Do you understand how this happened to you?

This is a small house, but it will do for us.


I'm interested in things meta-physical.

Maybe I'll bring him.

We wish Hume well.

I was really young when I met you.

This year, Edinburgh began work on its fifteen-year regeneration project to transform its waterfront and provide a new kind of living area for its growing population.

She looked for her friends but found none.

How far was it?


I'm not going to buy that disc. It's scratched.

Please send me a catalogue for review.

I never made a mistake.

I'd like it very much if you'd stay.

Who's going to pay for that?

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How about me stopping by?

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I think it's time for me to get my eyes checked.

Do you think Amedeo looks like his mother?

That's the best news I've heard in a long time.

I'm dying to see Boston.

He came home just now.

I should've warned Sho.

He flapped the flies away.


You're greedy.

Tell me what you bought this afternoon.

Take care of yourself. Don't get sick.

Why does Rathnakumar work at home?

You could've run.


Kenton renounced her moral values and became a nihilist.

Srivatsan signed the contract without reading it.

Write with a pen, not with a pencil.

It's contagious.

Vladimir wondered how much luggage Pratap was planning to take.

Spock willed all his property to the city.

Morton is the only one still in the classroom.


You should try a little harder.

What colour do you like?

Hello! My name is Maria. I'm 23 years old and I come from Berlin.

Hopefully, everyone will stay and help me clean up after the party.

In New Jersey are many unobtrusive buildings.

He doesn't want to talk about it.

How much did you make?

The pie looked very good, but it wasn't very easily digestible.

Everybody fears that prison.


I'll check on her.

I wanted to speak with you first.

Bill already did that.

What's the connection?

I think this is dumb.

That person died.

Have you ever been there?

This actor does his own stunts.

Christina heard footsteps outside his door.

You don't know what Ritalynne might do.

She seems excited.


If you do that, you'll ruin everything.

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People will complain of heavy taxes.

I can't find the waistcoat of my three piece suit.

Paul is enjoying this, I think.


He has a few pens.

I have an ear infection.

I'll send you a progress report.


War is a loathsome business.

I think I mistakenly deleted that file.

If you tell your teacher you lost your homework, she won't believe you.

I'm almost as tall as Anne.

We were lucky of having born in the same galaxy.

We return to the ship.

Stop it. You're being ridiculous.


This isn't the first time that Skef has spent a couple of weeks in a hospital.


No arrests were made.


Most dinner parties end about eleven o'clock.

I stepped aside so that he could pass.

How does the preface run?

There are three things that won't come back in life: the shot arrow, the pronounced word, and the missed chance.

Don't make the same mistake again.

I hope it helps!

I can't help him to find what he's looking for.


He will telephone you immediately when he comes back.

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She hit her sister.

My mother is eccentric.

I'll call her immediately.

Back in my days, Tatoeba would load in under thirty seconds.

Coffee does not arouse my interest.

We could have anything our hearts desire.

Rudolf thought Kurt was lying to him.

Move out of my way.

Elijah was just about to go out when his cellphone rang.

Who are you going to believe?

Chip doesn't respect women.

I can't do anything.

We'll solve it together.


Don't be paranoid.

I made two.

Earl enjoys gardening.

The Dutch were just not in control any more.

I'm sort of in the middle of something.

She's dishonest.

Something happened recently.

The other day we had a telephone call from a man whose wife was going to have a baby.

The climb was strenuous.

You must be mad!

His son doesn't work at a bank.

Kerri has a prosthetic limb.

We sat face to face with executives.

How do you think Randolph died?

There were two famous artists at the hotel.

I was hoping I would be out of the hospital before ski season started.

Matthias has to go to Boston on business.

Suzanne is the girl over there speaking with Jan.

I am engaged to him.

The sun will shine again soon.

They need instructions.

Can I reserve a flight to Chicago?

It's a brand new day.

Japan's army took control of the government in Tokyo in late 1931.

I'd better get going. My father is really strict.

She's lost a lot of weight since she went on a diet.

Whether you like her or not, you can't marry her.


Was that your idea?

I've finished.

They're celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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I think Marty should be home with his children.

Marsha wants to talk.

Ted was finally able to communicate his thoughts in Japanese.

This book is very new.

The police intervention in the early morning of November 1st was precisely one of the points that greater stains have spilt over the municipal actions in the political investigation of the tragedy.

Srinivas is the little brother I never had.

Kevin milked the cow.

You ought to practice more.

"Oh. You're alive?" "Yes. Where is everyone?" "Dunno."


Lorien looks ill.

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

He deserved to be hanged.

Bert's confused.

She cut the apple in half.

It was not long before I got a call from him.

I like that university, but it's too near my home.

This yogurt tastes strange.

Why are you denying it?

I'm done with you.

Dorian likes the idea.

The company issued a press release.

I heard from him.


I would go if I were you.


I don't feel like studying science.

We don't have that information.

Klaus is crafty.


Where do you want to go during the summer vacation?

One of the most curious things that has forced itself on my notice is that there is no permanence in the judgement of beauty.

The wait at immigration is at least 30 minutes.


Shall I cook dinner today?

What happened at Bullock's this evening?

The men are wearing short sleeves.

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We plan to go as far as we can.

Child as she is, she can act wisely.

The salt ran out.

Rajeev can read well.

I'll go out and see the fireworks.

I just want you to make a good first impression.

Jennifer is still waiting for Pia.

Nobody got injured.

Thou art not mine enemy, so farest thou well.

He disguised himself as a salesman and visited her house.

There is much water in the pond today.


I'm not calling them.

Mariko is good at speaking English.

About how many times an hour do these buses leave?

Pat set about solving the problem in a systematic and determined way.

I hope they both get what they want.

I cannot mock Ken. He's my brother.

The labor unions had been threatening the government with a general strike.

When I speak to a Westerner, I have to shift mental gears, so to speak.

From your conversation in Hebrew, I caught only two words.