Not the End

This narrative short film tells the story of a Father who longs to impart wisdom to his son before he dies. As he shares the things that matter… (214) 559-9292

Always (Christmas)

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This wonder-filled short film explores the source of creativity–the Creator himself. As we see shots of the world that…. read more


This creative short film shows a young single woman struggling with life, sin, purpose and the questions and doubts we all have to work …. read more


Gospel of John (Winter)

This creative bumper takes Jesus’s proclamation about being the light of the world literally, showing these very words written out…. read more


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“Fellowship Collective is a group of creative artists, filmmakers, worship leaders, music producers, and songwriters who all find their faith community in Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR. We’ve been creating high quality films, sermon support videos, and motion graphics for years but have recently decided to make our work available to the greater church for their ministry’s use however needed. In the last several years the Lord has also been developing us as songwriters and artists and we will offer our worship and recording projects here as well.”
“We The Union is made up of Aaron Williams, Alan Thomas, and Klayton Seyler. Their heartbeat from the very beginning has been to write honest and heartfelt songs and to capture a glimpse of what God is doing right now in the life of His church. “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth” (now available on ITunes!) is their second album following their debut self titled EP in 2014.”