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I know that you can hear me.

To him the five minutes seemed like as five hours.

We've both been very, very lucky.

We'll make an exception for Suresh.

Kim did that.


This is why I quit the job.

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Joon has paid back all the money he borrowed.

She's the prettiest girl in class. It's a shame she's so gross.

Your time will come soon.


How long has it been since you've seen your boyfriend?

We went over all the details.

I needed to know where Tanya lived.

Why don't you go talk to them?

She decided to drink water instead of soft drinks in order to lose weight.


I prefer to walk rather than stay here waiting for the bus.


Never trust a politician.

We come here every day.

I forgot to speak with him.

Manny shoved Sanity into the pool.

Kyung visited Raanan once a year.

I was demanding.

I blame Andreas's friends.


The show is on Thursday.

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Lynnette wore a hard hat.

Manny inserted the key into the lock.

Jisheng is hanging out in the park with some of his friends.

Women shouldn't practice abortion too much.

I meant to ask you.


He has big influence to fix the plan which the committee executes.

I drive a delivery truck.

We're definitely making progress.

Global climatic changes may have been responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Do you want a calculator?


People do not know the blessing of good health until they lose it.

I deserved better.

A second is a sixtieth part of a minute.


This is happening too fast.

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Don't slump.

There was a provision in his will for his mistress.

Every new language is like a game.

Did you go and see them?

She drew a tree.

Let me open the door for you.

He threw a stone into the pond.

Don't worry. I'll pay you for everything.

Fair, later cloudy.

Saul's answer was surprising.

Copying is bad.

Lyndon is singing in the shower.

He placed himself in the middle of the street with a sign that said, "Free hugs."


On which bed would you like to sleep?


This English essay is far from perfect.


They're either in the shed or in the den.

Could we talk in private?

Mark is as tall as you.

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The future looks promising.

There are roses next to the steel building.

Even if it rains, the meeting will go on.

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Strength is found in calmness.

Benjamin needs our guidance.

I think the police should enforce the laws that are on the books.

What does the police officer do?

Last night a fire broke out in the house next door.

Someone tore a page out from the book.

I went to the station to see my brother off.

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The store raised all the prices.

I'm feeling a little tense.

Matthieu still can't afford it.

The other girls teased her about her clothes.

Polly had more work to do.

"This isn't Greg's watch." "I never said it was."

The two strongest teams will clash with each other this weekend.

When did she break the window?

Are you really going on the date with Eduardo?


I've been to Boston three times.


The party is to be held next Sunday.

We will pester him with heaps of questions.

Al-Ghazali likens the emotions to a kingdom's tax collectors.

Do you really want to know where we went?

This could change everything.


Is there anyone here who disagrees?

You cannot be too careful of traffic when you cross the road.

Do you visit this place often?

She was listening to the sea in a sea shell.

He's so hot!

Did you come here by train or by bus?

I want things to be different this time.

They should all be fired.

I'm going to quit smoking.

The student ordered the book from New York.

Apparently, Joni was already famous before he released that album.

The castle was in disrepair.

Let's skip out before Darryl gets back.

I thought you'd already done that.

Why did you cancel your trip?


These disputes between the two nations should be solved in accordance with international law.


Tracy spelled your name wrong.

You need to be more aggressive.

In the eyes of the Creator, all are equal.

That was why the city was named Rome.

Well, broadly speaking that's right.


In regard to the schedule, I'll let you know later.

That isn't true, is it?

The horse does the work and the coachman is tipped.

Tears began to spill down her face.

He grabbed my ass!

Victoria excitedly entered the room, she gave Pratapwant a big hug and a huge slap.

When she came to the place where the footpath led across the marsh, she found small pools of water, and a great deal of mud, so she threw the loaf of bread into the mud, and walked upon it, so that she might pass without wetting her feet.

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We can hardly keep alive on this salary.


I wouldn't tell Melinda about that if I were you.

Does she have a boyfriend?

Amir is no longer here.

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She'll be gone abroad in another six months.

Who wants to take this home?

Randal doesn't know who Scot's father is.


They shake hands instead of bowing.

I thought Alexander wasn't going to be working today.

She loved Antony.

Juliet told Kathy to go back home.

I'd like to see what you have in your hand.


That's what matters.


I have a lot of friends in Boston.

It's Pierette's birthday next week.

It was her wish to go to Paris.

Everyone in the city appears to be constantly on the go.

Did you happen to see Ramadoss?


Russia shouldn't change its national anthem so often.

The English alphabet has 26 letters.

They say they cannot compete with low-priced foreign products.

We love her.

This meat is chicken.

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I just don't want to marry her.

The boy has a paint spot on his shirt.

You didn't have to tell Val to do that. He'd have done it anyway.


I had no idea what I was doing.

When is your birthday?

I wish I had an answer for you.


God created man in his own image, God is a warrior.


We sometimes combine going for a drive with eating the ramen we love so.


She loves antiques.

I don't have any close friends.

The duodenum is a section of the small intestine.


Margie may not want to be seen talking to Noam.

How are we going to pay the rent?

I wanted you to come.

The suspect was taken into custody.

Johnny's French is almost perfect.

I hope for John to come.

Ike doesn't seem to be up to the mark today.

I really don't envy you.

I am very grateful to you for your help.


Let us know where you are.

My middle name is Johnny.

The proportion of people who smoke increased in the last ten years.

Can you tell us your name?

Finland needs you.

Science as such is not interested in the value or worth of things.

We have to look into this.

Elsa is the best coach in Boston.

Someone's missing.

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This is exactly what we need.