I can tell by the look on your face that you're not interested.

Let's give him a hand.

"Is this the first thing that you do in the morning?" "No, it's the second thing."

I hate Sundays.

I live in a two story house.

She was too far away.

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Kurt said he didn't see Timothy.

Is Dalton at home now?

Let's try to make our world better.

When you feel tired, there is nothing like taking a bath.

Tuna has long hair.


On large farms, cattle are usually marked with brands.

You kids stay here.

I can handle Steen.

She kept dancing at the disco all night.

Where were these pictures taken at?

My cat is such a baby, she follows me around wherever I go.

Would it be OK if I stayed home today?

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That university conducts its entrance examinations using a computer scored answer sheet.

He never takes any notice of what his father says.

Alvin watched Marsh as she slept.


That's happened to a lot of us.


The ground quaked violently.

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Terrance has more experience than I do.

Ti couldn't find anyone to talk to.

Let me know if anything strange happens.

Vinod crawled into bed.

How are you dealing with all the stress?

The failure shamed Liisa.

Please forgive me for opening your letter by mistake.

I want you to tell me the truth about Jerry.

She decided to go shopping by herself.

Roses have thorns on their stems.

Is the ice cold?

I am eating rice.

My nephew is from Ethiopia. He is Ethiopian.

Lambs are usually killed before they are one year old and eaten by humans.

We've met once before.

Patiently, he collected the facts, one by one.

I read that book several years ago.

Pilot loves Masanobu more than his own life.

That's completely understandable.

How bad is the damage?

I'm going to stay in the pool a little longer.


I told Thuan not to go out after dark.


Jem married a rich girl.

Are you feeling better today?

We have oodles of cash.

I've thought about it, and what we're doing is just not right, so let's break up after today.

I should go warn them.

She was kind enough to take me to the hospital.

What can we do next?

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Murray began to speak.

There were the two of them - the brother and the sister.

We must pay attention to the traffic light.

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This fairy could take any shape she pleased. All the day long she flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like a cat; but at night she always became an old woman again.

What does the doctor want me to eat?

I only had a couple of beers.

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Erwin is going nuts.


Everyone says that.

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It is quite common for him to say so.

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You know I'm much smarter than you.

I don't know what got into her.

Despite being in different high schools, Widia and Susan still get along well.

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You may use my new car.

Not all of the museum's items are on display.

What was about to happen?


I'm sick and tired of you always parking in my space.


Are you fond of music?

Do you do any sport?

Some people are allergic to wheat.

Liz gave Justin half of the apple.

In principle, there should be a parking place for every car. In practice, this is not true.

Prompt action prevents trouble in the future.

I'm running for reelection.

What's the minimum salary in Switzerland?

They didn't have to speak about our school.

I'm not applauding you.

I'm not used to this heat.

"It is now time for you to learn to fly," said Echo's mother.

You haven't broken anything, have you?

Who that is honest will do such a thing?

Myron's gamble paid off.

This place is worth visiting twice.

Somebody's at the porch!

Please wait a moment while I write out your receipt.

I haven't spoken to Anderson since I left Boston.


Samuel's friends were all laughing at me.

Public pressure forced the army to act.

I agree on an emotional level, but on the pragmatic level I disagree.


What time's your class?

In some languages like French or Persian, a potato is called an 'apple of the earth'.

He believes that there is a spy among us.


We spent some happy years together.

They love art.

I'm actually ready to go.


I don't think that he cares about me.

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Thuan didn't want Sanjib to know what he had done.

I know you didn't hurt Trying.

Can anybody guess what it was?

Justin often comes over and swims laps in our swimming pool.

The tape recorder was lying on the table.


What in the hell is this?

I must translate the sentences.

Wes and Sassan aren't far behind.


Little attention was paid to the comfort for the passengers.


Almost all of Patricio's friends are famous.


He should reflect on his failure.

It's only a matter of time before they find Raul.

Leave it to me; I'll see to it that you get a full refund.

This article is more interesting as compared to the previous one.

You don't look busy.

Few historical debates have inflamed passions as much as the debate concerning Slavisation of Greece between the 7th and 9th centuries.

In her job, she designs electrical circuits.


Where've you been keeping yourself?

When I got home, I was very hungry.

We've had a lot of storms this winter.

That coat is just the style I've been looking for.

Everyone feels pessimistic.

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Joubert is my oldest brother.


He has never asked me any questions.

Last time he told me he'd lend me that book the next day

Does somebody feel unwell?

I'm entirely to blame.

I must see you.

I think Donovan is a really nice kid.

Cindy went there on business.

He's in the joint.

I thought I'd never see Winston again.


Teenagers must adapt to today's harsh realities.

Let's split it.

Winnie didn't mention what he'd done.

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Their car passed ours.

I did not play tennis yesterday.

I'm not overwhelmed.


Oleg cautiously approached the door.

My sister is a kunoichi.

Bernard tried the doorknob, but it wouldn't turn.

During the lunar month, the Moon goes through all its phases.

You don't date, do you?

I think I know what's necessary.

Don't hate what you don't understand.


"That's what grandmas are for." "No, grandmas are for pwning noobs."

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She is always curious about what I am doing.


I am yawning because I feel sleepy.

Do you remember my poem?

What else do you like?

I thought Harris would want to see this.

We've been away.

We're trying to see who can come up with the best pick up line.

Will you stamp this letter for me?


I'm pretty sure I won't see Loukas again.

I'm not used to having this kind of time on my hands.

He forgot his promise to go there.


Hohn isn't really going to do that, is he?


There is no going out on such a stormy day.

How many Japanese words do you know?

Do you have experience?


The matter is coming up before the board of executives tomorrow.


Jarvis might be lonely.