Vic likes tomatoes?


You can count on Jack.

Most accidents happen near home.

Julian is carrying Case.

I am the caretaker of this child, and they are my care-receiver.

She needs a bone marrow transplant, but she has not found a donor yet.

Mr White arrives in Tokyo at 10:30.

She looked at herself in the mirror.

Bryce's room is very small.

Maybe Eli can do something to help.

She has gonorrhea.

I saw a strange woman there.

A circus is a place where horses, ponies and elephants are permitted to see men, women and children acting the fool.

Please take me home.

Do you want to eat noodles or rice? Do you want to drink fruit juice or coffee?

Some friends can't be replaced.

He could not frame what he felt.

Clarissa and his wife wanted to have a child before they were too old.

Kimberly couldn't rule out the possibility that Morton didn't like him.

Charley is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met.


Parliamentary immunity is a controvertial issue.

Did you let him kiss you?

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

Why did you put leek in the soup? You know I don't like it.

What club would you like to join?

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We have to meet the demand.

If she had trusted you, she wouldn't have done so.

Dana filled out the job application form.

Be thorough.

That's what my mom keeps telling me.

You haven't made any mistakes.

It's wrong to lie.

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I'll see if Syed's here.

We were truly surprised.

We'll discuss it later.

I can't stay with my arms crossed!

Bring the kids home for dinner.

Do you want to go with him?

The apple is not green.

Ted is good at repairing watches.

His large income makes it possible for him to travel overseas every year.

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I want you to find Stevan.

Clara never told Liyuan about John.

They both are in the garden.

I'm always bored with films that have little action.

Have some pity on me.

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Something is wrong.

Lack of money brought my travel plans to an end.

He has narrow shoulders.

I went to the dentist recently and he did a cast of my teeth and took an X-ray, 'just in case.' It sounds like a good business to be in.

Claude would often play jokes on the teacher.


It never occurred to me that he was the right man in the right place.

If Srinivasan had had enough money, he would have gone to Boston with Joshua.

The old poet sat down again beside the stove, and took the little boy in his lap; he wrung the water out of his streaming hair, warmed the child's hands within his own, and gave him mulled wine to drink.

The cause of his toothache was overeating of sweets.

They rejoiced when they heard he was safe.

I don't regret it.

You're not thinking straight.

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Where did you saw them?

I sometimes hear my father singing in the bath.

We were just finishing up.

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I'd never say those things.

She provided a good dinner for us.

I'm supposed to be sensible human.


Lost time must be made up for.

Do you want me to start again?

She's acting on instinct.

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She is a better singer than any other student in her class.

A solution to this problem is still some way off.

Stop bothering my wife.

Jesper dropped his knife.

Tarmi didn't arrive until the meeting was over.


I've been waiting for half an hour.

I'm always moody.

All we need is a few more volunteers.

I'm meeting the professor at 1:30 p.m.

Horse, lion, dog, goat: these are animals.


You need an ambulance.

Marshall denied having stolen the money.

We believe that children need both a father and a mother and that time will show how important it really is for them.

I'm worried that he'll get lost.

I'm not eating this fish.

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The other day I attended a class reunion of my elementary school.


Your brother will not buy it.

Redistribution of wealth is a controversial subject.

Is that what you really wish?

I'm getting thinner.

Although King Harkinian is pretty much an omnivore, as much as a human being could ever be, his favourite food is by far the fabled Munf Munf cereal. One curious exception to his habit of eating everything that's on the dinner table is spaghetti, which he loathes deeply and has decreed that nobody may bring it into the Hyrule Castle. Luigi and Mario are the only people banned from the Hyrule Kingdom for life for violating this order.

Don't tell me she actually believes that nonsense.

The rapid growth of the city surprised us.

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Swimming isn't allowed here.

I'm going to show you my new car.

You can't be sure of that.

The permafrost is thawing.

This model can be combined with any color.

What are some of the health benefits of eating fish?

Clark, I have something to show you.

I should've told her no.

We will discuss the problem with them.

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Choose a spokesperson for every group.

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A guy with a big mustache started following me.

You have a sense of humor.

I can tell you're upset.

You're lit up like a Christmas tree.

There's no call to get angry over this matter.


Will said he had more important things to do.

Dan started an argument with the cashier to distract security.

Let me tell you about a girl I met yesterday.


My parents and I aren't close.

She came alone.

Linda died before the ambulance could get there.


That's not what I just heard.

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Thank you for climbing this tree to help me.


That should be pleasing to anyone.

Of children we demand that they tell the truth, but why exactly of children?

Just don't give up on Sandra.

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Are you suggesting I behaved inappropriately?

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This ticket is paper.

He's a better doctor than he is a painter.

It was before my time.


Do you really want to get more done?

My grandpa is out of step with the younger generation.

When are you planning on getting married?


The pain is excruciating.

I don't know whether to go away or to stay where I am.

"I've seen that play." "So have I."

How weird!

Look up the number in the phone book.

Rick considered himself lucky.

The magazine is aimed at teenagers.

Military discipline is literally rigid.

I know how to do this.

Saad doesn't have to stay if he doesn't want to.

It seems like the only possible conclusion.

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Often in the darkest of times, artists can be at their most transcendent.

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She began writing a report at eight, finishing it at twelve.

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Please tell me what I should do.

Gunnar seems awfully sad, doesn't he?

What did you make?


He grabbed her arm.

For some reason, she's really furious with me.

Fear my leet skills!


You can't cancel the meeting.

Daniel posed as a janitor to enter the research center.

Barry was seriously wounded.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but rather that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Please promise me you won't do that.

Did you see any footprints?

I got your address from Roberto.

You can accomplish this.

If you stare at the sky, you'll miss the target.


This laptop computer is very thin.

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Do you like to dance?

He has gone to Spain.

He is an insurance agent for a New York company.

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This straight road will lead you to the post office.


They were deep in the red and closed up shop.

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He deserved to be hanged.

Andrea followed her friend to the hotel because she didn't know the area well.

Special forces surrounded the building.

You're hurting my arm.

I think I have a pretty good idea.