I can't let them do this to me.

I have no patience, quick to anger, feel lost, lonely, ugly and old.

Owen slept on the train.

I'm not wiping your tables.

While I was in Mullingar I got my photo took next to a statue!

His family lacks for nothing.

It's a bad time to be impulsive.

You must consider what kind of work you want to do.


I hope you have insurance.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'set' has 430 different meanings or senses.

Dan changed the locks of his house.

We do lumbering up the river.

Have you ever heard of the concept of linguistic relativity?


I asked him where he was going.


I was all by myself.


I'm safe now.


Of all the children, he's the one who counts the fastest.


Mr Bush, principal of our school, graduated from Yale.

Eli plays football every day after school.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she heard the good news.

He'll be in London about this time tomorrow.

The first impression is most lasting.

Is that what you really intended to do?

Dan was stunned by what he had just heard.

Mayst thou never learn who thou art.

Everything depends on whether you pass the examination.

Of course we'll go with you.

The trouble lay in the engine.

I became a Catholic because I'm extremely pessimistic.

Lea will be here any minute now.


Would it really be that easy?

I want you to teach Russ how to do that.

Several studies, related to the temperature increase in the city, have already been published.

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What were you two doing there anyway?


I asked Fletcher if he had any suggestions.

I hope Rudy will wait for me.

Does Mario enjoy watching horror movies?


Jean-Pierre went to the Australian embassy to get a visa.


I am fixing the clock.

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I never touched it.

We've known this for a long time.

If only you were here, I could consult you about it.


The picnic lasted all day.


I have to finish cleaning it up.

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You might want to buy one of those.

I know it's my fault.

The Wright Brothers first performed a literature search to find out the state of aeronautical knowledge at their time. They wrote to the Smithsonian and obtained technical papers regarding aerodynamics. They read about the works of Cayley, and Langley, and the hang-gliding flights of Otto Lilienthal.


Gregory made me come here.

I don't think I can walk any faster.

I'm in the army.

Casey certainly knows where Earnie is.

If he knew the truth, he would tell us.


We're very interested.


Eva shouldn't have been there.

The investigation concluded that the police officer had done nothing wrong.

The story reminded me of my father.


The poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.


There's not much traffic on this road after 8:00 p.m.

Women worked at home.

A mother kissed the child.

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You are what you are.

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It's forbidden to smoke at school.

It beats me where she's gone.

Clifford has been avoiding me like the plague ever since he borrowed my car.

Troy wore bunny slippers.

I'm going to go and get my driver's license.

He wasn't that kind of person.

According to the weather report, the rainy season will start next week.

What do you honestly think?

Hi, Susan. How are you?

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What was served at the party?

I came back from a long trip.

Robots just do things, they don't think at all.

The situation Ralf described actually happened once in Boston.

Wendy said he had something to take care of, and left.

There's something awfully familiar about Lenora.

He bought six bars of soap yesterday.

There is a big stack of mail on the table.

Children often do stupid things.


Louise is a rabbi.


Who organized that meeting?

Horst is crazy about you.

I lost my motivation.

His mother died when he was eleven years old.

The tears of strangers are only water.

I'll see you in a day or two.

That's her car.

He likes to play tennis.

I'll trade you something for it.

We'll have a picnic tomorrow, weather permitting, of course.

I saw Kolkka smoking a cigarette.

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Alex said that the rooms are very comfortable.

Skip and I remained firm friends for years.

I think I'll go ahead and cancel our reservation.

He saw nobody.

Sehyo was so kind as to help me.


The princess dressed as a boy to escape from the palace.


Do you feel up for a game of chess?

It's publicly recommended to "raise obedient kids," but it's rather difficult to carry that out.

I changed trains at Ueno Station.

From what I've heard, their marriage is on the rocks.

This is a great way to practice.

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On my way home, I fell asleep on the train and rode past my station.


Leicester is a city in the East Midlands.


I have just had dinner.

The wind has calmed down.

It's going great.

What is it like living in Europe?

Lord and his wife live separately.

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If you don't run, you'll be late.

I have two sons. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Nagoya.

Along comes the grandmother and sees her granddaughter.

They're busy repairing that now.

Every child in the school took to the new teacher.

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I envy him.


Who did you see at the theatre?

Knut blew up the balloon.

Would you like us to leave?

Sitting all day is not good for you.

They abhor progress.

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Stand up if you hate Scotland!

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We don't want to take anything.

Be happy and smile!

We're looking into it.

It's incredible that your mother speaks six languages!

Our club dining room also has a menu in Esperanto.


They started picking up stones.

I was sentenced to hibernation for trying to protect people like you.

This song reminds me of my hometown.

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Workaholics view holidays as a waste of time.

You can learn about advanced search features here.

Esperanto exists despite the 'Esperantists'.

We don't help racists to promote their delirium caused by ignorance and stupidity.

Winnie was seriously wounded and bleeding.


Just give it to him.

Stanley and Peggy became very good friends.

Keep working.

To work!

Clint Eastwood's latest movie is on at the theater.

In getting her present job, she made capital of her father's connections.

Take care of your grandfather.

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How many major cities are there in Oregon ?


It might rain in the afternoon.


I studied the structure of Ainu families.

Roberta doesn't think it's possible.

He is the very image of his father.

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Full speed ahead!


Now get out of my hair.


He fell into the cesspool and got covered from head to toe.

Put those flowers wherever we can see them well.

Lui has a nice smile.


He couldn't calculate the price of the collection.

This is a socio-linguistic study on Steven Emmet.

Please buy it from that official.