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Serving Your Storage and Logistic Needs Since 1935

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an imageDavis Storage is a full service warehouse, shipping and logistics company, centrally located in Danville, Virginia. We offer our clients a full array of services from pick up, storage, delivery, palletizing and more. Family owned and operated since 1935.  We pride ourselves on creating the solutions our clients need for all of their shipping and storage challenges.  When you need something picked up, packed, moved, stored or shipped yesterday... 

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  • (610) 772-2677
    • Transportation / Logistics 
    • Storage
    • Handling
    • Re-Packing
    • Order Fulfillment
  • Located in southern Virginia
  • Serving Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the East Coast

   â€œWe needed help fast. Our customer had to have a load of veneer pronto. Davis loaded it on Saturday and delivered it in Pennsylvania on Monday morning at the exact time specified. Now we have them on speed dial”
 - Unilin