Right after I graduated from college, I went into the army.

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Please don't waste electricity.

It was absolutely amazing.

Ann went into the dining room.


I hate fighting.

Donne was unharmed.

Tell them we'll be ready.

Isaac, come here and sit with me.

I know you're in love with me.

Of course he'll be late.

Stop talking about her.

I just arrived.

I wish my wife knew how to cook better.


I'm not Clark's boyfriend.

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She turned her head away lest he see her tears.


I just hope I get to stay with Triantaphyllos for a while.

Arthur liked Stevan very much.

Your dog is very fat.

My thermos was stolen.

He had to part with his secretary because she got married.

When I was a little child, I wasn't frightened of anything.

What's your problem?

Put that knife away.

I'm jealous of her.

Konstantinos was found dead.

I don't know why I did it.


Will you carry it out for me?

I've read that Thomas Edison's last words were "It's very beautiful over there."

Did you hear about Jacques and Jorge splitting up?

It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive manifestations of their aggressiveness.

You should've seen her.


We should be through soon.

You must help her, and soon!

To hear her laugh, you'd take her for a young girl.

Uri and Christofer went to a very expensive restaurant for dinner.

"Are you feeling better?" "No, I feel worse."

We've got thirty minutes.

I can't answer your question with any certainty.

I am convinced of his innocence.

Anton thought he'd found the perfect hiding place.

Come feel my forehead.

Most migratory birds don't get why, once they've flown south, they don't just stay there.

Darrell wouldn't hear of it.

Julian's partner thought that they should also sell gourmet popcorn seasonings.

I can't do it by myself.

Allen has been in Boston for a week now.

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My mother used to be into tennis.

Poor old Charlene.

The game was a tie, 2-2.

They speak Spanish.

I think we make a good team.

I am full of anxiety about the future.

He's really honest. It's all right if I trust him.

I have no younger sister.

No, we have to go now.


Jerome lives just down the street from Barton.

I asked Peggy some questions.

We still have to do that.

I don't completely trust her.

They couldn't kill her.


I'd like to ask Piet what he means.

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"What brand is your car?" "It's a Ford."

Don't forget to put a stamp on the letter.

Alastair is unprejudiced.

I want them fired.

She declined to say more about it.


All of Fritz's gang members were eventually arrested.

I'll make him an offer he'll not be able to refuse.

It took a lot of time to get up to date in modern medicine.


Don't even think about that.


No one could sleep that night.

We have made several failed attempts at foresting the local landfill.

Some take their role as in loco parentis a little too far.


Magnanimity is a great treasure; harmonious affinity with others is wonderful, Detachment from name and gain averts trouble; happiness makes older people feel young.

She spends over a third of her time doing paperwork.

School begins at 8:10 a.m.

I misread.

You know what I want you to do.

He says his son can count up to 100 now.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but rather that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.


Luc returned to work.

They belong to an association.

Linda knew about Dan's affair.

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I confessed.

At that time in the courts of the feudal lords there were many scholars who engaged in discrimination, such as the followers of Xun Kuang, who wrote books that were disseminated throughout the whole world.

How did all this come about?


All the eggs in the box were broken.

Let's wait until it stops raining.

I have nothing to do at the moment.

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You found yourself a nice guy.

Perry hit the dirty floor of the garage with a soft thud, a pool of blood surrounding his head like a halo.

I think Kaj is too young to retire.

The question is not what education is for so much as how you go about it.

Looking into the room, I found nobody there.

That's why I was absent.

It is worth it to read the novel.

We had a narrow escape from the explosion.

She bought him a car.


I'm very sorry for being late.

Be careful when you shop, because some sales people will try to take advantage of you and offer you an expensive price.

They're too dangerous.


Werner put his wallet under the car seat.

Even though the light was red, that car just drove right through.

Next thing you know, you'll be in the papers.

Vistlik asked me to come back tomorrow.

Just out of curiosity, what do you expect to happen?

Would you like to learn to speak English like a native speaker in two weeks?

I don't really know what to say.

Piet was completely exhausted.

The angry crowd threw missiles at the police.

Do not confide in a child; do not hide yourself with a dog.

I rushed Manjeri to the hospital.

My intentions reached you clearly enough.

He stressed the convenient aspects of city life.


Would you mind if I sleep here tonight?

How could I help it?

I'm going to go out this afternoon.

I'm extremely excited.

Normal sleep is made up of two phases.

Women are not sex objects.

She has a large bedroom to herself.

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Tell us why you can't go.


I've got to find it.

Maybe Ramanan was hospitalized.

I promise that I'll be there on time.

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My sister always chooses the bigger one.

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It's a pretty big deal.

What's your problem? I don't understand.

The trees are budding early this year.


I'm free this afternoon.


The parrot is dead.


Dogs aren't people. First of all, remember that.


And so, Reiko, it's nothing for you to panic about.

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Let's sit down and discuss it calmly.

Florian felt he needed to make amends.

We are the students of this school.

It's very complicated.

It's just so frustrating to try to do this with my arm in a cast.

I don't mind the noise.

They viewed her as a nuisance.

It was rainy yesterday.

Everyone felt sorry for you.


Mayuko can't stand living alone.

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Did Ning know you were going to do this?

Julian'll talk.

Eric came on Monday and went back home the next day.

Let's go there on Monday.

Are you still out of your mind?

It was a long time before she understood me.

That's why I gritted my teeth and went along.

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Please stick out your tongue.

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I need to go get ready.

These woods are haunted.

Our two heroes having deserted this sentence, their adventures seemed to be willing to end precisely with this word.

Guido made you laugh, didn't he?

How long is the ride?


My dad was an actor.

Where did you glue them?

I was born on February 14, 1960.

Bryce was sick.

He should have been an actor.


She said to herself, "I am very happy."