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Best LIRR app on the market.

The arrival times are 99% accurate.

One of the best app out there!

App is a must have, trust me it is very helpful.

App Updates & New Features

- Now available for android v4.0 and greater

New York City Subway Map

The app incorporates the existing subway map of 484 stations available throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The map shows the routes and stops along the right-of-way; giving you the ability to navigate the subway system by panning and zooming on the surface of map. Each station is clearly labeled along with the neighborhood in which it is located. Many of the stations are serviced by multiple trains and this app displays the arrival time for up to the next three (3) expected trains at any selected subway station.

Schedule Arrival Times

Each train operating within the subway system has a scheduled arrival time at every subway station along its route. This scheduled arrival time is specified by NYCTA for a twenty-four hour period on week day and weekend schedules. Based on this arrival schedule time table; we can predetermine the expected arrival time of the next train entering a specific station. This is a mere approximation due to real time system wide issues that can occur causing these times to be skewed. Once the system is operating without any issues these times are usually very precise with trains arriving within +1/-1 minute of the displayed time.

Real Time Service Status

The app provides online real-time status of each train line in the subway system. Some of the statuses can be any of the following:

Each service status except GOOD SERVICE provides details about the status of the trains operating on the line as posted by the NYCTA; along with what effect this status is expected to have your commute. You will also be provided with all the relevant information so you can plan your trip accordingly.

** Windows Phone Only

Walking/Driving Directions to Stations

If you find it difficult locating subway stations, this app will be perfect for you. Any subway station location can be found by using the "Map Station" menu option. Once the station is displayed on Bing Maps you can use the Bing mapping features to retrieve directions to the station, or even scout the area to find what is nearby.