He has three times as many books as I have.

He stopped smoking for his health.

His words moved her to tears.

He was caught off guard when his wife announced they were going to have a baby.

The sign said that we were thirty kilometers from the city.

We can't go into that now.

He is also twelve years old but he is still younger than her.

One day, a black woman, Rosa Parks, was returning home after a hard day's work.


He likes sports as well as study.

Going to bed early and waking up early is very good both for your health and appearance.

Who took you to the prom?

Please write your name at the bottom of this paper.

Micky seemed happy to see you.

Toufic paid his bill.

Can you recollect his name?

Without you, life is awful.

He told him he was adopted with his last breath.


Jeremy wanted to marry Neville.

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I get the feeling this will be a good day.

Jose has far more experience than Liza.

Don't make me say it.

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I intend to be there by 2:30.

I was watching her.

Robbin likes to read.

He has a mellifluous voice.

I hate the forest.

Hug me tight.

Russell is on the porch reading the evening paper.


We have to find out why they want us to do this.

I can't count the number of times I've heard Charles say that.

The baby was amusing itself with the cat's tail.

Just talk to me a minute.

We need rules.

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I cannot describe my feelings.

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I'm going to see him.

I didn't make that up.

I cried my eyes out.

The two brothers embraced warmly.

She's just going through a phase.

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Did I ever tell you where I met your mother?

It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

This song makes me want to cry.


Quit staring at me.

Let's wait here until he turns up.

He has a good deal of intelligence for a child.

Don't figure on going abroad this summer.

They won the match again.

It's so weird.

The girl closed her eyes and listened to the pastor.


What's the name of that fat girl you used to date in high school?


I don't want them to take over.

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Batman and Robin are friends.

How often do you use your phone?

He leaped over the shallow ditch.

The attack on your ex-wife was pitiless. I'm satisfied that you were prepared to use extreme violence to get your revenge.

Why don't you calm down and tell me what the problem is?


Many things can be bought at the market.

Mulligan says he'll sleep easy until the fight.

Pierette arrived thirty minutes late.

They painted the fence green.

What should I get?

Beckie shouldn't have told me.

Do you have anything for a cold?

What did you eat this evening?

I have nothing to add.

My cousin's house is small.

Who's running this place?

Vicki, an Englishman, spoke impeccable, accent-free German. If I had not known better, I would have taken him for a German from a very good family.

Why don't you let Grant decide?

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I was looking forward to this.


You're playing with fire if you insist on riding your motorcycle without a helmet on.

I can't give you that information.

I'm willing to discuss the matter with you.

I'm not criticizing you.

Two tickets to San Diego, please.

You're eating.

You don't think that I did it, do you?

They met at the estate of the shogun's retainer to play a game of cards.

What are you doing this summer?

I know you're trying to help.

I want to know where she went.

Lovely day, isn't it?

Let's do this carefully.

We've got a long day tomorrow.

The names are sorted alphabetically.

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Cary didn't offer me anything to drink.

Appearance is deceptive.

I object to my son studying abroad.


I'm really going to miss him.

We tried to contact the other ship.

He likes playing soccer.

But now I love you.

He acquired Russian quickly.


Dan revealed that Linda was actually an exotic dancer.

Ernie shoved Slartibartfast up against the wall.

Parents should monitor their children's whereabouts.

I think that Will is sick.

This disturbs me.

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I'm going to have to think about that a little longer.

That's a stylish hat you are wearing.

You just got shot.

I was a bit surprised.

I have nothing to say to them.

These are yours.

You said you were going to buy a new car.


I was in the hospital a few days ago.

Part's eyes lit up.

I know that Saumya went to Harvard.


The best way of behavior is to do steadily and peacefully like water.

Twelve sailors stand on the deck, looking longingly towards the shore.

I don't care about Part anymore.

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Henry says that he didn't study at all for the test.

How would you feel in this situation if you were Piete?

That's soft.

Are there any weapons in your possession?

Are you drinking wine?

Liber never said anything to anybody.

He hadn't eaten in two days.


I've been really fortunate.

I love trying to do new things.

How many sit-ups should I do a day?

I'm flabbergasted to hear that from you.

What are you going to do here?

You're the only one who can do it.

I thought our boss was stubborn as a mule but actually he has his cute side.

He's an eccentric man who thought that time was not linear.

He is a man of wealth.

My grandmother is always complaining of the cold.

I needed a little air.


Vincent and Stanislaw nod at each other knowingly.

You may as well overlook his sins and forgive him.

In which case, I was also requested to invite all of you so if you would please accompany me...

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I've had no problems with Kristi.

Jun's music is beautiful.

Please show me the TV Guide.

Dimitry arrived at Sunil's house and let himself in the kitchen door.

Introduce me to your friend over there.

I'm learning a lot.

Granville, someday I'll reward you for all your patience.

You won't believe this!

Just tell her to hurry up.

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It's too late to apologize.

Do you know anyone named Tai?

Finally, it's snowing!


This question is very simple.

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I'll take this to her.

We're looking for them now.

Brender asked Dean not to wake him up before seven.

Irving knew it was dangerous.

Have you met the new boss?

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It seemed that Manavendra was hiding something.


Moore took a handkerchief out and blew his nose.

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You and I don't see eye-to-eye.

Tracy used to be cooperative.

You really don't have a clue, do you?

If he calls, tell him I am busy.

He took the video to a local TV station.

Doctors' bills really cut into our savings.

The capital of India is New Delhi.

If you're finished reading that book, I'd like to borrow it.

We hope it's good.

I learned to cook from my mother.

Teresa doesn't have the experience necessary.

These shoes vary in size, but not in shape.

However, when listening to an unknown foreign language, our ability to discern different words is lost, and we recognize speech as being a stream of sounds without many pauses.

Page was the one who referred Jin to us.

I lost my umbrella somewhere in the park so I need to buy a new one.


She tore her shirt.