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Do you want us to tell Old?

Are you saying you don't want to be a teacher anymore?

The country's economy depends on agriculture.


I talked to my heart's content.

Darren was muttering something under his breath.

Follow his example.

He returned home by way of Europe.

Maria awaited him, but he did not come.

The prices go up after six o'clock.

I have to admit I'm interested.

Bret's car has 100 horsepower.

I don't make excuses. I only provide reasons.


I thought you'd be busy cleaning your house.

I want to hire you to watch Lyndon.

His restlessness gave her a hint that something was wrong.

You shouldn't walk alone at night.

She's an Ivy League graduate.

Making itself intelligible is suicide for philosophy.

She is unbeaten at that video game.

They're average students.

I think she is happy.

Tell me everywhere you've been.

Jerry hoped to get back together with Olivier.

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I believe in fate.

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Let's make it Monday afternoon.


Lloyd doesn't get invited to many parties.


According to the Bible, the Three Kings were guided to Jesus by a shining star.


I am eating, which is different to drinking.


He flatters himself he will win.

Are you having any difficulty sleeping?

This tastes moldy.

Franklin won't be able to answer those questions.

You're just like your sister.

The two rooms are connected.

They bake a delicious pizza.

Her long blond hair blew in the wind.

You're not taking this seriously.


The island is to the south of Japan.

He is not available at the moment.

I want this building for a garage.


I'll support Ro any way I can.

You never call, you never call and you still call me 'friend'?

I couldn't do what Hitoshi wanted me to do.


Victoria had absolutely no idea what to do.

We assessed reliability using the Cronbach's alpha coefficient and validity using the correlation analysis.

What advice can you give me?

It is out of the question for me to built a new house till my income becomes greater.

My aunt is from Somalia. She is Somalian.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet.

I don't know who's involved.

You're fearless.

You probably don't have as much time as I do.


I think it's going to be very hot today.


Do you want to be my friend?

I know you're irritated.

There isn't a cat.

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Sundar wanted to set the record straight.

That was an inconvenience.

Douglas said he doesn't know Elsa.

I have no time for reading.

Do you fish?

They eat raw meat.

I assumed that you were in charge.

The tree had been blown down by the typhoon of the day before.

We can't give up now.

I still don't entirely trust Joel.

People are getting down.

Nadeem is in the living room watching an old movie.

The new president can be relied upon, can't he?

Blake loved to walk in the country round London.

The train should arrive at Osaka by ten.

You can use a dreamcatcher to catch your nightmares.

Stanislaw sat next to Will on the tailgate.

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I talked to Boyd about my feelings.

He might not be happy.

I should like to speak to Mr Brown, please.

Spudboy doesn't know what Brenda is looking for.

Do you object to smoking?

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It should have been done before now. The problem seems to get bigger every day.

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They named Bill Clinton as their candidate for president.

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Let's give up on our plan to eat at that restaurant.

Am I really that overweight?

I'll deal with this.

Kikki washes his hair every day.

Wilson told me I shouldn't talk to you.


Silence is an argument which is difficult to counter.

Nothing is more disgraceful.

I'll have to tell them.

I'm not sure if I should even try to convince Jakob.

I plan to catch the 10:30 train.

Hirofumi has lived alone for a long time.

All what he said was right.

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Did anybody call on you yesterday?


I'm honored to make your acquaintance.

Who said you could sleep?

I understand you are going to spend your vacation in New Zealand.

There is every promise of success.

The thick fog made it hard to see the road.

I don't want to tell my boyfriend.

I'm not folding their shirts.

It was a surprise to see all the students behaving with decorum on prom night.

Innocence is a beautiful thing.

I accidentally kicked a large rock and broke my toe.

I was a chubby kid.

Go get some sleep.

We didn't give Pamela a choice.

I wish I could've been there.

Alexander is crying like a baby.


He helped the blind man to cross the street.

Kris wanted to get back to Boston.

John writes a letter to his parents once a month.

She hasn't done her homework yet.

We began with the soup.

Sensors for motorized awnings can be bought here.

Let me help him.

Why don't you hire a private detective?

It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

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I was suspected to be the criminal.

Tomas hardly ever breaks a promise.

Irwin will have a chance to prove his innocence.

The concert was a great success.

Call them immediately.

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If I were younger, I would go abroad to study.


Bucky took some money out of his wallet and gave it to Donald.


Dr. Hawking predicted that black holes emit radiation in the X-ray to gamma-ray range of the spectrum.

I want to have a talk with him about my future.

We've almost finished.

Glenn has two friends who are women.

The two systems are based on radically different principles.

Susan never smokes.

I take them a size bigger, if possible.

Sometimes my boyfriend flirts with other women.

The turban is important in Sikhism.

He has to take two science classes.

I can tell that you want to go home.

Can I get you a blanket?

My mother was usually very busy.


Barton shot at Kristin with a revolver.

I'm going to use your phone.

I'm going to be fluent in Spanish in two months, I swear!


Hans's friend from Austria will visit her at Christmas time.

There is no longer room for doubt.

Do you like this garden?

What's going on in that area right now?

What do you know about climate change?

Bon, an annual Buddhist event, is from July (or August on the lunar calendar) 13th to the 16th.

Such a boy is loved by everybody.

Father had his wallet picked in the bus.

Everyone's looking for us.

You have to tell me the truth.

We number him among our closest friends.

It will do him no harm.

The rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.


Jackye will find you.

His arrogance is no longer tolerable.

I lived in Boston when I was your age.

Exactly where are we going?

Does Revised have any family?

Olivier is a good employee. He gets things done quickly and efficiently.

I'll try my best today, too.

Jared was wearing black leather gloves.

Shakespeare wrote both tragedy and comedy.

They moved to a new house.

Is that clearly understood?

Much as we resemble one another, none of us are exactly alike.

Sergei wrote Suzan's name in his little black book.


He is as grave as a judge.


That's one of the things that I like about Patrick.