Bad cold is prevailing throughout the country.

There's been quite a jump in the temperature.

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Idling away your time is not good.

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I am still insecure in big crowds.


By dint of hard work he succeeded at last.

The words escaped my lips.

If we had been in Venice a month prior, we could have taken part in the carnival.


The weather is good.


I will tell him about you.


What's the matter? You look pale.

Don't be such a pessimist.

I really have to go.


Do you guys have any big plans tonight?


Gretchen crossed the river to get to Alex's house.


He dived naked into the sea.

She kissed him to the point that she couldn't stop.

It would be a mistake to do that.

You have to go to bed now.

Kari has a soft voice.

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She used to drink beer.


Margaret doesn't seem to be very busy.

However hard one may work, one cannot master a foreign language in a year or two.

I want everyone to hear what I have to say.

He gave a flat refusal to his mother's request.

My sister spends too much time dressing.

How could you do that to us?

She takes dinner to his house every evening.

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My taxes pay your salary, right?


Mature is better.


He is always pressed for money.


He's materialistic and shallow.

Lee was hoping to see Sassan.

The traveler arrived in New York in the evening.

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We are going to take the bus that leaves at four.

I go to the beach almost every day.

Sergeant eats an incredible amount.

He had his car stolen last night.

Delbert went upstairs.

Charlene and Duane recognized themselves in each other.

You could've told me earlier.

We can't let you go.

He yields to nobody in love of music.

It was marvellous to meet you.

They criticized each other.


This phrase will be translated.

May I ask you to close the window?

I usually go home at five.

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He is buying a vintage hat.

They're in the car.

The night is upon us.

My throat is parched.

Did she mention the results of the exam?


Sedat thought that Joshua wouldn't have to do that.

Cigarettes are pacifiers for adults.

Please drop by any time.

Who have you been speaking to?

Today, I saw a starling.

Fritz should be able to get it done.

Her folks cannot help worrying about her wound.


I'm winning.

Where was Slartibartfast last night?

We closed the discussion.

Have you put on sunscreen?

Let Liz decide what you need to do.

I'm a man now.

Who the heck's book is this?

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I don't think Sanche is listening to me.

Lenny suppressed his anger.

We have no idea what to do.

I need to know that somebody cares.

They go on with life without thinking about what they do.


Then, finally, she opened her mouth.


No one will find out.

I don't want to be the bad guy anymore.

We have experienced many changes over the last decade.


I thought Russ was different.

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The fire had spread to the next building before the firemen came.

He made a pretense of knowing my father.

That's so 2015.

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"I'm dripping sweat." "Then make sure you take a shower!"

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You work it out.

What's your favorite part of the day?

She refuses to say what happened.

Anne and I want you to come with us.

Therein lies the problem.


I was delighted with the news.

Why not give us a chance?

What do you love about them?

The station is pretty far.

Do you know how to get in touch with Annie?


Did you sleep OK?


That's interesting, but beside the point.

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We rented the apartment by the week.

I wasn't expecting to be back here again so soon.

I have twice as many books as he.

Her hat fell off her head.

Thomas asked me whether I could accompany him to the swimming pool.


Cyrus isn't capable of doing it.

I arrived in Tokyo at noon.

I heard him screaming.


I can't imagine John coming on time.

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What's their location?


Molly is a world-famous conductor.


Have you ever cleaned your kitchen?


You should be getting ready for the party.

Japanese literature, in spite of its beauty and riches, is as yet inadequately known in the West.

I did it in a hurry.

The angle would be too narrow.

Have you ever seen a purple butterfly?

"A story! a story!" shouted the children.

Tell her this is hopeless.

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She's a shy girl, but very affecctionate.

This a personal matter.

Don't ask me to do that again.


I saw her jump into the pool.

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I've got to get back to the office by 2:30.


Winter in this area was extremely cold.


Betsy will bring help.

Anything goes here.

Where is the captain of this ship?

A sniper shot the lights out.

Dannie broke up with Marie.

Another advantage of shopping and booking online is that people can receive the product or a confirmation of the service they requested directly at home, but there is the risk of not receiving what is requested.

Have you given Dominic the key?


We stopped at a farmhouse overnight.

Your behavior was inexcusable.

I had toxemia during my pregnancy.

I did nazi that coming.

Put that on my bill.

There's been a change of plans.

This price is reasonable.

It's a question for the public.

I think this is the way to go.

If by some chance I failed, I'd try again.

I wonder if we can do it.

Everything happened at the same time.

I speak French and English.

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I need to speak with you alone.

People shouldn't abuse animals.

That's fairly low.

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He is filthy rich.

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I think we should take Vilhelm home.

Every situation requires individual analysis.

Do you believe in destiny?

The English are said to be conservative.

Don't try to blame this on Antonio.

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All's grist that comes to his mill.

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Hopefully you'll comply with traffic regulations after this.

We're in the clear.

I think you know what we have to do.

You don't want to go with Norman, do you?

When he returned, he brought a baseball cap and gave it as a present to his friend.