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Service/Re Gas


System empty check, Nitrogen pressure check &

leak detection                                                                             Â£50.00

Service Refrigerant & oil (If recharged)  System additive       £90.00   

System Fault finding/ Diagnostic plug in                                 Â£25.00                                           

Holts Air Con sanitize system cleaner                                      £5.00


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Mobile Vehicle Air conditioning & diagnostics

Classic Cars Air Conditioning Conversion

Do you have a classic car with air conditioning? Is it empty of refrigerant? Was it using the old R12 gas?

If you answered yes to those questions and you want your air conditioning to work again, then you can have your system retrofitted to use the more environmentally friendly R134a conversion. 

Diagnostic Charge
Computer Diagnostics                   £25                    
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Auto Repair



EOBD or European on board Diagnostics is now the norm with all new cars. The systems now incorporated within some cars are some times very sophisticated. Technicians need to be equipped with the latest technology & equipment to be able to Diagnose & repair these systems. With diagnostic equipment on board, code reading  Diagnostics  can be carried out &  if the problem can  not be rectified on site, I can  advise on the best course of action to effect a speedy & satisfactory repair.