You alluded to something else.

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Something is not right with Winnie.

Should we wait for them?

This is our home.

The rent is cheap.

His ill health interfered with his research.

Peter doesn't need to attend the meeting.

You often need to spend more time doing something than you anticipated.


Now don't pout.


You should probably tell Morris what to do.


I may have to wake up earlier than planned to watch it or I won't get a change until next wednesday.

Tor plans to swim as soon as he finishes his homework.

The child was taken care of by him.

Micky wasn't there.

Jerald currently doesn't have a job.

Clean your hands.

She must be rich to have three cars.

They often say I like a spirit of cooperation.

He bothered me for money.


This is the largest museum in the city.

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The question now is who.


Don't deceive him.

Don't let go of me.

It is likely that it will rain.

You can watch movies with English subtitles using this link.

God wills it.

I know what we can do.

You really seem to like beer.

I just have one question.

The frightened boy's heart palpitated with terror.


I have no beef with him.

How horrible! They stoned the man to death.

She skipped a class.

Someone needs to tell him that.

After Judge won the Oscar, he thanked his wonderful wife, Rainer, as well as his children and parents.

Your voice reminds me of your mother.

Indra and I are both waiting for Luis.

A dog bit her leg.

I can follow the rules.

I wouldn't go so far as to say your theory is completely wrong.

Weather permitting, I'll go fishing in a river.


Apples are usually green, yellow, or red.

You have a great alibi.

People ask me 'why would you want to cherish a piece of junk like that?' But this little beauty means the world to me.


What've they done to her?

Please, take some!

Take The with you.

His face is known to many people.

I rarely walk to work.

All I want is to talk to Vassos.

You should find another job.

She can speak.

What did she really mean?

Fetch me my hat.

This is good.

Do you have today's tickets?

Perhaps Mario is married.


I'll miss you very much if you go.


You've got a one-track mind.

Do you really think that kind of thing can be done?

Do you walk hand in hand?

Curt couldn't make out what was written on the piece of paper.

Izumi came up with an answer to our problem.

I was impressed with Tricia.

They're fine.

The party was boring, so I decided to leave.

I don't care for him.


The girls knocked my books out of my hands and laughed at me.

Marcos ate half the peach and handed me the rest.

Boil chestnuts for at least 15 minutes.

Merril informed Mariou that John had faked his own death.

That's some good advice.

Do you want to quit?

Mr Smith was announced as the succeeding chairman.


I opened the door for Jon.

When cleaning the classroom, a few students carry the podium.

The ground floor was flooded.


Mum! Novorolsky ate my cookie!

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Yvonne dropped to his knees.

My mum bought two bottles of apple juice.

Suddenly, the crowd fell silent.

You can't hope to catch up with him.

She is politeness itself.


Deirdre seems to be having trouble talking.


Would you consider taking care of my children next Saturday?


He came, despite the heavy snowfall.

Please do exactly as I say.

I don't joke around.

What surprises me is that they can actually sell that product for so much money.

There were flowers here.


I think we should send Betty to a private school.

I want to go on an adventure.

I had words with the manager of that store, because he refused to refund my money for the TV set that wasn't operating properly.

Craig wanted Duke to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Hartman Witwer was a famous Lviv-based sculptor.

Stanly was attacked.

Everyone but Elias came.

Lin asked me who I thought would be at the meeting.

The place was crowded.

The best thing in the world for a man is to choose a good wife, the worst being to mistakenly choose an ill-suited one.

I don't feel well today.


A dog does not take money for his trot.


The crime was committed in cold blood.


Clearly, the rumor is false.

Why did you give Erik so much money?

I studied last night.

He walked rapidly.

What's your favorite gadget?

Why would you have dinner with Susan?

I took it upon myself to telephone the police.

Dan tried to intimidate Linda.

We'll be needing your help.

Arne's a bright boy.

I'll be waiting for her.

"Does it still work?" "Define 'work'."

What isn't working?

Damon is a client.

Give her a hug.

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Louis pretended not to care.

Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?

I thought that I should succeed.

Why were you being so evasive?

Computers have invaded every field.

Is that book in the public domain?

Why on earth did you do that?

Violence has increased in recent years.

You're at home.

He accepted reluctantly.

Elaine was wearing gloves.


He lodged at Mr Kato's for the night.

I would like you to come with me.

Stu is looking at the map.

You must fulfill your promise without fail.

I'll have a white wine, please.

We have plenty of room.

And the bear's skin dropped off, and the beautiful girl stood before him, in the dress woven out of the star-light, and he saw that she was the stranger with whom he had fallen so deeply in love. And now she appeared to him a thousand times more beautiful than ever.


Why on earth did you resist taking medicine?

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What are you speaking about?

Today, you might get arrested.

Do you ever think about them?

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I know what you're thinking now.

Don't be so grumpy.

Lenny and Daniele had three children.

I was a victim of a pickpocket.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of person.

I feel the uncertainty of life.

He cried, "Look out."

Multilateral trade negotiations ran aground over import quotas.

We were just there.


There's a good chance that Dennis will win the race.

It's all going to work out, you'll see.

I'm not ready to fight.

You must come with me.

I think Jose is lying.

It wasn't very hot last night.

A good idea suddenly struck her.

Vladimir doubts that Linley loves you.

We're going home by car.


Is it true that Brenda can't drive?

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I don't know why I remember her from time to time.


Roderick made her own wedding dress.

I didn't feel particularly hungry.

Penny said that there were others on the island, but I haven't seen anyone else yet.

The train is traveling at the rate of 50 miles an hour.

Where do I sleep?

What you have said doesn't apply to you.

He can't write with a pen or punch keys on a computer.