From Zero To Hero With Twitter
From Zero To Hero With Twitter

Make your Twitter network work for you

Do you want to learn how to grow your professional network of Twitter followers?

Want to know the tricks of the trade? Looking to grow your network AND get your followers to take action? This book will help you master all required skills, and more.

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From Zero To Hero With Twitter

Reviews of From Zero To Hero With Twitter

I have been waiting a long time for such a book and it really paid off. [...] I recommend this book to any business owners to help them grow and establish credibility in their field.

Teodora Totorean, Readers' Favorite

This is required reading for any small business person who wants to use the internet and social media to help build his/her business. But, I think it's more than that. It offers an easy to read guide on what's going on in social media from the standpoint of someone who knows it backwards and forwards.

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If you are a business owner, and you have an interest in building your business through the use of social media, then From Zero To Hero With Twitter is a must-have in your e-book collection.

John Walker, Readers' Favorite

This book is a valuable guide for those who do business using social networking sites. It tells you how to make your presence felt on these sites. The book will tell you how to define your goals first if you want to become successful on Twitter and then how to go about it. It is a very interesting read. It opens your thinking in many ways and covers every angle on how to improve your social networking handle. With more and more people resorting to these kinds of sites for job opportunities, publicity, and other stuff, this book is handy.

Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

About The Author

Willem Schungel
Digital Evangelist

Willem Schungel is an expert in the field of online marketing / communications.

Skilled in creative concepting and online strategy. Willem has extensive experience in working with global brands, aiding them to strengthen their digital strategies through online marketing and social media.

From Zero To Hero With Twitter is his first ebook and is aimed at guiding professionals who want to make Twitter work for their businesses. With over ten years of experience and an understanding of what entrepreneurs need to get started online and on social media, this book will help you become an advanced Twitter professional.

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Check out these useful tools that are referred to throughout the book

In From Zero To Hero With Twitter you will find a selection of tasks for you to achieve, as well as specific files that can be useful for you to use on your quest to becoming a hero on Twitter.

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HootSuite bulk schedule spreadsheet (.csv file) Download
TweetAdder Marketing Automation tool (application) 513-770-1454
Overview of all tasks from the book (.pdf file) Download
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From Zero To Hero With Twitter

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