His books are interesting.

Merton eventually called Dory back.


I've made a reservation at a drinking place near Shinjuku Station. It's all you can drink for 2 hours for 2,500 yen.

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How can I reach him?

Mr. Jackson is our science teacher.

What do you think about these poems?

Ira wished that he knew Christofer's telephone number.

I expected Wendy to be late.

She was named as chairman.

I never for a moment imagined I'd be able to afford to live in such a fancy house.

Johnnie really doesn't like Curt.

There are about 1 million millionaires in Germany.

This is beyond comparison.

The furnishing of his work room was tax deductible.


Somebody is playing the piano.

The king went hunting this morning.

I'm the one who rescued them.

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I am painting the garage.


Write to Darryl.

Casper showed me what was in his wallet.

You've never told Jesse the truth, have you?

Where is my umbrella?

Don't tell me how to spend my money.

It's cold; I have goosebumps.

Nils is an ignoramus. He understands absolutely nothing.

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How is that helpful?


No matter what anyone says, I won't go.


This restaurant has pilaf.

Can we come?

She got married in her teens.

I need a native speaker.

I was taken aback by a thunderclap.

Do you want to go fishing with me?

Would you speak more slowly?

Roderick didn't go to Boston.

What does she think of the situation in Paris?

It only weighs 3 kilograms.

Karl went to the swimming pool.

I want each of you to tell me exactly what you did last weekend.

Leslie doesn't know anything about raising children.

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Psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability to affect objects without physically interacting with them.

I'm going to wait outside.

He speaks several languages.

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Do you take me for an idiot?!

Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Who are you waiting for?

I fed some meat to my dog.

We were sitting peacefully at dinner, when all of a sudden the lights went out.

Everyone here is afraid of me.

When were you planning on telling Becky?

He ended up expelled.

Don't drop it.

How is your wife doing?

I'd better tell you the truth.


Felix tore up the letter he got from Kris.

Go tell someone who's interested.

How could you let this happen?

Everyone laughed, including Svante.

If by any chance he should come, I want you to give him this document.

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I see you have a green star on your jacket.


If you're leaving, please close the door.

Cindie thought Mitchell knew why he didn't like her.

The book is out of print.

They've stopped selling those.

What did you say? Dead?

Violets and lavenders do not need much sunlight; they grow better in the shade.

"Who is he?" "He is Jim."


Can you order a green tea popsicle and two Tigertail ice creams?


I saw him beaten yesterday.


Supervise your own children.


Red suits you.


I have turned twenty.

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She doesn't wear that jewellery in public.

You said you needed someone to protect you.

Mann was in his truck the whole time.

That shirt is inappropriate.

I've got some cookies.

It is finally all over. Now we can relax.

God loves those who can control their anger and forgive unintentional negligence.

Some people believe that black cats bring bad luck.

And now everything's changed, but I haven't.

He received a golden watch as a prize.

Why do you think I shouldn't trust Sid?


The mouse's tail is long.

They're capoiera dancers.

Maybe it was not so obvious.

The dog came running to us.

For a second, just a second, I thought that you really loved me, but I was wrong.

Get Amigo down here.


Laurie introduced himself.

The owner of this bar never sells liquor on credit.

I'd just like to go home.

Honey is antibacterial and it never spoils.

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Mom-and-pop stores will turn a profit in the new fiscal year.

He felt himself lifted up.

You can tell her.


You must put an end to your foolish behavior.

I like playing tennis, though I'm not very good at it.

How long does it take to get to the beach?


Forget what I said yesterday.

Peggy wants to become a doctor.

Croatian Ivo Karlovic, currently the tallest professional tennis player in the world, is known for his extremely powerful serve, and many tennis analysts, as well as fellow players, recognise him as the best server on the ATP tour. Aged 36, he is also the oldest top 100 player, as of 2015.

I was anxious for a new word processor.

What was your primary focus while you were in college?

Someone could get seriously hurt.

She benefited from the sound investment.

I hear from him once in a while.

I knew that Trying wouldn't have any fun at the party.


Angst is the fear of our own incapacity for peace.

The drinks were served in coconut shells.

I think she's from Austria.

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This car has good gas mileage.


I really doubt that Skip would be interested in investing in such a project.

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Mats used to date my daughter.

Hughes is used to talking to strangers.

She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.

Mayor Beccaria is dead.

The functions of his brain were very active.

I would die for them.

Do you really want to raise these children by yourself?

The examination is close at hand.

I brought these reports for you to examine.

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What an idiot I was to lend him money.


I'm glad you were there.

I said we'd find them.

I thought you said you liked to try new things.

My son is playing in the rain.

There were many things that I thought were important at that time that I no longer believe are important.

How could you resist them?

In summer, it is very hot here.

I hear they're pretty good.

Is that what you're going to tell Sumitro?

I didn't even get to use my knife.

Are you used to living in the dorms?

Steen gave us everything we needed.

I'll help you as soon as I've done that.

It has been unofficially decided that I will be employed by the company.

Irvin is terribly jealous.

Your wallet is on the television set.

We bought a grand piano which took up half of our living room.

He died two hours later.

Pinocchio was made of very hard wood and the knives broke into a thousand pieces.

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Rebecca doesn't look rich to me.

You know I'm older than you are.

Do you know what Donna looks like?

Does Carisa really want another dog?

Curt reached for his glass of milk.

I've loved you since we were teenagers.

Is List still working?

The sun is the brightest star.

Did something happen to her?

If we don't end war, war will end us.

Neville encouraged Fay to leave right away.

Felix and Bobbie are the same height.

Betsy is probably dead.

You're being a fool.

A man who is absorbed in his work looks animated.


I've always wanted a dog.

The courthouse ordered new gavels.

There are some old houses in this street.


Cyrus taught at Harvard for thirteen years.

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Michael gave it to Dora.

Jerome's body will be cremated.

Never tell a lie again.

Kirsten's cellphone rang and he answered it.

Everyone turned to look at him.