I am not keen on this kind of music.

Who loves the son?


They're not kidding.

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I suspect that Mariou is the one who stole the money.

It took her all afternoon to finish the work.

It's obvious Tony and Nici like each other.

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Would you like to know how I did that?


Roxie said he disagrees.

You must be crazy.

A new supermarket opened in our neighborhood.


The professor seemed to be lost in thought.

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Lila wasn't very hungry.


The man carried a rabbit wrapped in a towel in his arms.

You're the leader.

It's wild guess.

I didn't plan on staying here so long.

Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to peanuts?


I'm going to give Dieter a bath.

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You worked a lot this week.

We had a picnic by the river.

He thinks he's becoming deaf because he doesn't hear people talking about him anymore.

She turned down every proposal.

Say it's not so!

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I am not at all pleased with the condition.


Do not remove all the stones out of your childrens way, otherwise they might once run their head against a wall.


That cloth is made from cotton.

Do you think Mason did well?

That doctrine will no doubt lead to serious consequences.


He is without a doubt rich, but I don't trust him.

Once the Japanese built their houses so as to be cool in summer.

Hotta couldn't contain his joy.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Marty thought Nick wouldn't want to buy such a small car.

That's going to cause problems.

This is all a waste of time.


"What's the capital of Sri Lanka?" "Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte." "Correct!"

Where did you get those shoes?

Won't you join me?


Violence against anyone is unacceptable.

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I can come if you want.

Dan once got bitten by one of his big hairy spiders.

I say it's worth a try.

Will you have dinner with me?

Marek is still just as friendly as he used to be.

I didn't catch his name.

Rod asked Takayuki about what she did in school that day.

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You're not allergic to anything, are you?

I thought we could help her.

My neighbour is a doctor.

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I just told you. Are you deaf?


I'll be damned if I let this stop me!

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You're both from Boston, aren't you?

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I know what you're saying.

I'm quite satisfied now.

They were three and they were all armed.

I don't have enough time to eat.

No, that does not sound right.

Did you open all the boxes?

I asked Jennie where he'd bought his bicycle.


Physics is my favorite subject.


I'm beginning to smell a rat.

Will you pray for me to be happy?

What you're doing right now is a crime.

The air here is clean.

That sounds familiar.


She is in a green dress.


Did you deal with them?

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You look great in these photos.

Finally, he let himself fall into his chair.

You shouldn't rely too heavily on the weather report.

Stay at your house until six o'clock.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.

There is a school down the mountain.

You don't think this is the right way, do you?

I returned home at seven o'clock.

Excuse me. May I get by?

Brenda arrived ahead of Felix.

How can you say that with a straight face?

Count to thirty.

Do you want to leave with them?

I was really cold.

Watch him and do the same.

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Is it true that Leila can't see out of his left eye?

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He wanted to follow law as a career.


You don't have to get personal.

I told them not to use those.

Romain and Joni pushed the table against the wall.

Could you turn off the lights?

Do you have any alternatives to the plan?


The car had two broad stripes painted on the hood and the trunk.

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Judy asked Cyrus if he could read her mother's letter.


He was fighting for his life in the back of an ambulance.

Randell did warn Kanthan.

What do you really want?

It's exactly what I was thinking about.

I want to send her a letter.

They both looked back at me.

Surya should be getting home.

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You can't stop people from talking.

I think it's not going to be that hard.

We don't have the same values.


I'm a centrist.

Why didn't you tell me you were lactose intolerant?

We have good teammates.

Raman drove his family to the beach and they spent all day swimming.

Don't go, my dears.

Who is this pretty girl?

Let's talk about old times.


That gives me an idea.


We're just looking for Alastair.

He took over the business.

After years of success he has come down in the world.

Most press reported the negotiations failed to produce an agreement although major progress was made, as time ran out.

I respect your opinion, Vladimir.

The children have been instructed to take their places.

Has Ginny told Allen anything yet?

I'm sure that would mean a lot to Kayvan.

She put on an assumption of ignorance.

Well I'll be buggered!

This is a table.

Cristi prayed for Kate's safe return.

The content of that polyethylene bottle is cloudy and yellowish. Could it be urine?

There was nothing but water as far as the eye could reach.

It's not your problem, anyway.


No one knew how much Clyde loved Alberto.

Tell them I'm ready.

At this rate, it's a matter of time before I get caught.

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Those huge metallic boxes you see in the ship are called by the name of containers.


I must finish it before I go out.

Gold is the most precious of all metals.

Where did you find Warren?


You can't give up now.

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Progress was slow.

I don't see that ever changing.

Well, when exactly?


I'll leave tonight.

When do you have to leave?

I've a lot to think about these days.

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What time is it over there?

She has never visited him.

He hid behind the door.


He is of a humorous turn of mind.

Is Ninja running away?

I had some problems to take care of.

Merril settled back.

Please blow your nose prior to seeing me.


Rathnakumar tried to act cool.

Kuniko is related to Mr Nagai.

We aren't prepared.

You take the money.

Greenwich Village is a place which especially attracts the young.

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I'll take it inside.

Inside the chest, there are the heart and the lungs.

Manavendra sewed her own costume.