He was drunk and forgot to shut the back door.

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I go through Chinatown and admire the beautiful signs that I still do not understand.

Dan was a very caring father.

I'm sure about this.

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I make an honest living.


So valuable were books that the greatest care was taken of them.

I didn't recognize it at first.

Don't make me lose my patience.

A high forehead is indicative of great mental power.

Roy is the tallest person I know.

What is it you are looking for?

Sanford isn't very good at cooking.

Why don't you listen?

It was a difficult problem indeed.

The wheels turned around.

Turn at that corner there.

Come to us tomorrow!

This letter's for you.

There's obviously been a misunderstanding.

I'm going by myself.


Please come home right away.

She was a medical student.

Did you see the way Rick was looking at you?

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The battle took place near the Little Bighorn River.

Put on your pajamas.

I got this typewriter at a bargain price.

I want an apology.

You may also add sentences that you can't translate yourself. Perhaps someone else can! Also, please don't forget capitalization and punctuation! Many thanks!

I wonder why they chose Jerrie.

There are many more students in the classroom today than yesterday.

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The kids that had been so lively when they were awake are now silently sleeping soundly.


That is the answer.

It seems that our sense of direction is not always reliable.

Unfortunately, it would be too difficult to find support for this.

It was just awful.

I think Wilson is going to try to kill Olivier.

He didn't kiss me.

The police were at Kamel's door within three minutes after the phone call.

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Chet is breaking the rules.

I've remarried.

When did you take the exam?

Are vampires real?

Marc is very worried.


I'm extremely interested.

Would you please tell me how to do that?

A magnet can pick up and hold many nails at a time.

Claire wanted to be left alone.

Word got around that Jeanette and Dave were having an affair.

Most snakes on this island are harmless.

This is insane.


Depending on others is taboo.

He put on his gloves.

Illness can often occur at a very inconvenient time.

She'd been with the same company such a long time, she felt she needed a change of scene.

He had a weak point --this Fortunato --although in other regards he was a man to be respected and even feared. He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine.

An old oak is groaning in the storm.

Lindsay said you were driving drunk.

I am taking Arabic Level 5 this semester.

I couldn't agree more.

I found it difficult to put it into practice.

He contradicts himself constantly.

You bought a new house.

From nine in the morning to three in the afternoon

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Dennis wanted me to give you this envelope.


Sedat should be back at 2:30.

Someone knew we were coming.

I think I'll go talk to him.


The border between the two neighbouring countries remains closed.


When yelling doesn't work, yell louder!


He works for an advertising agency.

You made breakfast, didn't you?

He woke up in the middle of the night.

Don't be so careless!

He is a very good friend, yet a little lazy.

Roxie will arrive in Boston tomorrow morning.

When we are together, I forget all the unhappy times we've had.

I told you Brian wouldn't let us down.

I want the whole world to know that we're in love.


Why are you memorizing this poem?

JavaScript is a programming language.

It's worth the risk.

There's a phone call for you!

She is dressed in white.


Why should I care?


The princess was beautiful beyond description.

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She looked at me in amusement.


I need to go to the bank to withdraw money

Living the kind of life that I live is senseless and depressing.

The train leaves in 5 minutes.

You're a cute girl.

Who's that girl with the red sash?


I'd like a room with a good view.

Madonna's concert drew a large audience.

Strong-willed kids need clear boundaries and positive role models.

I am not in the least worried about it.

She drove a student to school.

Shit, where the fuck did I put my home keys?

Are diet pills as healthy as they say?

Just don't drop it.

He traveled by boat.

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Our new teacher is there.


You've just been shot.

The baby was crying.

Kenn cut himself with a sharp knife.

I was compelled to leave school.

We've already discussed that.

Rand is determined to help Subra.

Littering is prohibited.

Don't you worry about them?

I forgot to mention it to him.

That's disappointing.

No one told me that she had failed.

I haven't been to class for five days, I have to catch up.

Graham is not a very good lover.


The entrance examination was of rare difficulty.

Take three at a time.

Suzanne and Sassan admired the scenery as they held hands.

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I went to the city yesterday, but I'm not going today nor will I tomorrow.

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Pam and Axel have been talking for hours.

I came here to give you a gift.

Why are the people protesting against the government?

You do have choices.

The meeting had 12 attendees.

I've fucked my teacher and I don't know what to do next.

I will have no more of this.


I'm kind of busy tonight.


The cold climate affected his health.


I love the rain while I'm studying in my room.

Some people just want to see the world burn.

I didn't steal it. I just borrowed it permanently.

His dream will one day come true.

Please let go.

They are about the same age.

Please give me a Dagens Nyheter, too.


I was glad to see my old friends.

We'll have a sleep over.

We'll get on the airplane in an hour.

Is that for sale?

She's very worried about you.

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Do you know Jacobson by sight?

I'm sure Morgan won't be willing to pay that much.

Women usually live longer than men.

The cat had a ribbon around its neck.

He is an able engineer.

My cousin is four, but he eats as much as I do.

Heidi told Mosur to go away.

He regrets having been idle when young.

I am going to wash your mouth with soap.


One day passed. Then another.

Do you think Kemal is strong enough to lift that by himself?

I'd like to know why you did what you did.

Adjust the setting of the alarm clock.

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

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It seemed like a good trade.


I don't want you to treat me any differently.


We watched her drive her car away, until it was no more than a dot in the distance.


I don't want Surya to know. This has to be our secret.

Would you like to eat with us?

Dan wasn't familiar with weapons.


We saw the sun sink below the horizon.

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It's likely to happen.