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Do you approve of what she is doing?


I knew I couldn't trust them.

Didn't anyone question you?

I think Svante had a good time.

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They played guitar and accordion.


You talked to him, didn't you?


After Stevan had entered four wrong PIN numbers, the ATM swallowed his card.

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I'm going to Paris.

What Julian said was a lie.

We should be there with you.

Sophie had been looking forward to getting another letter from the unknown sender.

Kayvan is the one with the beard.

The great swans swam round the new-comer, and stroked his neck with their beaks, as a welcome.

I know how to keep my clothes on in public.

He seemed to have been working for a long time.

Say nothing except the truth.


Nigel didn't really do a very good job.

The fence needed painting.

These are all quotations from the Bible.

I grew up in that neighborhood.

Starbuck must be at least thirty years old.

Two sodas for the children and one coffee, please.

They said he had acted shamefully.

You must account for your conduct.

Avery was every inch a gentleman.

Don't eat sweets between meal times.

He took out his passport.

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Famous china is on display.

To make matters worse, her husband died.

I'm assuming Sherri knows about this.


Berlin is a German town.


Scoot over and make room for Brad.

Things are pretty tough these days.

You're good at French, aren't you?

Nobody said a thing.

Can I go swimming after noon?


Please don't leave me with Jones.

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They all ordered hamburgers and something to drink.

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Let me write down the address.

I couldn't spot him.

Ima told me he was home last night.


We're never going to get it.


I don't even know why we're going.

It was still night.

I have a client waiting in the waiting room.

I've never met anyone like them.

We need some volunteers.


How do you feel about it?


We had good time, learning English.

Does Panzer still want to go swimming with us next weekend?

I don't even vote.

I won't tell anyone unless you want me to.

Let's order Chinese takeout.

Do you want us to kill them?

Just let me sleep.

I don't want to be involved in this affair.

Today's agenda concerns the re-election of the student council. If anybody wishes to stand as a candidate, please raise your hand.


The race developed into a free-for-all but Shinomiya lapped the group and in the final stage steadily piled on points with good timing to achieve victory.


She tried to conceal her grief at the party.

The ship went off.

Do you think this was intended for Vice?

I've become used to Konrad.

I'll arrange a meeting.


Don't speak out of line.

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I hope he'll get better soon.


I don't have time to explain it.

Shahid is my old partner.

Hume walked down the corridor and into Russell's office.

It's a pity that you didn't catch up with Mario while he was in town.

You seem to be a busy guy.


Vickie is so rude.


The horse, feeling it was finally free, began trotting west.

The TV program seemed very interesting.

You're welcome to give it a try.

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Let's compare his work with hers.


I'll try to kill two birds with one stone and get my wife an anniversary present during my business trip to the States.

The police are watching us from across the street.

Who's going to hurt you?


Kyu likes lacrosse.


Your English leaves nothing to be desired.


They could not help shuddering when they found a dead body in the wood.

What's the meeting going to be about?

You must not read such books as will do you harm.

My feet really hurt.

Doraemon smiles often.

We're not going to let him die.

He has a bad writing.

I was told to be ready to speak at a moment's notice.

I can make this go away.


Can you make it before the deadline?

The landscape of yellow, a mass of sunflowers flourishing beyond measure.

This is the house which was designed by a famous architect.

He needed the money.

Don't touch anything, OK?

The situation worsened.

It works for me.

Where did I put that box?

I've just never seen you looking happier.


I have a bicycle.

Sjaak washed away the blood from his hands.

Portia tempered justice with mercy.

Tell Anita I'll be back.

They serve delicious food at that restaurant.


Dannie wanted to buy it.

I was sitting while smoking a pipe.

Let's not do the work.

I'm afraid of injections.

Lar thought it was rude to talk to Russell the way John did.

My son looked for the other half of a pair of socks.

Why don't you just kiss Bryce?

Michiel has been kicked out of school.

I know this sounds nonsensical, but it is exactly what I feel.

He has a robotic voice.

What're you doing sitting here alone in the dark?

Did Nicolo ask you out again?

Cats don't like getting wet.

Come out and talk to me, Kathleen.

Good things come when you least expect it.

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He took part in the Olympic Games.

This is the young lady you asked to see.

The other team took us lightly.

I study psychology.

Melinda has been coming here for weeks.

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I met Major at a party.

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Why isn't that good?

How delicious this fruit is!

These days there are ways to fix these problems.


When will Mother be back, Father?


Chuck rolled out of bed at 6:30, shuffled into the kitchen and put two slices of bread into the toaster.


He is losing blood.

He's an excellent author.

The whole town will know!

I should've done that a long time ago.

When Oliver started driving, it seemed that he didn't understand the risks involved.

I flunked out of school.

I'm able to read French.

It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Let's go to the factory.


There are disadvantages to being pretty.

I'm not used to having people question my methods.

You didn't even say goodbye.


My sister will get married early next year.


How much is the fare to Bikol?

He invited me personally.

Since then, they've stopped doing sports and gained weight.


She bent down.

The full story was yet to be told.

You must form regular habits.


Let me whisper in your ear.

Cathryn wondered where Judith had put his hat.

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

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Sonny injured himself.


Dinner will be waiting.

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My name's Manjeri. What's yours?