I've never seen you like this before.

Pay attention to what you're doing.

We're out of coffee.

Jeffrey, there's someone here to see you.


At long last, the two chiefs of the Indian tribes have decided to make peace.

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At any rate, if you learn English, study it thoroughly.

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Are you doing OK?

I couldn't stand to see you leave.

Someone has to confront her.

I don't always follow instructions.

The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.


Alan Shepard was the first American to enter space.

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His victory at this age in an international competition is a good indication of a bright future.

I don't find the formula.

Galen sent flowers to his mother on her birthday.

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The city is big.


I must visit my friend in the hospital.

Do you know how to make cheesecake?

You like swimming.

All of this is very worrying.

We were partners.


I didn't want to be presumptuous.


Let's not quarrel about this.

I don't think it will work.

What's this about, Dan?


He came back home three days later.

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At the start of every weekend, I am both tired and happy.

Rafik and his friends played baseball last weekend.

He took over the business after her death.


You wouldn't have come if you didn't think there was something to gain.

I'm not exempt of the sufferings we've been subjected to.

I spent all of this month's earnings from my part-time job on clothes.

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That would never happen.

She is three years older than I am.

She spoke English to me just to show off.

Jelske opened the truck door.

We need to do something to take our minds off our problems.

We need each other more now than we ever did before.

I don't know how you can eat that.

Elsa suggested that we take a short rest.

I'm learning Zulu.

Use bullet points.

He is not any better than a politician.

Lloyd spent a year in Germany.

This band is really good.

She wants to travel to Antarctica, of all places.

I was rear-ended by a pickup truck.


You know that I don't like eggs.

The trips to the islands are not cheap.

I intend to decline his offer to help me.

Miki always makes a mess of things.

Do you know how Rafik knew?

It is not necessary to be meticulous.

The cup was empty.

Write a sentence with three verbs.

What time did your friend go home?

Gail can't ride a bike.

Squirrels are nimble in climbing trees.

I wonder who this package is from.

That's happened to me plenty of times.


Vernon wants us to come back.

Are you still playing tennis?

Give it a pull.

Heather sent Stewart a three-page letter.

There's always someone talking.

Pratapwant can't lend Bobby any money right now.

I'm not cleaning your vase collection for you.

It is certain that he will pass the examination.

I hardly ever talk to Johnnie anymore.


Clay has tested positive for marijuana.


Who did you send roses to?

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

He went to, where he heard the news.

She thought that it would be interesting and fun.

What colour is his hair?

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Do you know it for a fact?


All you need to do is remember these three very simple steps.

Can I talk to Arne?

Which would you like to have with your bread, butter or cheese?

Nothing has been proven yet.

He has earned a lot of money.

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Toby was always very secretive.

The thing that impressed me the most in China was the Chinese.

Even today, in many village schools of our republic they are teaching no foreign languages; for lack of teachers.

I should've told them sooner.

It's difficult to get a job at the moment

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A gang of thieves works these parts.

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Because I didn't take the bus, I'm not home yet.

I have had it with Terry.

Did Evan see it?

Ken appears a friendly person.

Thanks to your help, I could succeed.

Thierry rested his chin on his hands.

We'll see to that.

He is the very image of his father.

Leslie turned in a blank test paper.

You never told me you knew him.

Lindsey is kind of tired. He wants to go home.

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Furnishing a new apartment requires large expenses.


This mountain is among the highest in the world.


The baby was crying.

I think Lloyd is nervous.

I don't want to go shopping alone.

He fought in America's war against Mexico.

Congratulations on the birth of your son.


I might never see you again.

Kory is unbiased, I think.

Amedeo told Theo not to do that.

He doesn't have the time to play cards.

The strangest thing is that he saved his arch enemy from an unavoidable death.

You're not buying me out.

Were you telling the truth?

The first stage of the mission has been accomplished.

She complained continually that there was no money left.

Art is deceived by art.

I hated school.

I'm not sure why she asked me that.

You can use the hotel's swimming pool.

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Is that your package?

The slave carries the water.

Last night I saw the match.

Too many sweets make you fat.

He congratulates himself on his foresight.


I'm a beginner in French.

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Excuse me. Where is my seat please?


A language is not something you learn all at once.

I don't speak Ukrainian.

It's okay for you to be here.

It seemed like a game to us.

Unlike her older sister, the younger sister is the quieter type.

I helped Sharon decide where to put the sofa.

If I had money, I would buy tickets for the concert.

I killed one.

We haven't seen you in a while.


Where should I pay the tax?


He's a good person.

Nanda is an expert.

Five divided by three equals one and a remainder of two.

Bruno walked down the street carrying a black gym bag.

I think this tastes good.

My room is twice as big as his.

The tablecloth on our dining room table is white.


Stop complaining and do the work you were asked to do.


It wasn't bad at all.


Isaac threatened Mike with his sword.

Has Nguyen finished already?

Ken is going to be here soon.

I demanded that he pay the debt back at once.

I'm going to keep looking for Susan.

Eris is the most distant member of our solar system known at this time. It is 3 times farther out than Pluto.

I thought you said I could count on you.


I couldn't get him by phone.

Many a student studies at the library.

Have you seen Peter and his friends around here recently?

Joachim is always complaining about what Gene does.

You prayed that your father would forgive you.

Somebody should put Edwin in his place.

I planned it very well.

Can people change their habits?

She told me that I could use her room.

If all goes according to plan, it just might work.

Inhabitants were not permitted to enter the area.

We buy eggs by the dozen.

I did what I promised to do for them.