It's much too cold to swim.

Please wash your hands.


When was the last time you did this?


Murph applied for a passport.


He has grown strong. Only together can we turn him to the dark side of the Force.

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I'll get you a glass of water.


America's radioactive waste may be targeted in terrorist attacks.

Indeed, sir! Who is the first?

I'm not one hundred percent convinced of that.


I kind of doubt that that actually happened.

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Swamy is pretty good.

Tell her it's a priority.

This newspaper has no political slant.

Hillel is on board the ship.

Is Nichael sure?


Embrace your weirdness

Stagger knows where it is.

Have I made myself clear?

I thought they wouldn't come.

Why is that so funny?

Steen folded his sheets.

I met him on my way here.


What kind of trouble are you in?

"Where is your father?" "I don't have one."

Why would you even want to work here?

I didn't say I did that.

Yes, you must.

We don't lack self-confidence.

Kiss my ass.


I worked on it until the last minute.

Pronation and supination are two opposite movements.

Is your French getting better?

Are you just going to let this happen?

Oh dear! I'm short of money.

I expect him to come to our aid.

The doctor said he has to look at my thyroid.


You don't love me, do you?

A man's happiness depends on what he is rather than on what he has.

Edward will be denied membership.


He has a good hand.


When can we see each other?

She met him only recently.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.

You need to trust me on this.

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Knowing you I'm ready for anything.


I opened my eyes.

We complain about our neighbors.

I wonder which one I should choose.

He is always on the move.

I'm sorry if I made you feel unwelcome.


Standing on the porch, he looked out with great interest, seeking out his dog.

He inherited the business from his father.

It is no wonder that he has failed.

That sounds amazing.

The discussion will be continued tomorrow morning.


Education is the best antidote against violence.


It's your deal.


Summer is slow in coming this year.

We lost almost all our away games.

Jianyun doesn't let his children drink wine.

I'm glad we agree, Eugene.

I would like to discuss about the price with you.


They're eating the apples.

You can buy it for a thousand yen or so.

She dangled her feet in the water.

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Do you know any Greek myths?

Abbiati and Ambrosini asked to cancel the game and reschedule it due to the great shock at the loss of their dear friend Simoncelli.

The dolphin is a very intelligent animal.


Our research indicates that such outcomes are becoming more common in this age group.

A vector quantity has two characteristics, a magnitude and a direction.

Australia is not a republic.

I asked Sonja not to drive so fast.

Cathy didn't want to sit next to Hein.

There's no need to wait.

I left my keys on the table.

You are a goody-goody.

I tell you this.

Doctors are fighting against disease.

I probably should have said something.

Ariel seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

You've got to talk to him.

If it were not for air, we could not live on the earth.

The lifeguards are here to protect us.

Emily says that he's allergic to school.

A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.

How about going on a picnic?

Hein wants us to go to Boston to visit John.

We stayed three nights.

You've done so much already.

This problem is both yours and ours.

Michel's father comes home once in a while, but he never sticks around for long.


From now on he will be there for you.

I've lost everything.

Turn off the water.

She attended on her sick husband.

Everybody feels that way.


I'm trying not to waste my time.

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The man is mourning after receiving sad news.

This kingdom needs a new king.

Are you sure we have enough money?

I want you to stop.

Tran has just started kindergarten.

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He took his time doing his homework.

It's genuine.

The 'gold' yearned for by the Japanese synchronized swimming world was not quite reached.

Thank you for coming in.

I don't think I want to see what a fly considers paradise.

The father is always uncertain.

We're nearly out of time.

The management said that a wage increase was out of the question.

The average woman is bigger than I.


They did not get a chance to try.

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According to the radio, a storm is imminent in the North.

Steen explained the situation to Sedat.

That was my first thought.

Let's go by taxi, shall we?

Alberto takes too many chances.

Get in. I'll drive you somewhere.

Do you have any smaller bills?

Let's get out.

Will you stop teasing me?


Lanny rolled her eyes.

No sooner had I entered the room than I noticed the smell not only of tobacco but of gas.

Tell me what you've got.


I ate light.


She decided to get married to Shakil.

Do you care about your privacy?

Myrick got out of prison after 30 years.

Exactly how many times did you do that?

My father has already given up smoking and drinking.

Would they have a size smaller?

You still have to prove it to me.

Kyle was not amused.

Del was happy to see Petr again.

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What ever do you want with me?

How would you describe what the man in the video is doing?

I have to be absent from school next week.


The road dipped into a valley, then swept up over a hill.

It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Tamori.

You had better take account of his age.


I still keep in touch with Kristin.

The bus takes fifty people.

He made it known where the president had gone.


Is that your room?

Leung isn't as intelligent as Alastair.

He is a spoiled child.

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You'd better run.

Since the beginning of time, evil has challenged good.

I could find his address.

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My best friend is Welsh.

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This job fulfils my expectations.

The lyrics are intentionally keyed in to the onscreen action at times.

I have to wait for her for about an hour.


Shirley thinks anything's possible.

Gabriel is on his way here.

How do you interpret the poem?

It happened on Halloween night.

They buy vegetables at the supermarket.

Mr. Darcy asked him why he had not married your sister at once.

She embarrassed him.