I got your address from Yvonne.

She went out of the restaurant.

It might've been Lar who sent you these flowers.

The clock has stopped. A new battery is needed.


Can you explain it, Dani?


I've been looking at the information you sent.


Statutory rape is defined as sexual relations between one member who is above the age of consent and one who is below, even if their difference in age is insignificant.

As it was written in haste, the book has many faults.

This weekly comes out once a week.

I hate you with all of my heart.

You should never have waited for me.

Kirk didn't write it.

We'll ask politely.


Even if he is in trouble, Mac is always optimistic.

I thought if I broke up with you, I'd never have to see you again.

I'd like one ticket, please.

I have been waiting for the results with anxiety.

Eddie often plays tennis after school.

What makes it so hard to do that?

The party was really fun.

He is learning very quickly.

The television set needs to be fixed.

Most people judge men only by their success or their good fortune.

Let's play catch.

You love swimming.

Let's see what you can do.


I spoke slowly so that they could understand me.

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No further information was provided.


We're wasting valuable time here.

It will be little more than a hundred years before we use all the oil up.

I'm so much older than you are.


All is illusion.

Thanks, but no thanks.

That's quite possible.

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Silk feels soft.

I think I'll be going home now.

My arm has been troubling me ever since my accident.

Try and stay alert.

Tommy and Leads both said no.


Maybe Sergio was hiding something.


Have you seen, Sonja?

There are few apples in the basket.

Linda told me all about what had happened.

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Nathan is lighting a cigarette.

It is important that we make an effort.

Gordon looks disgusted.

I thought something was going to happen, but nothing did.

My family isn't such a big family.

This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

She kissed me on the cheek.

I couldn't figure it out.

Here are the decisions we've come to.

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I want her arrested for murder.

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Help us.


You should do whatever makes you happy.


In this harsh, petty world where money does the talking, his way of life is like a breath of fresh air.

I heard he was terrible at remembering sequences of numbers.

There was green slime oozing out of the pipe.

My last name is Jackson.

She likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

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Nils wouldn't let me in his room.

This patient is refusing treatment.

Please tell me the story in detail.

Don't you see who's following us?

You might want to make a note of that.

His poor educational background was not a bar to his advancement.

I'm not leaving until you tell me what I want to know.

This new operating system is literally a Trojan horse.

If you should come this way again, please drop in.

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

I wasn't around when Marcia needed me.

Is the snake alive?

To each his own.

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That's not exactly what I meant.

Pontus broke into Samir's hotel room.

I once knew a girl that snorted every time she laughed.

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Auguste Comte is regarded as the father of sociology.

Herbert stacked the boxes up against the wall.

She will get over the shock soon.


Why don't you go talk to him?

I tend to look at the pictures before reading the text.

The one that is able to define a problem, already solved half of it.

Do you want to do this?

With all due respect, I think they both had valid points.

Dan offered to help Linda repair her car.

It was a publicity stunt.

They have climbed the highest mountains and walked on the floor of the seas.

It should be possible.

That's asking too much.

I only buy yellow cars.

Why did you want us to come here?

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

Jan and Ping have started respecting each other.

Juri hasn't been forgotten.

Would you mind my opening the window?

I don't really trust him.


I don't know anything about cricket.

I never gave it a thought.

It would be better for them to tell you.

It was some time before I cottoned on to what she meant.

It looks like Gregor is leaving.

I'm going to teach you German.

What were you doing about this time yesterday?

Get your hat and coat.

Spass is supposedly very wealthy.

Mario knows this will be difficult.

I ask for your understanding!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day.

When are you going to Addis Ababa?


I work with a computer.

You should consider moving to Boston.

Ted seemed somewhat disappointed.


I've tried to contact them.

Carsten broke the dishes.

He isn't appreciative of my little jokes.

I just started to learn Esperanto.

They say that garlic repels mosquitoes.

Will you listen to me for a minute?

How many cars do you have?

This broken vase is irreparable.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

You need a haircut.

I will prove to the world that you are a very stupid expert.

Amanda thanked Kanthan for all her help.

This is the route indicated in the map.

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I just went home without saying anything.

You should've been there.

Dawson was desperate to sell his car.

"Why did the English fight the Native Americans?" asked Andrew. "And why did the Indians fight the English?" asked Patricio.

Vick made a complete fool of himself.

You're replaceable.

Why did Moses want to learn French?

Mayo severs ties with anyone that insults him.

Bring food.

Police caught the criminals.

The insulin was making her fat.

My canker hurts, so I can't really eat.

You're very busy.

You see that chick over there? I got a boner just from looking at her.

Ken will work as an area manager for this convenience store starting this Spring.

I want to be a father to your son.

He felt the lure of adventure.


Are you going to tell me your name?

The evening he died was stormy.

Take no prisoners!


The more time I spend doing this, the less time I have to do things I enjoy doing.

Cathrin didn't trust Randy.

The dinner was so good!

I must leave Boston at once.

It still needs to be answered.


Did Fred go alone?


This is a sensitive issue.


Our biggest problem is we only have three days to finish this.

I gave up smoking for a year.

The hotel has good accommodation.

This is Wonder Music Shop.

Raise your glasses.

I pretended to I support him.

We all have regrets.

Lui said you couldn't come.

The box is covered with a large sheet of paper.

Moore says it's a possibility.

Why did they fire you?

"Thank you for everything." "You're welcome."

There are three exceptions.

He lives in the neighborhood of the school.

At that time, Kathy wasn't very happy.

If you don't understand, ask a question.

Didn't Ron tell you he knew Joachim?

We solved the problem by mutual concessions.

They wanted Hawaii to be part of the United States.