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The World’s First Co-operative Movement

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, a conscious consumer and you want to bring more happiness, love and prosperity into your life, you have found your “tribe”.


Take time to get to know us, be part of our Gratitude™ movement and enjoy all that life has to offer when you decide to consciously live it through a practice of gratitude.



Celebrating Life Through Gratitude™

Local, boutique festivals showcasing purpose driven entrepreneurs, creative and wellness businesses, enabling you to experience what is on offer in the area of true wellbeing within your community.


The Conscious Marketplace ™

A Gratitude™ Exchange

Explore, browse and shop in our market place. Access products and services created and offered by our community with a whole lot of love, gratitude and always with you in mind.


Lighten Up Summit ™

Gratitude™ Without Borders

Listen to purpose-driven entrepreneurs in our annual, online summit via inspirational videos, online programs and special offers focussed on personal development, natural health, spirituality and creativity.


Events & Online Courses

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