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Procept Sends School Supplies to Jamaica

  • By: pcadmin on 01 Oct 2018

September is the start of a new school year in North America, bringing us back together after our summer vacations and returning us to our regular routines. It is a time of new beginnings and renewed studies. But not everyone in the world has adequate supports to continue his or her education.

This year, Procept has done its part to confront this issue. We are happy to announce that Procept Associates Ltd. and TidalShift Inc. have jointly contributed $400 worth of supplies to needy schools in Jamaica. The supplies are being combined with the contributions from other businesses and individuals in a shipping container that will arrive in Jamaica in October. Distribution will be handled a church group on the island.

While the majority of our profits come from educating adults, we are happy to be able to give back to educating children.

(310) 225-3493

  • By: pcadmin on 14 Sep 2018

In recognition of his significant contributions to Procept's success, the Board of Directors of Procept Associates Ltd. has appointed Ori Schibi to Procept's Management Advisory Board.  BA Practice Lead and recent winner of Procept's Special Contribution Award, Schibi has skills that cross several of Procept's lines of business (project management, business analysis, agile management, and change management) within each of which he has made contributions.  Schibi also has a strategic perspective of what is happening within the marketplace, leveraging his work with competing organizations within Canada and the USA. 

The Management Advisory Board meets formally during the year to provide guidance on strategic plans and to provide historical insight to help guide Procept's management team. Members are also informally consulted from time-to-time to provide insight based upon their specific expertise.  Kevin Aguanno, Procept's President, states "Ori has been a tremendous help to the organization and to me, personally, as I try to steer the organization through prevailing winds and gusts representing unexpected change.  He has been an asset to the group and I welcome him to the Management Advisory Board."

The full makeup of the Management Advisory Board can be found on our 5403261418.

New Video: The Voice of the Customer

  • By: scott.roberts on 18 Jul 2018

One of the most important things in any product (or service) development venture is to listen to, understand and capture the voice of the customer. Doing it is critical to how well the customer’s needs are met, and despite a multitude of methodologies, approaches, tools and techniques – many endeavours fall short of properly capturing the full set of customer needs.

The content of this video is based on the book The Voice of the Customer for Product Development, 4th Edition, by José Campos and Jean-Claude Balland; Published by Multi-Media Publications.

Video: Change Agility

  • By: pcadmin on 08 Jun 2018

TidalShift associate Dr. Nick Horney is a master in VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and has been recognized for innovations in organizational agility theory and practice which includes The AGILE Model.® Dr. Horney has consulted with global leaders to help transform their visions to action by anticipating change and building more adaptive capabilities.

In this new video, Dr. Horney discusses the importance of change agility at the Change Leadership Conference in Toronto, June 2018.


  • By: pcadmin on 07 Jun 2018

In this video, mindfulness expert Beth Wallace, a TidalShift trainer and consultant, discusses how this hot trend is making a big impact in the workplace.

New Content Added to Procept Members Portal

  • By: pcadmin on 06 Jun 2018

Procept and TidalShift are pleased to announce that they have added additional articles and videos to their Members Portal. In addition, in response to customer feedback, it has made some usability changes to make navigating through the numerous articles and whitepapers easier.

The two companies provide free access to the Members Portal to participants in their training programs. The portal includes access to a wealth of content including videos, recorded webinars, elearning modules, articles & whitepapers, and much more. Login to the Members Portal by clicking on the button below and using the access password provided to you at the end of your course. If you have forgotten your password, please contact (334) 260-5683 for assistance.

New Video: The Art of Positive Politics - A Key to Delivering Successful Projects

  • By: pcadmin on 06 Jun 2018

Join Procept associate and best-selling author Vijay K. Verma in this recorded webinar as he discusses the topic of his new book: how organizational politics can be hazardous to a project's health and what to do about it. In this session, learn how to analyze and navigate the political landscape in an organization, protect yourself from “sharks”, learn to be politically sensible, and convert your adversaries and opponents into allies.


  • By: scott.roberts on 18 May 2018

by Vijay K. Verma (PMI Fellow, PMP, MBA, P. Eng.)

Today’s business environment is characterized by global competition, rapidly changing technology, and a limited human resource pool with the proper skill mix. Now more than ever, project management is critical to an organizations’ survival; balancing the constantly shifting business landscape to execute strategies and transform goals into reality. At its core, power and politics are critical factors in determining the success of a projects but they are rarely, if ever, discussed in depth in project management literature. Internal politics permeate all levels within an organization and should be taken into consideration when navigating any project.

Whether you want it or not, politics exist in every organization and are an important part of project management environments because projects are done by people with different viewpoints, expectations, interests, and personalities. People are the ones who make things happen or prevent them from happening.

The existence of politics within any given project can be labeled as either positive or negative. Negative emphasizes “I”, whereas positive emphasizes “we”. Although politics cannot be eliminated entirely, efforts should be made to minimizing negative politics with through the implementation of positive ones. Focusing on personal agendas, finger pointing, and favoritism are all prime example of negative politics. On the other hand, positive politics focus on the team as a whole - redirecting the energy of people involved to create a culture of more collaboration, synergy, and commitment. It is unfortunate that positive politics are less understood, and that many managers at various levels view them with suspicion and uncertainty.

The Art of Positive Politics is a new book by author Vijay K. Verma that sheds light on organizational politics and provides guidelines to manage them at all levels to deliver successful projects. The book will enable readers to understand: positive and negative politics, the Ten Commandments to powerfully minimize the impact of negative politics, ways to analyze the landscape to identify a stakeholder’s political positions, understanding and managing political behaviors, and managing politics at the upper management and project levels.

Vijay K. Verma is an internationally renowned speaker and author. He wrote a three-volume series on the Human Aspects of Project Management published by the Project Management Institute (PMI): Organizing Projects for Success, Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager, and Managing the Project Team. In 2009 Mr. Verma was awarded the PMI Fellow Award and prior to that, the 1999 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award (for his book Managing the Project Team), and the 1999 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award for sustained and significant contributions to the project management profession.

Procept All-Stairs Surpass Fundraising Goal for WWF

  • By: pcadmin on 09 Apr 2018

On April 7, 2018, staff members from Procept and its TidalShift subsidiary jointly raised funds to gain support of their efforts to climb the stairs up the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada in support of the World Wildlife Fund. After walking 1,776 stairs (148 flights), the team celebrated (and recovered!) at the top of the city. The team surpassed its fundraising goal by 50% before Procept management stepped in and doubled their fundraising total again. The final tally showed that the team raised over three times its original fundraising goal, ranking in the top 20 teams out of over 7,000 climbers at the event.

Way to go, team!

Climbing from Procept were Alana Hughes-Willinsky, Robin Karnilavicius, and Sebastian Aguanno. Climbing from TidalShift were David Donaldson and Scott Roberts. Guest team members were Michelina Aguanno and Richard Osborne.

(405) 943-2184

  • By: pcadmin on 06 Apr 2018

In partnership with TidalShift, The MEARIE Group will now be offering their Ontario energy-sector clients participants TidalShift's course leading to the internationally-recognized Change Management Practitioner™ certification. Participants will learn how to understand and manage change as an individual, as a member of a team, and as a leader. They will better understand the organizational “levers”, adoption approaches, and reinforcing systems required to sustain change.

“The energy sector is rapidly changing,” said Charlie C. Macaluso, President & CEO of The MEARIE Group. “Our clients need leaders qualified to manage and lead teams through change. We are pleased to offer this internationally recognized Change Management Practitioner program which we believe will enable organizations to lead and manage change, ensuring the future health of their business.”

The course qualifies for 35 hours of professional development credits from several organizations including the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the International Institute for Business Analysis.

About The MEARIE Group
The MEARIE Group provides comprehensive financial and business solutions to the energy sector in Ontario. MEARIE was created in 1987 by Ontario’s electricity distribution companies. Today, MEARIE offers an extensive range of services including: property/casualty insurance; risk management services; group benefits; human resource services; trades, professional and management training; and more – all targeted expressly to the energy sector. The MEARIE Group is based in Vaughan, Ontario. For more information about The MEARIE Group, please visit (985) 625-3421.


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