You must exercise your imagination.

I don't have a washing machine at home, and so I have to go to the washing room in order to do the laundry.

Terry and Carter come from the same country.

I'm just grateful for the opportunity to help.

You think this is all some kind of joke?

He called me from across the pond.


I like all vegetables except cabbage.

Stagger got out of the limo.

What's come over you?


Don't sugar your tea.

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The magazine jumped the gun and reported on the scandal.

She lied about being pregnant.

Oliver used to eat out every day, but he can't afford to anymore.

I heard Emmett and Tharen fighting.

How are you doing these days?

No one responded.

Does this mean anything to you?

There is no need to be unnecessarily anxious about the outbreak.

It is a moment of coordination of the company.

I am your twin.

She can't play piano very well.

I suppose that's impossible.

I've been writing letters all morning. I've written ten and still haven't finished.

"It's cold! I hate it!" Yoshiki complains with teary face.

I feel great about this.

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I don't really know very much about Joni.

My parents love her.

She often sits there reading a book.


He was born into a noble family.

He made a speech on behalf of our company.

Shai wants to talk to you.

They live underground.

This is Lanny speaking. I'd like to speak to Darryl.

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She has an extraordinary ability in music.

The clothes at this boutique are particularly expensive.

I thought you said you weren't going to be here.

Stephen is surprisingly strong.

I like short hair.


There is no question as to her talent.

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Why is Fred even here?

Dan was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

I think Julian is moody.


Did you go to the shop?


We'll work for them.


This game is very entertaining.

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Don't you want to tell me anything?

The walls are covered with blood.

I only have a single daughter.

Bernie spilled some wine on his shirt.

Don't think I won't hurt you.

Don't give her any ideas.

You don't look the same.

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We'll give you a ride.

Next year my birthday will fall on a Sunday.

Girls aren't complicated. Men are simple.

Where's the office for Ace rental car?

Everyone pointed at her.


That would be advisable.


It's only Arthur.


Do you belong to any clubs?


Certainly she is correct.


I have studied Psychology to some extent.

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This club is fearfully dull. The dance floor is empty and the smoking patio is packed.


If you want me to write about Judeo-Christian topics, you have to pay money.


I've got one just like that.

I often catch colds.

Find out what they're doing here.

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This is a fascinating article.


Is that why you won't help her?


To find degrees in centigrade, subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature, then multiple by 5/9.

It's totally useless.

For God's sake, get me out of here!

Jianyun suddenly appeared like a knight in shining armor riding to her rescue.

Before bearing fruit, orange trees blossom with a flower called an "azahar".

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What do you think will happen next?


What do you believe now?


Let's sit down on the bench.

Asians generally have black hair.

I want to ask Alan to meet us at the bank today.


I know you're desperate to find your father.

His attempt to soften the blow didn't work.

I speak two foreign languages.

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That's gross.

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How many songs has Hugh written?

Did you have a nice weekend?

We have less than three minutes before the movie starts.

I saw him being scolded by his father.

Jerald wanted to unpack, but couldn't get his suitcase open.

It's an old picture.

I don't know who wrote it.

I need to buy one.

These goats will ruin your kitchen garden.

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I just had to see you guys before I left.


This is what's happening.

The painted butterfly took blood into the air upon the edges of its wings. The stream ran red.

I have two conditions.

Have another drink.

Who is silent is held to consent.

Everything's fine the way it is.

Leon is just right for the job.

He's a marine biologist.

What's next?

Our school is right near the park.

That is not altogether bad.

Cristina is devoid of common sense.

How long have you and Jane been married?

I like the way this tastes.

He had bought a dog.


After it was all over, Brandi lived quietly in a small apartment overlooking the Mediterranean.

It was raining. However, they still went on their school trip.

You didn't hear this from me.

Vassos called Glenn and pretended to be me.

As an overweight woman, Saiid has experienced many incidents of people judging her based on her size.

Lukas didn't think that his boss's plan was a viable one.

I saw something white flying in the sky, so that I came to believe in angels.


Is that even possible?

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It's six o'clock already.

I walked up the hill.

You shouldn't have killed Steve.

She talks a lot.

She brings home the bread and butter.

Pilot was watching a basketball game on TV.

We have pictures.

I don't feel like eating out this evening.

Have another glass of beer, please.

It's not going well, is it?

He is a student at Harvard.

The bus came to an abrupt stop.

Sheila seemed pretty upset.

Andy is the one who told me that Joubert didn't like me.

Taking a hot bath helps me take my mind off my worries.

Deb is in the basement.

The university was founded by his father twenty years ago.


We, as a society, have many problems.

I'm just a man.

Don't cry. Everything's going to be OK.


Why don't I take Jun?

Susan is indifferent to politics.

Just wait a minute.

How much have you made tonight?

I'm glad you're coming.


We should read as many books as possible.


She caught a mouse.

My father asked me to open the door.

Jussi should not have married Hugh.

Damon bought a drink from a vending machine.

They love sunsets.


Where can I phone you this evening?

Ralf is waiting to see you.

Have you been to the Australian embassy website?

The councilor tabled a number of controversial motions.

He seems to be rich.

Some people like baseball, others like soccer.

Kathleen made a number of mistakes on her test.


That guy's a friend of mine.

Hitoshi used to say that all the time.

Panacea kissed Plastic back.

Nobody ever got rich by saving on drinks.

It was boring.