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Just let me know if you won't be here on time.


I always leave the window open while I sleep.


The children were all tired and went to bed of their own accord.

I've never had that happen to me.

Konrad changed schools last year.


Many people hunt.

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We should probably do something about that.

He always says what he thinks.

Daniel never was interested in sports.

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Let's have a chat.

We hate violence.

How do they wish to receive their money?

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I wasn't able to reenroll.

I'm pretty sure Farouk has left town by now.

The conference is going to end today.


I didn't hear my alarm clock.


Are you coming to the store with me?

You aren't even trying.

Jock is the manager of a small restaurant.


This town still retains something of the old days.

What history teaches us is that men have never learned anything from it.

How deep is the hole?

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We didn't have the chance.


That has to change.

I also like candy.

Better an end with horror than a horror without end.

We have three adopted children.

Again this year a lot of concerts are being given by amateur musicians.


I'm planning to go to graduate school.

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I finished the homework, and want to go to bed, but now it's time to go to school again...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

See if the gas is turned off.

Life is but a flash of lightning, beauty lasts for a single day! Think about the skulls of the dead that are all alike.

Frederick went home as soon as the concert was over.

Ravi put on some clothes.

His hesitation made me doubt.

I know what you said.

This shop is a rental video shop.

Do you care what other people think about you?

He didn't show up at the party.

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The film crew is on their fifth take because the actress keeps flubbing her lines.

Excessive concern with safety can be dangerous.

All answers must be written according to the instructions.


I always keep a promise.


Sam made the school basketball team.

The Japanese people have renounced war.

What are we having today?

Naomi pretended that he didn't see what was happening.

Marguerite opened the windows to air out the room.

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The teacher gave him a failing grade for basing his report on discredited research.

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The present they bought is for themselves.


We're doing fine so far.

Archie is going to cross the river.

Are you not a teacher?

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Can you use a gun?


I can't understand his ideas at all.


It didn't do any good.

I don't like the way you're talking to me.

I hope they don't ask me to rewrite this.


It is delightful to be praised by an expert in the field.

The child painted flowers.

As soon as I find it, I'll bring it over to your place.

She keeps secrets.

He put up a flag.

She plays tennis after school every day.

I've got to fix my hair.

Space has a drawer full of USB cables.

I'm ready, man. Bring it!

We made a lot of bad mistakes.

Why would someone like Phiroze buy that?

In the fall, the leaves turn red and gold.

I'm not talking about him.


Some rich guy from Boston just bought the house next to mine.


That's true, too.

At what time will I see you?

I did that without asking for anyone's advice.

I think we should've discussed this.

Hi, Paul. Busy as usual?


Don't undo your bootlaces until you have seen the river.

That shovel costs thirty dollars.

This coffee has a bitter taste.


We did our best to help him, but he didn't so much as say thank you.

Even children know that.

What's wrong with this one?


Will you take care of gathering materials for the climb?

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My wallet was stolen on the bus.


You sure do talk a lot.


The athletic meet was put off until next week.

There's something wrong here.

He says appalling things.

I cannot praise you enough.

I have money enough to buy it.

I'm leaving it to you.

Kanthan and Marek started screaming at each other.

He returned to the army camp.

I hope this is not true.

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She's so hot!


I'll be thirty soon.


He had such a bright future ahead of him.

Ostriches can't fly.

Rod doesn't like sleeping alone.


To be honest, I really don't know.

My best friend was Jeanette when I was a little kid.

Clifford will hurt himself if he isn't careful.

Alison was flattered.

He added a little sugar and milk to his tea.

This skull and crossbones was named based on the world-famous Captain Kidd who was active in late 17th century Britain.

Might I ask your age?

She looked after her old mother.

Why aren't there audio files for Arabic?

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What did Galen do at school today?

That was Lin's mother.

Did you go straight home after school yesterday?


I need someone up here immediately.

God bless America.

You don't have much time.

He has no connection with this affair.

I think you need to call them.

The box he found was empty.

I have two nephews.


I try to keep my promises.

You've got a deal.

We need supplies.

He would often go to that tavern.

Jane used to be one of my best friends at school but we've drifted apart over the past few years.


It wasn't there.

Jamie has a perfect record.

It was all my fault.

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They splashed each other playfully.

Bathe your feet to get the dirt off.

Celeste said he wanted to go to business school.

The invention is accredited to Edison.

I'm not going to let Sofia hurt you.

You're not going to get to first base if you do it that way.

If you were footing the bill, you wouldn't say that.


I have nothing more to add.


John sits by Jack.

When is the party going to be?

What did he tell you his name was?

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She was walking along a garden path.

Everybody needs something to believe in.

I accept your apology.

Effort produces fine results.

We chose her to be our leader.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Just wait and see.

Have you ever hugged a stranger?

Let me see what we can do.

I saw the picture you took of that fish.

She aided her daughter in dressing.

Her vanity knows no bounds.

The doctor's careful treatment of the patient brought about her quick recovery.


You can't blame Andrea for getting angry.

I took it for granted that he would become a member.

This star is five light years away.