He is a gentleman. He cannot have said such a thing.

That's common sense.

It's really cold today.

I'll do whatever Orville asks.

Put the groceries down here on the counter.

Let's have a bake sale.

Russ set the basket on the table.

He is not going on the picnic, and I am not either.


We're historians.

How was the party?

Sylvan is quite a gardener.


I must destroy you.

He took adequate clothes for a weekend trip.

I carried three books.

He used saliva as lubricant.

When she saw me naked, she burst out laughing.

I haven't eaten chocolate since I was thirteen.

It isn't worthwhile going there.

Po fell and hit his elbow.

This house of ours has just been redecorated, and we haven't lived here for sixth months.

Martin did pretty well.

How do you know that will happen?


I never hear that song without remembering my high school days.

My heart was beating so fast.

I'll be back after lunch.

I have to speak with Archie.

It is hard to convince Jack.

Our conclusion is based on previous studies into the problem.

She usually sleeps for eight hours.

Since when do you learn Japanese?

My friends pushed me to write a memoir.

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

We don't care why.

I want to know why you threatened Roxane.

You're wearing out my patience!

I'm living in a town.

She made mistake after mistake.

Is the food at the restaurant halal?

He was advanced to the rank of general.

Sharpen the blades of these knives.

In order to do that, you have to take risks.

Snow reflects ultraviolet light.

Don't antagonize me.

Do you mind my turning on TV?

I don't know how to behave here.

Your father must have been very disappointed.

Nathaniel is studying to be a mechanical engineer.

Let's help her.

He did a real snow job on my daughter.


Carolyn buried her toes in the warm sand.

I would like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.

The next discussion concerns the transplantation of prenatal tissues.

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Put the knife back in the drawer.

They all looked for the missing child.

They caught me by surprise.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Farouk took a few things out of his suitcase.

The city is notorious for its polluted air.

Why are you talking to me?


Petr won't be here till 2:30.

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What was Thad's reply?


I've been watching you since you arrived.

That's a subject I know nothing about.

Let me show you around the town this afternoon.

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You've told her, haven't you?

We set out on our journey full of hope.

I found it easy to fix the problem.


I thought it would be a good idea to get back in touch with Japanese culture and history.

I knew it would be like this.

Guy bought everything on his shopping list.

I hope you feel better before tomorrow's festivities.

Earle didn't really like Brodie all that much.


You can't get anything for nothing.

Phil misses his daughter.

Ruth wants to try a new shampoo.

Today is the international anti-corruption day.

Wendell hesitated before making the decision.

Orville killed Carl and then killed himself.

My eyes get tired very easily.

Let's decide with a coin toss.

We're all ready.

This photo was taken in Boston three years ago.

Victor is watering the lawn.

My sister went to Kobe yesterday.

I'm really looking forward to Denis's visit.

The English are generally a conservative people.

I was worried about Kuldip.

Two large whiskies, please.

Can't you repair the damage?


Mosur is luckier than he knows.


She missed her flight.

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Everything Nicolo did, Dannie criticised.

Adlai never listens to Himawan.

You're the most beautiful woman that I have ever laid my eyes on.


It is a fact that smoking is bad for health.

Where would you like to go next?

Our country is rich in marine products.


I left the window open.

Maarten didn't break it.

His eyes are as gentle as those of a cow.

I think Hillel wouldn't enjoy this movie.

Maria studied diligently, but could never remember from one week to the next.

We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Do you want me to bring you anything?

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I know you appreciate that.

She can read very well.

The Orient Express will depart from platform two at 6 a.m.

I miss her.

That jumbo jet accommodates 400 passengers.

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Two groups united to form a party.

When was the last time you saw Kim crying?

It disappointed me.

Louiqa is anxious to leave.

Stop bullying.

I second the motion.

It just seemed like the right thing to do.

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There was no avoiding her.


Are you ready to go home now?


Not that I know of.

Many people go to church on Christmas Eve.

Hank's worried.

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That was all wrong.

I try not to judge my friends' decisions.

The waves are subsiding.

It looks really bad.

It was where Alejandro said it would be.

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Let's concentrate on the job at hand.


The situation Rodney described actually happened once in Boston.

Julia doesn't have to tell me what to do.

She lives next door to him.

We need you to do your job.

She was washing the dishes then.


I followed my lessons diligently.

We hear with ears.

I really hate his dirty jokes.


The police caught him red handed.

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Let's go out and eat dinner together from time to time.

My husband tells me he goes to work even on Sundays and holidays but sometimes I suspect there's something fishy about his story.

I gather information about the quality of goods.

I could take very good care of you.

Anne bought a webcam.

The work doesn't need much effort.

I insisted that we change our original plan.

That gave me an idea.

What did Moses decide?


I was a police officer for as far back as I can remember.


You have a responsibility to explain that behavior to me.

The tree's roots extend deep into the earth.

You are mistaken if you think he is wrong.


I'm interested in buying it.

Sally and Gypsy are in the same boat.

The boy was lying on his stomach watching TV.

This doesn't look like yours.

Have you ever been to Spain?


I really should be getting to bed.

A cat may look at a king.

You killed my father.

A real friend will tell you the truth.

I'm sure Seth misses you, too.

The payment of this bill is due today.

What are you still doing up?

Jan won a Nobel prize.

It is inefficient of you.


The Alternative for Germany is a new political party in Germany.

I haven't eaten anything since this morning.

Pandora is always very busy.


They went on eating in silence.