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A Cup of Joy enables our customers to customize their coffee from month to month or set of coffee sampler handpicked by coffee experts.
Why our coffee?
  • Customized coffee subscription
  • Specialty coffees handpicked by experts
  • Fresh from top-rated micro roasters
  • FREE shipping (Continental US)

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Enjoy your cup of joy!

What coffee do we offer?

At A Cup of Joy, we source specialty coffee from local micro roasters. We guarantee you will get freshly roasted Arabica coffee. We offer coffee from three main growing regions Africa, Asia Pacific, and The Americas. In general, below are coffee profile by region and our top rated coffee:

Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, etc.):
  • Sweet-flavored often with a wonderful fruity aroma
  • Medium body
  • High acidity
  • Light to medium light roast
The Americas (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexican, etc.):
  • A clean feel in the mouth, smooth, nutty and sweet
  • Medium acidity
  • Medium light to medium dark roast
Asia Pacific (Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, etc.):
  • Smooth taste with exotic and earthy elements
  • Full to heavy body
  • Lower acidity
  • Medium dark to dark roast
Our top rated coffee
  • Tanzania Peaberry
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Guatemala Atitlán
  • Brazil Sítio São Geraldo
  • Indonesia Sumatra Permata Gayo
  • Mocha Java (blended of Sumatra Permata Gayo & Ethiopia Yirgecheffe)
“A cup of joy offers unique beans with exceptional profiles and qualities. Whether it is single origin or blended, from Southeast Asia or Africa, each roast ensures the freshness and depth of taste. It certainly enhances your drinking experience. A cup of joy is for coffee lovers who have a passion and demand of quality in coffee!”
Alice, New York
"I have been ordering coffee bean from A Cup of Joy for almost a year and since then I didn't order from anywhere else. They have different flavors and roast to offer and my personal favorite is Sumatra. The freshly brewed earthy aroma of Sumatra just made a fresh start my days and I can't miss it!"
Jessy, New York
“Coffee from A Cup of Joy always makes my day! There are many varieties of bean available and the quality is always fresh and good! Once you order coffee from A Cup of Joy, you can get your coffee on time and it will become a pleasure to wake up in the morning. A cup of Joy gives you a great start of the day!”
Elza, New York
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