Yumi speaks very good English.

They've come back.


I have lots of work to do tomorrow.

Vinod is obviously a beginner.

That's for you to do.

Olson said that he would depart soon.

Some people think that it is difficult for a native speaker of English to learn Chinese, but I disagree.

I need you to stop that.

You won't believe who I just saw.

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What's your location?

We need more data.

The dog was run over by a car.

There is an important alliance between these two countries.

Celeste sold three refrigerators today.

Randell is probably up in his room.

I really understand what you mean.


He is in the habit of sitting up till late at night.


I might use it someday.


What exactly has Masanobu done?

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I'd stand back if I were you.

Lyndon, are you all right honey?

As far as I know, he is kind.

When it began to rain, she told her son to take in the washing.

Most students carry backpacks to school.

Ragnar knows Felix would never do such a thing.

I feel like I understand your feelings.

Srikanth wants it.

He accepted our offer.


You have plenty of time.

They say fate will catch up with you. That was God's way of punishing him.

No is at the bar nursing a drink.

I can't take your whining anymore!

Does the 19 bus go to Main Street?

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Will got killed.

What with good fortune, and his own effort, he won the first prize in the contest.

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I'd like to have a Pap smear done.

The Japanese embassy has warned Japanese citizens to be careful.

I was actually kind of serious.

Americans accumulated their trade deficits by living far beyond their means.

Since 2006 Montenegro is an independent state again.

Casey didn't want to go, but his father made him go.

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Why on earth did you sell your newly built house?

I have something I need to talk to you about.

He looks very friendly, but I suspect him all the same.


Do you really want to spend the rest of your life in prison?

Since the role I play is that of a tree, it's just as if I didn't have one.

This must've belonged to her.

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It's a tempting offer but I'm afraid I'm going to have to turn you down.

I guess I just don't understand.

It is not to be denied but that the news was a great shock to her.


Sanjib should be back any minute now.

I'm sure the guy you saw wasn't Dorian.

All together!


The students are happy, but the teachers are not.

What happened to the camera I lent you?

Every afternoon, the woman went to church to pray.


Be sure to pick up some milk.

Pick it up.

I used to live not far from here.

What do you say to going shopping?

We should lay down a few ground rules before we begin.

I stopped being mad at you a long time ago.

The towel was quite useless.

They couldn't defend themselves.

I've told him where we are.


She isn't kind to him.


I thought Mehrdad would leave that part out.

When was the last time you were angry?

I can't pay them today.


Doing the same thing over and over gets tiring.

What's your impression of Peggy?

They controlled a fifth part of the territory.


After lying down for a short while, my stomach ache calmed down.

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Kirsten went to tell Donal the good news.

We'd like to exchange this jacket. It doesn't fit.

She felt like crying after hearing that news.

Spending will grow only a touch faster.

Just tell us what you need.

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Jackson stayed for a while.

You can search me!

This can holds about 4 gallons.

Lucifer isn't going to help Pratt.

Existing legislation does not take diversity of races into account.

The man lost all hope.

Horses and donkeys are different.

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We have to do something, Raj.

Hold your nose so you don't smell the stench.

I could hear Bert playing the piano.

Indra regrets having introduced Bobby to John.

You know, I've never seen you with a guy before.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Wash the writing table.

He has already told the police what happened.

Rahul said he was hungry enough to eat anything.

He was elected to the Senate in the last election.

I took my child.

Don't ever look at me again.

I bet Raymond will get mad.

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As long as I live, I will never forget visiting Rome.

Do you come from New York?

It's a very simple idea.

I'm still on vacation.

Betty killed her own mother.

I warned you not to trust me.

Owls cannot see in the daytime.

I'm going to tell Kenn who I really am.

I felt like swimming at the sight of the pool.

I neglected it.

The movie will be showing in this movie theater.

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Do you have any questions about the menu?

Isn't it obvious Rafik did it?

Left alone, I sometimes feel like crying.

One day, a cat showed up at my front door.

I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.


I sent flowers to the baby's mother.

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Rob and Vern had a lot of fun.

I may have a solution.

Keep your hands off her.

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Will you be home for Christmas?

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It was a daring adventure, full of thrill and excitement.

Go ahead and ask her.

He's the manager of the marketing department.

Why is he angry about something like that?

Farouk is going to help us tomorrow.

He deals in vegetables at that shop.

He is an industrious man.

How many times do I have to say no?

We're not afraid of political correctness.

Maybe Tharen could help us with that.

It's hard for me to balance my check book.

Erik helped Matt clean up.

I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.

Spoiling an ending is a heinous crime against humanity.

I want to tell them good night.

I was your age once.

It is man's lot to suffer.

This book contains a lot of short stories.

She suggested to me that I call off the meeting.


I don't hang out with him.

The bottle is made of glass.

He already has a new girlfriend.

You never should've done that.

I dropped my earring.


Bryan fought in Vietnam.

Sound is less quick than light.

Love, before everything, is about surrendering oneself.

Who said this to you?

Agatha was afraid of Audrey's temper.

That man who is looking at you, do you know him?

How was the fishing?

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What are you planning to do after this is over?

I'm here to see the manager.

She sent us a telegram to tell us she was coming.

Sometimes I sleep on my back, sometimes on my stomach, and other times on my side.

Shall we stop soon?

I paid attention.

I haven't heard from Spy since July.

Once in a while I go to Sweden to visit my boyfriend.

I never made such a promise.

Russell took me to a restaurant where you can eat as much as you want for thirty dollars.

The police charged him with leaking information to a neighboring country.

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I thanked her for her help.

The new document system is worth $4,000.

Caesar is not above grammarians.

He looked back at us time after time then walked away.

They're still outside.


It is late.