Don't forget your passport.

Don't scatter your things about.

They told me to wait here.

Nicolas's room is only slightly larger than Winnie's.

I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy.

The sense of humor is mysteriously bound up with national characteristics.

It was all the more depressing because it was raining.

Is anything wrong?

Owen took a sip of his margarita and smiled.

I need to know what happened that night.

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I wrote him a letter asking him to come home soon.


Eva is cleverer than I am.

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If he is not ill, he will come.


Susumu and Spy got married and settled in Boston.

If I had time, I would go to the movies.

I'd rather not take any chances.


What a huge setback will make a people suicide.

How come your Spanish is that good?

You're very confident, aren't you?

We're coming back tomorrow.

I saw Annie waiting in the lobby.

The people here are well off.

From now on many petty men will not be able to be cowards anymore.

Jacques threatened to kill me.

Let's go check on Raif.

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Delbert is drinking tea.

Why would Judge lie to us?

Tell her not to talk to anyone.

Taking part in funerals is something that people only do for the sake of appearance. It makes no sense on its own terms. It's like the effort you put into cleaning your boots every day: you only do it to make sure no one says you've got dirty boots.

Hence, loathed melancholy.

I don't know if I'm stupid or not.

Which suitcase is Pilar's?


It wouldn't take long for us to do that.

I suppose we better get started.

Why do you need me?

He is second to none in mathematics in his class.

Reiner asked Jayesh to pretend to be his wife.

If it's too much for you to handle, then you don't have to do it.

I just found a nickel in the street.

We're expecting lousy weather today.

I love cinema.

You do like living dangerously.

Ruth's biological parents gave him up for adoption.

I cannot hear anything. I'm deaf.

I passed the test.


They have no jobs.

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We both know what's out there.


"Do you know why Jianyun doesn't want to go shopping with me?" "I think he doesn't like shopping."

There's someone with her.

Now my daughter fears me.


Vern is teaching French.

What would Bryan do if I wasn't here to tell him what to do?

Darrell didn't win the contest.


The train left the station and was soon lost in sight.

As soon as he arrived at the airport, he phoned his office.

Bertrand is a tree hugger.


She had never been kissed like that before.

She confessed everything.

That's probably not good.

My room is comfortable, if it is a little small.

He lost his sight.


Dewey, with whom I am sharing a room, is messy.

There was nobody here yesterday.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water.


Elliott didn't think he had the stomach to tell Brodie what needed to be done.

We can't do this anymore.

This is a map of the city of Osaka.

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Whether a dough is a success only depends on the quality of the flour, never on Qdii's cooking skills.

Yes, it happens once in a while.

This field is fallow.


We're looking forward to getting started.

Is there a nonstop flight to New York?

Reiner didn't even know it was here.


Coleen's weird.

Planting forests is good for the environment.

Please get comfortable.


Earle sat down on the bench.

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Deborah seems to be very lonely.

This is the highest tower in Japan.

It'll be sunny tomorrow afternoon.

Japan is here!

I traveled around Europe.

I won't let him die.

When it is possible to have peace, he chooses war.

That was pretty weird.

Gambling brought about his failure.

I gave them a chance.

I'm looking for a new job.

"Should I measure the flour out?" "You can eyeball it if you want."

Lorien wants me to give him some advice on buying stocks.

I am fascinated by clouds and clocks on old photographs - perhaps because they can be understood as symbols of the transience and continuous passage of time.

I don't think that's quite true.


How do I get to a restaurant?

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In Japan, there isn't any lake greater than Lake Biwa.


Instead of ink there was some kind of strange fluid in the bottle.


Pascal said, "The heart has its reasons that reason does not know."

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Everyone believed them.

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I wish I could be more optimistic about what's going to happen.

It's an hour's walk to the station.

Paris has a great charm for Japanese girls.

You make me nervous.

The Shetland Islands are part of the United Kingdom.

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Let's finish up in a hurry.


Maureen didn't leave a suicide note.

I knew you'd get it.

let's not get ahead of ourselves

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You're the person I've been looking for.

Eddy said that he thought Knudsen was an idiot.

What do you have to do with this matter?


Emily just sat there and didn't say anything.

How long does it take you to go home from my house?

You're early.

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It is a pity that nobody was saved in the accident, isn't it?

Jerrie will go for days without smoking a cigarette.

A helicopter is able to take off and land straight up and down.

Dustin couldn't understand why Dori was so angry.

Both the reindeer ran by their side, and followed them as far as the boundaries of the country, where the first green leaves were budding.


The embassy sent me a book about Germany.

Billy and his father have had nothing to do with each other for nearly twenty years.

I arrive by train soon.


Cris gives up too easily.

The poor widow with her two young children - herself an orphan - struggled bravely for a while against the fearful tide of adversity.

Our school is near the station.


Moe hopped in the driver seat.

I sold off all my records.

Nobody argued against choosing him as chairman.

Do you know how to use this machine?

Turn at the first corner to the right.

They showed it to our company.

I know what you were thinking.

Pull your car out a bit, I can't back my car out.

Suyog's guilt could not be proven without the murder weapon.

"Sometimes it seems, Howard, that we're the only reasonable people over here." "You're right, Rodney. However sad it is, we're surrounded by idiots alone, and their ring is inexorably tightening."

The Catholic Church doesn't condone the use of condoms.

I was given a scare by a doctor I interviewed for the TV program who warned me not to rest easy just because I had no allergic symptoms at the moment.

Stomachache is usually mistaken with bellyache.


It seems you and I are essential to this project. We'd better get along or it'll go badly.

That's so unfair.

This isn't the type that I like.

The villager sold the merchant one hundred eggs.

Do you go to Boston often?


He wants to eat this fruit.

I take him.

Hiroyuki threw the Bible in the fire.

Everybody has to pitch in.

She's digging her own grave.


They make the sandwich right in front of your eyes.

Your cat is black.

It's a pleasure to see you again.

Kane was an old friend of the president.

I thought you two wanted to work together.

Life has its ups and downs.

I was really angry.


Will he be here soon?

Are you sure it's not possible?

Ron was the only one who knew where Elric was.

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I went into the grove with him.

It's me, open the door.

You don't have the nerve.


Ed seemed stunned.