Thin and Light-weight chassis

—   Trimmed design will allow users to travel to destinations.
—   The thin chassis will allow the user to maneuver into narrow spaces. Users will be able to reach their destinations at a faster time
—   The light frame will allow users walk alongside the cycle on sidewalks.

System Class of Electric Cycle

Bicycle Kit TypeCustom Built
Add Ons
Motor TypeSimple 36V 500W Controller
Motor AssemblyGear
Throttle TypeSwitch Throttle
Twist Throttle
Push Button
Motor PlacementRear Wheel Motor
Battery TypeLi-Po Battery
DisplayLCD Display

Estimated Performance Range

Average Speed12 kmph
Maximum Speed25 kmph
Battery Charging Time3-4 hours
Power Consumption100-500 Wh
Power Supply12-36V
Weight5-25 kg