Sanand is involved.

There's a cold wind from the north.


Do you think our team will win?

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Sally promised me he wouldn't tell anyone.

Bradford found a job in Boston.

Why was this a secret?

Kenneth was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Antonio has no one to help him.

Sridhar hired Mitchell to paint her house.

The reason for this is plain.


Anne pulled out his gun and walked quietly down the stairs.

Please don't ask Vance.

I'm very poor.


Lincoln was glad the celebrations were over.

Jacques's awkward around women.

She's always been a very cheerful person.

Look, tomatoes which grew up listening to Mozart!

Don't worry. I'm a doctor.

This cap belongs to me.

When Qi follows the Way, there is life. When there is life, there is thought. When there is thought, there is knowledge. When there is knowledge, one stops. In all cases, the forms of the mind are such that transgressive knowledge leads to a loss of life.

The plan has worked well as yet.

We came by a tiny village on our way to the country.


Did you tell Neville where you and Floria first met?

Earth has bad luck as not everyone eats sushi.

There in the darkness, she reflected on her life.

Once in a while, we should take a step back and think.

"Nice person," that's the word girls used to call men to indicate that they aren't possible objects of romantic interest.

I've seen the error of my ways.

You don't want to go down this road.

Svante should go back home now.

Stevan has done well for us.


She took me by surprise.

Tiny particles in the air can cause cancer.

The more I learn Esperanto, the more I like it.

Some seldom speak unless spoken to.

I am looking forward to meeting you when you come.

I worked part-time doing housekeeping in a hotel, but found out that it was just not for me.

A lot of pictures are hung in the meeting room.

We were not a little disappointed with you.

This is the first time I've cut my finger with a knife.

Christofer will get married to Wolfgang next week.

Don't you guys hang out?

Marcel fell from the boat and was lost.

I thought you weren't coming back.

It's possible that he came here when he was a boy.

You aren't thinking.


These articles are all exempt from duty.

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It is easy to answer the question.

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She began to cry.

You have to listen to them.

Alastair has to speak to us.

Teruyuki used to be so pretty.

They're all corrupt.

I studied French in school, but I'm not very good at it.

I was busy.

Elsa doesn't have to listen to what Wendy says.

Jane, hurry it up.

June wasn't interested in doing anything.

Don't look only on the dark side of life.


What are Americans overlooking?

These are for them.

The ship gradually came in sight.

Cindie speaks perfect French.

He is bigger than all the other boys.

You have done very well.

Which newspaper would you prefer?

Are you home, too?

You ought to keep your promise.

He is the youngest of all my brothers and sisters.

Hey, twirp! This here is our territory!

This'll help.

There was a time when I listened only to this songs continuously for days.

Obviously, his companions were jealous of his wealth.

All things considered, my father's life was a happy one.

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He went to Japan and he married a Japanese woman.

The plane turned eastward.

Somehow, a nearly bankrupt third-party publisher flashed the new Castlevania game onto the memory incompletely. As a result, an entire generation of kids in Macon, Georgia unanimously condemned it as "Simon Does Nothing but Fall into a Bottomless Pit."

I've hurt your feelings, haven't I?

I'm all by myself.

Dora is an explorer.

Win took the bottle from Nicolo and looked at the label.

There are a couple of small wobbles in the typhoon's track.

Gretchen is wearing a nametag.

The exit flowrate is proportional to the pressure difference around the exit valve.

Apricots come from apricot trees.

He lost his reason when he saw his house burned down.

Despite what's happened, I still like Colin.

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The threat was inexorably close.

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Now, that's ridiculous.

No one will ever find you.

She was bereft of all hope.

I left behind some important documents for the company at home. Sorry, but could you please go and get them for me now?

If I had started learning these languages five years ago, I would know them now.

Isabelle works for the phone company.

They don't want to use it.

A correspondent must soon adjust himself to life abroad.

France has a common border with Italy.

I can tell you don't like it here.

I get along with my younger brother.

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Miki has never been here before.

I'm too drunk to do that.

He is saving up to buy a house.

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I think you should have it.

You won't be needing that.

What would you do in a situation like this?


Many students like sports.


I need to know what's going on.

I gave him the day off.

How long is the flight from Tokyo to Hawaii?

There's no time to talk.

Siping did the work alone.

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The detective disguised himself as an old gentleman.


Seth ponied up 100$.

How old is the captain?

I've come to help you.

Is it possible I also know this lovely person you're speaking of?

Someone's meeting me here.

Let me give you a little advice.

Although he said only one word, it cut her up badly.

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Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.

What time do you get off work?

This is the window broken by John.

I tell Emma that every day.

Norman was sitting behind me.


Cathy didn't seem to mind sitting by himself.


Beth leaned against one wall and stared blankly at the opposite wall.

I have no great belief in my doctor.

The question is which to choose.


Leave us alone for a moment.

This is the camera that Ric took the pictures with.

I've known Susumu since I was a child.

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I can't quite place his accent.

During the weekends, she does housekeeping as a second job.

We're geniuses.


I have a crush on Ravi.

The police required him to appear.

Gideon told me not to tell anyone.

Simon's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.

Connie has some family in Boston.


Your help is indispensable to our success.

Why are you at home?

Christie had his car stolen last month.

I went to the park with Ed yesterday.

It was already too late.

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Izumi can run a lot faster than I can.


I must do that, I think.


Come on, Scott, you're smarter than that.

Huashi agreed.

She seldom gives way to tears.


I'm not allowed to help you.


This is a knife.

She opened the door and invited the young farmer in.

You never know what the future will bring.

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I have never thought about translating a book.

Mini-skirts are back in fashion again.

If you go fishing tomorrow, I'll go, too.

A lot of villagers were killed by soldiers.

The niece looks like her aunt.


Tell me your plans for the future.


Since my nephew was still young, he was let off the hook.

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What time do you usually turn in?

We are in Finland.

Constantinople fell to the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

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Tollefsen tried to keep from smiling.