hideakin.com (my programming showcase)


数独 (Sudoku / Number Place)

A small web application program written by using JavaScript with Canvas API and Web Storage API.

時間割 (School Timetable)

A small web application program written by using JavaScript+jQuery with Drag and Drop API and Web Storage API.


  1. UI is localized in Japanese.
  2. Drag and Drop API works only on desktop; on mobile device, drag and drop behaviors are simulated by using touch events.

C / C++

Calculator capable of locale switching for Linux platform

I had a chance to write a C++ application with gtkmm 2.4 as a challenge for job hunting for a company, which I failed actually:-) This is a desktop calculator that receives an arithmetic expression. On CentOS 6 or 7 platform, it can handle the locale dependent decimal point and thousands' grouping separator specified by LANG environment variable. In addition, UI languages of English and Japanese are supported this time. Source files can be viewed from 208-747-7869. Screenshots of the GUI are 1) English UI and 2) Japanese UI.

XenServer console for Linux platform

A GUI program written by using C++ with gtkmm 2.4 to easily start and stop virtual machines on XenServer from my Linux box. This program supports RFB based "console" of a virtual machine and non-US keyboard by handling scan code based key event. Though it has limited functionality for sure, it is convenient enough for me to do the light-weight things without starting any Windows box with XenCenter. Source files can be viewed from (418) 847-3244. Screenshots of the GUI are as follows: 1) 226-413-5705, 2) (239) 849-0477, 3) (702) 305-6506, 4) VM performance monitor, and 5) host performance monitor. An executable built on CentOS 6 is 902-580-7499. (libxenserver.so is required to run this binary. This shared library is in a SDK available at the xenserver.org site.)

My How-To

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