When was the last time you swept the yard?

Irvin suspected it might be a trap.

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Drop the knife!

Have you bought the tickets?

Ibsen's redcurrant bushes and other shrubs.


That sounds like a really creepy question.

When did Mr Suzuki leave Japan?

You'll feel better after you eat something.

Do my English homework or not do my English homework and contribute to Tatoeba, that is the question.

Tahsin wants money.

We have three hours to prepare for the meeting.

I have less than five friends who know how to speak French.

Something must've happened to change Art's mind.

When we were kids, Reid and I could talk about anything.

I assume you know the way to Jenine's house.

I was just asking a question.

You're off the hook.

Raul said it was a beautiful day.

I had him repair my watch.

I think I know what you need.


He has run out of his energy.

I told him I made a mistake.

Whose guitar is this?

It can also be said this way.

He is rich, what is more, he is well-bred.

I was so relaxed to the point of crying.

Don't hang out with Phill.

As a lark, Sundar bought Sharada a plastic-grass hula skirt and a coconut-shell bra, momentarily forgetting that her opportunities to wear this colourful get-up would be somewhat limited.

Takeuchi certainly didn't vote for her.

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Your question is hard for me to answer.


It wouldn't surprise me if Susumu doesn't come.

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I don't have time to help them.

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But for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.


That never changed.

Timothy visits Alf every time he goes to Boston.

I never found the answer to that.

I couldn't be happier for you.

Are you aware that Damon was seeing Hilda?


The radio doesn't work.

I know who he is.

Can we narrow down the ocean area where floating debris is supposed to be?

Hey you! Please wait.

"She likes music, doesn't she?" "So she does."

I'm surprised Horst went to the party without Guido.

Melanie is reading her favourite book.


I'd like to send a congratulations card to Madonna for the birth of her baby girl.

My brother is very good at playing the guitar.

To write good English requires a lot of practice.

Please affix the address label here.

I want to share my thoughts with you.

I forgot to shutter the windows before the storm hit.

I'll put off my visit to England till the weather is warmer.

I am a writer rather than a teacher.

Our country has no future.

I'm tired of listening to your bragging.

Some of you may disagree with me.

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He's intelligent.

You're both idiots.

It wouldn't be the same without you.

This won't hurt a bit.

Why were you so slow?

According to this report, Joubert was the one who caused the accident.

The land was converted into a park.

I really feel hurt.

Once you did it, never do it again.

You can't swim here.

Your skin is so soft.


May I ask your name?

It doesn't matter which team wins the game.

Simply repeating the same method won't do any good.

Vladimir is worried about what Dieter is doing.

We can't stay here.

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The boat was clean.

We pay you well.

Hey, come back here.


You may kiss me if you want to.


This club is for members only.

I knew you'd come back sooner or later.

King is the laziest person I know.


She didn't like horsemeat, initially.


I think this is enough.


To our surprise, he scoffed the lot.

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I warmed myself at the fire.

The operation cannot wait.

These articles are "hors taxes".

Novorolsky knows William very well.

Are you thinking the same I am?


I broke my right leg.


Both Dan and Linda thanked Matt.

We like games.

Don't be so defensive.

Things are actually better this year.

When was the first time you came here?


The keyboard is backlit.

Only four horses were in the race.

The crane, unlike the dog, has never dreamed of flying.

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Kelly couldn't make up his mind right away.

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Happy birthday, Aiba!

I took a day off last week.

What are you planning for the long weekend?


I make it a rule to read before going to bed.

The airplane used a rocket motor to assist with takeoff.

The screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3.

My supervisor is making me do this so I'm in no hurry to finish.

I can't agree with you with regard to the new plan.

I need to borrow some money.

He has a noble mind.

That isn't complex.

Doesn't that make sense?

It's two o'clock in the morning.

Idiot, I've forgotten that two-timing bitch.


I very much hope that I did not pressure him, but that he came with us of his own volition.

"Do you like to travel?" "Yes."

This sentence is still ambiguous, even though it isn't long.

Anybody can use it.

He's known all over the world.


Who did she have in mind?

We thought that it was natural that he should be punished.

The boy bought a dog.


By hard work we can achieve anything.

We are to take in five guests tomorrow evening.

We'll convince her.


She presented him with the trophy.


Word splicing is funny.

What time did you close the store last night?

Esperanto indeed is not difficult.

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The boy threw a stone at the dog.


SOS, please help!


That's going to be difficult.

How did Svante look?

Let me help you out.

This is an excellent site for learning French.

An old man lay dead on the road.

I've been going over the inventory.

Can you help me? I can't make out how to start this machine.


He's the man I told you about.

The Sahara is a vast desert.

Tim's employer promised him pie in the sky benefits.

Sedovic told Jos he wasn't interested in discussing his problems with her.

The train is packed today.

Perhaps I'll like this book.

He received a ticket in return for the money.

I was told that Alfred has moved to Boston.

He demoted you.

Is Tammy still too busy to see me?

You don't have to cancel your vacation.

You're talkative, aren't you?

You're making a stupid mistake.


We've had fun, haven't we?


These are simple sentences.

I'm taking my coffee with me.

Japan is bounded by water on every side.

It took me three days to read through this book.

Dinosaurs could appear on Earth soon.


You stole my heart.

I can't stand this cold.

We took turns driving the car.

I like it more and more.

There is no sugar here.

To be honest, I want to study Japanese too.

Ronaldo? He seems to be traveling.

Lum asked Philippe to do that, so you don't have to.

Susan kept dropping subtle hints about what he wanted for his birthday.