.

I find that offensive.

Music is the soul of geometry.

Can you take this call for me?

Bring me a cup of coffee.

She's due soon.

I saw Oskar running down the street.

I want you gone by noon.

The politician tried to cover up the insider trading.

Do you want to come over?

They're throwing papers around the room.

It's pretty funny.


Edgar has no idea when Russ will arrive.

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Tharen changed jobs to earn more money.

The woman washes her face.

We appreciate it.

I never felt like I fit in.

I live on a farm.

If you don't eat your veggies, you won't get any dessert.

I need a distraction.


They implemented a communication policy so as to promote their new concept.

He's ready now.

Where's your family?

Jerboas look like kangaroos due to having many similarities such as long hind legs, very short forelegs, and long tails.

I don't understand why you just don't quit.

What's the damage?

Donne explained the problem to me.


The only thing Tracey likes to do after dinner is watch TV.


She was not happy about it.


It took the doctor eight hours to do the operation.

Excuse me, have you got a light?

So they hopped down to the spring and drank from the clear water.

Did you murder them?

Anyone can do it easily.

Rudy removed his gun from his holster.

She is not there.

The captain's orders were clear.

I want to give you enough time to do that.

Are these your own books?

Kirk fixed the fence.

I still can't work out what the artist intended to portray.

It wouldn't last.


If I should fail, what would my parents say.

During the eclipse, the moon became blood red.

Africa is exporting beef to Europe.

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Well do I remember the day.

Paul respects his parents.

I'd like to eat cheesecake to my heart's content at The Cheesecake Factory.

Nancy is more shy than reserved.

Let him decide.

It is not easy to find the way to the park.

Arguments can disrupt the work.

You don't need luck.

For me, that is not a problem.

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I water the flowers.


He hurried over to his car.

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That's OK, we can go Dutch tonight.

I heard someone in the crowd outside the station call my name.

Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than style.


I want to show you something very special.

It was awesome to meet you in real life!

I can't go back to being just one of the guys.


We need each other more now than we ever did before.

I thought Takao would never see you again.

Let's find out who stole Elliott's car.

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You don't know how hard you held on until you let go.


Reid went ballistic.

This is a message for you.

Who does Stephan think he is?

The young soldier was confused.

That kitten is so adorable.

We're going to protect you.

I want to become smarter.

I just moved here.

I like rock.

I used to listen to English programs.

I saw Damone die.

Although the book cover officially credited Vilhelm as the memoir's author, his paid ghostwriter came to regret portraying the subject of his book in a flattering light.

We should go talk to her.


I think I deserve that.

This is not my idea of fun.

She was told off for being late.


That's something I couldn't do.


omg a n00b pwned me!

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That's why I don't like Holly.

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You have to put off your departure for England till next week.

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Juha could come with me if he wants to.


This bill was sent to the Senate for its approval.

Breakfast is from seven to nine.

Don't ever call gays "fags".

I don't dream.

Instead of just saying you love her, do something to show how much you love her.

Jos's car is parked in the middle of the road.

By the 22nd century, teleportation of large objects, including animals, became a reality.

This criminal is morally depraved.

Have you dug up potatoes?

My sister is having a conversation with her friends.

Through the night the windows of the giants shine, by their feet people walk amongst multicolored neons.

Charles didn't need any help.

What kind of yogurt do you like best?

Tomas doesn't have to tell me anything he doesn't want to.

There is absolutely no way that I would go on a trip alone.

You don't dress yourself.

I live across the street.

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I have to wash the dishes.


I can't tell you how many times I've been there.

I can't drive, I forgot how to.

17 is a real number.

Bring Oscar with you.

The maid made my bed.


I really want him near me.


Please clean it up.

I promise you that I'll be there anytime you need me.

How many combat situations have you been in?

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His application was rejected.

I have no one to turn to for advice.

We won't be able to escape punishment this time.

We're not cold.

Working, healthy people contribute to the reduction of medical expenses, the rise of the eligible age for benefits, and the curtailment of their costs.

I went back to my seat.

The husband admits he has a relationship.


I've heard research has found that men are more likely to tell lies than women.


Don't punish him for breaking the window. He is not to blame.


Would you mind if I went home early?