He receives subsidised student loans.

This makes me very happy.

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She looks very good.

Do you have any idea what time it is?

I hear from my mother every month.

Why is Cristopher mad at me?

Konrad tried to tell Val what he was planning to do.

We'll buy a new car next week.

Steven wasn't the only survivor.


Are you still at home?

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I am feeling quite pleased about what you've said.

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Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

I'd like to know what you're doing.

Dale didn't really like Sherri all that much.

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There's no doubt that Ariel loved Lar.

It doesn't take a lot.

I really like cookies n' cream ice cream.

Ernest learned French very quickly.

I was hoping you learned something.

Years of hardship had not caused him to lose his faith.

Farouk has probably been here before.

Howard said you'll be all right.

A vein of poetry exists in the hearts of all men.

Now get out of my hair.

Siping closed his eyes and shook his head.

I'm sick and tired of being the one who always washes the dishes.

That won't work.

He became a handsome young man.

It's better to be alone than with some dumbass by your side.

All her relatives are in Syria.

You'd better go to bed at once.

Watch attentively. I'll show you how it's done.

Did you steal that car?

They did win.

You seem to hate women.


I had an argument with him.

Lex complimented Hui on how nice she looked.

Go that way.

Her hair is long and beautiful.

The trains run on time in Japan.

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Read this passage and translate it into Japanese.

The current of traffic moved very slowly.

Receive a cure from a doctor, knowledge from a wise man.


I prefer interesting movies.

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Do you promise you won't tell anybody?

Kiwi are mostly nocturnal and have a refined sense of smell uncommon in birds.

I'd need a ladder to reach that.

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Did you have a wonderful time in New York?

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Herman's coming over.

When will you visit me again?

Birds sing early in the morning.


I want to have a little chat with you about Pete.

Kate was glued to his TV during the World Cup final.

Sridharan should be knighted.


I could do with your help.

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What is the next class?

Where is the intellectual challenge in this?

I'd rather die than do what you're asking me to do.

The missile attack took a heavy toll of lives.

Why would anyone not like them?


Douglas wanted to stay in Boston for another three days.


My baggage was lost in transit.

While reading a book, he fell asleep.

The capacity of the human mind for swallowing nonsense and spewing it forth in violent and repressive action has never yet been plumbed.

Jack may leave any minute now.

Some birds can break the sound barrier.

Monica just stared at Lucius.

That'll be three euros.

We are vehemently opposed to political correctness.

There is a fly buzzing in front of the fish shop.

Carter is fluent in French, English and German.

"He wants you particklar; no one else'll do, as the Devil's private secretary said ven he fetched avay Doctor Faustus," replied Mr. Weller.

That's one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen.

Would you like to live in Ukraine?

Niger is the largest country in Western Africa.

Why do I have to work?

Kikki's head was smashed in with a crowbar or something similar.

I'm going into her house.

My mother left home ten minutes ago.

Could you please file the invoices under each client's name?

Mah is a lot of fun.

A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.

This is one of the most popular restaurants in town.

I can't believe how irresponsible you are.


He wanted to keep his marriage together.

Emil was, of course, very tired.

Ozan got on the wrong bus.


Horst says he saw everything.


Give them the $300.

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I had nothing else to say.

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I'm just used to dealing with stereotypes. They're part of life, after all.


Amos is not playing by the rules.


This is obviously a waste of time.

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I'm too old for this sort of thing.

She is busy preparing for the examination.

One of your buttons has come off.

His age is beginning to tell on him.

I already gave her your number.


What are you going to wear to the party tonight?

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Drew begged Naresh to let him go.


He passed away five years ago.

Eduardo needs to get more exercise.

Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

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Rhonda doesn't think he did anything wrong.

What is she worried about?

We would rather go to the zoo than to the park.

Blaine isn't very motivated.

The young couple included their parents among their Thanksgiving guests.

$8.50, please.

He is angry with me.

It's really hot today.

There are people who cannot see a pearl even when it says "I am a pearl, I'm a pearl."


Fred got killed.


Jacob seems to be trying to hide something.

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Thanks to both of you.

I am not so stupid as to deny its great beauty.

That is the woman who wants to see you.


An artist is a sheep that strays from the flock.


Although the economy is weak, some companies are still making a profit.

He's going through a mid-life crisis.

He handles horses well.


My child likes to sleep between me and my wife.

Alone in the big city, I began to get homesick.

Hurry! There's no time to lose.

I promise you I'll help them.

We know about daily events through the newspapers.


Sunil tried to comfort her mother.


He likes to play soccer.

My forcefield has been activated.

Just keep digging.

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I wish I had more time.

I have to brush my teeth.

He was brought up against the realities of life.

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Can you pass me the towel?

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Nobody's ever died from working too much, but why risk it?


Their department needs some direction from the boss.

Germany then had a powerful army.

Big men are not necessarily strong men.

Smoking is really bad for your health.

Chip could have very easily waited for us.

We're getting some very interesting results.

I should've gone after her.

That automatically disqualifies him from speaking on the subject.

This place is near the sea.

I have a fairly good idea what needs to be done.

Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

That's really interesting.

Find out all you can about her.


Mariah's father was an African-Venezuelan.

The moon was bright last night.

Ronni kept me waiting for a long time.

Where are my pictures?

Luc has endured a lot.

Manolis wanted to say something to Sandip.

I hear you were grounded.

She is out of danger.

Yesterday I didn't have anything to do so I was just lolling around all day long.

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Which is cheaper?