Do you still want me to come over?

Don't bother to call on him.

Jordan is going to ask Aaron to marry him.

To forgive is not difficult, difficult to believe again ....

I don't need to watch Indra all the time.

It's not my birthday.

Your work is making watches.

I sent her home.


You hardly know me.

Sylvan is being held prisoner.

The average American wedding costs about 30,000$.

You cannot be serious.

Pardon, do you have the time?

When did you see the film?

Did you see the accident?

Jasmin is a German girl.

Their house was burned down by fire.

We are in a difficult situation.

Look, I don't want to do anything to screw it up with Matti.


In helicopters, the cyclic controls the tilt of the main rotor, producing pitch and roll.

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I like to wear a watch.

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The pig is pink.

He doesn't know his neighbors.

I have to find a way to earn a lot of money.

I was tired of watching TV.

He's popular with the students.

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Chuck became scared as soon as he saw the robber's knife.

I don't want to marry you. Period, exclamation mark.

Do you know what it is?


Please turn off your engine.

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He put the idea into my head.

That's not the entire story.

I think it's awesome.

I am far from pleased with your behavior.

I pride myself on being the humblest person I know.

She was standing on a ladder painting the ceiling.

Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.

What was that groan for?

The pressure is enormous.

Stop laughing!

You'll love him.

This is the best pizza I've ever eaten.

I'll replace him.


His father brought him up to be a doctor.

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Nothing bad ever happens.

Canada produces good wheat.

He came back again.

The house is built in European style.

What do you usually do after school?

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Frederick always remembers to say thank you.


They close the door at five.

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Leads did what he could for his family.

Maybe Kenneth wasn't happy about it.

I don't think we've got much time.


Chinese and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world.

Who owns these reindeer?

I want to learn to shoot like you.

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You almost died.

Do you think Gordon helped Laurel, too?

Things will come of themselves.


I cared little for his opinion.

Tuan's interested.

Put the broom in the closet.


We all have secrets we'd prefer not to share.

I want to see a doctor about my stomachache.

My dog Wolfgang always sleeps beside me on the bench while I'm working at the computer.

They authorize Muslim workers to leave early in Ramadan.

His humor charmingly eased the embarrassing atmosphere at dinner time and made me breathe a sigh of relief.


You pay attention to me?

I'm in touch with him.

I hope that everything is in order.


We'll be talking to him today.

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I know Rick better than you do.

Devon gave away all his money.

The sky in the night is a very clean thing.


Happily, she was not involved in the troubles.

I couldn't sleep well last night.

What are you guys talking about anyway?

Cats have a dread of water.

This chick is like a shrimp: I like everything about her but her head.

The government lightened taxes.

Let's vote.

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I'll tell you an interesting story.

She did it easily.

The water was cold.

I thought Jeffrey might have a hammer I could borrow.

Daryl suddenly realized he wasn't alone.

I don't mind waiting for a while.

Why is that unfortunate?


Rees was killed by a hired assassin.

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The quality is good enough and more importantly it's in your price range.

These shoes belong to them.

I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

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That could change.

We fought very hard.

The accident deprived them of their happiness.

Frederic has a big box full of bits and pieces in my attic.

The radio is so noisy.

It seems Amigo is very sleepy.

You look awfully familiar.


Accidents will happen.

I think I should offer to help Ravi.

He is out of tune.


Tell me if you need anything else.

I think this will do.

The neon sign shone as if to invite us.


What are you proposing?


We are going to watch a film this evening.

Don't throw a stone at a cat.

Are you working on any exciting new projects?

Dimetry has been waiting a long time.

I'm on a par with him in mental faculties.

She couldn't have said that.

We learn English every day.


This author's books don't suit me because the erotic descriptions are too perverted.

They're cleaning the beach.

Nobody asked Dori.

A free-trade agreement between Europe and the United States is currently under negotiation.

Skip and I go cycling together.

Gently in manner, strongly in deed.

She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.

I was the first to begin speaking.

There are beautiful lakes here and there.


We'd better be fast.

This is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

I've tried Controls, but they seem a little tighter to me than Durexes.


Pets offer us more than mere companionship.

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I'm not sure I really want that.


God shot himself.

That's my umbrella, not Rajiv's.

I agreed to help them.

You have no alternative.

Moran has no self-esteem.

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I'd like you to sing a song.

Give it all you've got.

I've been everywhere.

Two American students live in this dorm.

He springs from a noble family.

The request was denied.

We just need time.

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Horrible helicopter accident in a Belgian cemetery, the rescuers have already salvaged more than 500 corpses.

Impatient at the delay, many drivers began to blow their horns.

Jackye makes up stories all the time.

Don't you say this!

Someone owes me money.

Wash your hands before meals.

Vladimir came into the room without knocking on the door.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

Do you believe in angels?

Gregor gave Jan his telephone number.

I am the executive director of the museum.


They train you to act before thinking. Just execute orders.

He's a bread aficionado.

Accidents of this kind often occur.

Did you really think that was what Rudolph was going to give Reid?

Surya apologized for not having told Naim sooner.


Anderson just told me what I wanted to hear.

Every creature is a word of God.

Jesus drove the merchants and money-changers out of the temple.

Never bait me with a smile.

The mafia let him in on their plans to knock off a rival gangster.

Your mother will get well soon.

I haven't done that!